Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Fall Decor by Design Team Member Andrea Ancich

Hey there Craft Warehouse Blog readers…

I’m Andrea Ancich, Craft Warehouse Design Team member. And  I’m super excited that I get to do the second half of the blog assignment for the month. Didn’t Amanda do a great job on her project?! She rocked it. I have to admit that I was a bit A LOT intimidated with the ingredients for this month’s blog assignment… I was definitely up for the challenge….

Here is my finished projects. Below I will show you how I created them...

Take a peek at what I received -

    * 2 sheets of My Minds Eye paper
    * 2 sheets of Graphic 45 paper
    * Green glittered paper
    * Darice Fill-able Charm Tubes
    * Bo Bunny Rub-ons
    * Feather
    * Buttons
    * Gold Stickles

So I added this along with some bakers’ twine and corrugated paper.

Next time you’re shopping at CW for your supplies, take a trip to check out some of the other departments. I traveled over to the fabric department and found 3 embroidery hoops and a piece of canvas. My first step was to figure out how big the canvas needed to be, so I unscrewed the hoop and fit the canvas in and drew a light pencil line along the edge.

Next I needed to make some banners/bunting…. Here is my quick “how to make bunting” lesson.
First decide how big your bunting needs to be… I chose 3” in tall.

Then I chose to have 2” width.

Then to make sure they are equal in size, you need to take half of the width (in this case 1”) and measure in the bottom 1”, then every 2”s like the top…

Now it’s time to cut away using my handy dandy trimmer… Cut diagonal from one line on the top to the bottom, back and forth like so:

And what you end up with looks like this:

Now back to the large hoop project, I sewed the bunting down:

And began to work on the pumpkins...

Now, time to glue…. This is where the 3-in1 glue comes into play…

After I attached the pumpkins, I wanted to get the canvas in the hoop. Pull the canvas taut.

And trim off the excess:

Time for the title, I used the 3-in-1 for the paper to fabric pieces and regular liquid adhesive for the paper to paper pieces.  I free-hand stitched the “fall” portion on the canvas using embroidery floss. If you’re not comfortable freehand stitching it, then you can use a pencil to lightly sketch the title on and follow your drawing.

Here is what the finished project looks like:

Now, it’s time for the other 2 hoops. Both pumpkins use the same directions for the base.
Use liquid adhesive to attach the hoop to the paper. (let dry for a bit)

To make the paper fit in the hoop, trim about an inch away from the hoop. Then, cut little triangles out of excess piece and press down:

Add stems and twirls (like above) to the pumpkins:

Take feather piece apart (yes it looks slightly gross after you tear off the fabric)…

Take apart the tubes and add the feathers to the middle and reassemble:

And use pliers to twist the bottom wire to help keep them closed…

Take some of the other feathers apart and gather into a workable size for your pumpkin.

Use a tag and add some rub-ons to it. Layer gathered feathers on top of it.
Add button to cover up bottom of feathers.

Use some baker’s twine to add the tubes to the top of the smaller pumpkin.
Here is the finished products:

And all of the finished projects...

Thanks for letting me share my project with you. And Happy FALL!


  1. So cute Andrea! Love how you turned the needlepoint hoops into pumpkins! Seriously clever! :)

  2. Andrea, super cute project! I just love what you did with the hoops . . . Great Job! :)

  3. These are so cute Andrea...I never would have thought to use the embroidery hoops that way (especially turning two of them into pumpkins!! Genius!!). Super job (and great tutorial photos too!)!!!!

  4. That is AWESOME!!!! I'm going to have to go find some embroidery hoops now - I LOVE this idea~!!! :) Great job.

  5. Great job, Andrea! Love the idea of using embroidery hoops!

  6. Thank you for posting such great instructions.

    Question, do you think you will have your Christmas things out this weekend or closer to your November 12 celebration?



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