Friday, February 28, 2014

Coral Project Life by Craft Warehouse Project Life Design Team Member Jennie McGarvey

Hello there!  Jennie McGarvey happily sharing with you a  Project Life spread for 2014.

I love Project Life, I love that this is my second year with this project. It's really doing EXACTLY what I want it to do -- which is remember the details of our day to day life.  I'm able to keep receipts, movie tickets and mundane things right here along with my photos.
I also love that Project Life is beautiful.  You can take the most ordinary bits of your life and make it all cohesive and colorful.  Even better, it's unique and how you Project Life is up to you.

Because I'm still a scrapbooker and I still create many 12x12 pages, I choose to create Project Life in a simple way.  Do I still embellish?  YES!  Do I still stamp?  ABSOLUTELY!  Do I create pages I love?  OH YEAH!  However, I do not go crazy.  I do not create 4x6 pockets that rival the best work of art.  I let the photos, the words and the cards tell our day to day story.

As you can see from my pages below, I like my pages to be fun and cohesive, but I do not embellish heavily.  I also love to be flexible.  If it means more photos one week and less the next, great.  I might have a photo that needs to be big, even if it's not technically the best photo ever. (but the story is a great one)  Being flexible helps me keep from going crazy and also helps me learn more and more.

Here's the LEFT SIDE:


 One of the things that makes my work unique to me is the handwritten journaling.  On pretty much any page (12x12 or Project Life) you will find my handwritten journaling.  I believe so much in telling the stories -- and I know how much I love seeing family members handwriting.  It's so much a part of them, and I believe that someday someone will feel the same way about mine.  And if not?  Oh, well!  Handwriting journaling is a quick way to tell the stories that are so important to me!


As I mentioned above JOURNALING is where it's at.  I love to add journaling directly onto a photo.  Most of the time, it's with a Slick Writer, but occasionally I will digitally add it before printing a photo.

And, the whole thing together:


See?  Simple.  However, it's always a process.  Every week the pages change - I find new ways to embellish or learn something new to add to a layout.  (This week?  The Becky Higgins corner rounder.  I seriously wanted to round everything in sight!  It was easy to use and I loved the effect of the round corners!)

That's the name of the game.  Documenting our stories. The fact that I have fun while doing it?  Icing on the cake. And Project Life?  It does it all and I'm grateful for that.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Craft Warehouse Project Life Design Team Member Jennie McGarvey

Craft Warehouse Project Life Design Team Member Jennie McGarvey stood out to us right away with her laid back approach to documenting. She isn't afraid to tell her story, use her hand writing, photograph her everyday, and keep her process simple along the way! We asked her to share with us how she is inspired to keep doing what she loves...

 How long have you been crafting?

I started scrapbooking the way that we do now in 2001, when I was pregnant with my oldest son.  I made a few albums, including my wedding album.  However, I have scrapbooks going back to when I was 12!

What inspires you to be creative?

I am truly inspired by the stories.  I love these moments my family shares and I really want to document them, hence my love for scrapbooking.  Scrapbooking allows me to be creative (and meet lots of great folks) but also lets me get these stories told and I love that!

What Craft Warehouse products do you love to use?

I really love using the Becky Higgins core kits.  I think that they are the perfect way to tell our stories in a beautiful and concise way.

How can you encourage others reading this column?

I think that the most important part of memory-keeping or scrapbooking is to make it your own.  Do what feels most natural to you.  If you try and do something the way other people tell you to, you're less likely to keep up with it, simply because it doesn't feel authentic.  I know I don't set any rules for myself, I let it just come as it will -- and I'm always eager to tell our stories!

Join Jennie again tomorrow, as she shares some tips and tricks using the new Becky Higgins Coral Core Project Life Kit available at Craft Warehouse stores! You can also follow her on her blog and Twitter!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rainbow Triple Ring Rubber Band Bracelet

One of my favorite bracelets that I have shared on our blog has been the Chevron Rubber Band Bracelet! It has been a popular one! When alternating the white and black bands it makes it look like a chevron design.

The bracelet I am sharing today, is the same design but when using colorful loom bands, it changes the look completely! I love how fun and bright it is!


Making sure the loom's arrow is facing away from you, place one white band on peg 1 to peg 2 and then down the rest of the row.

Begin back at the beginning again by placing three red bands on peg 1 and stretching it to peg 3.

Place three pink bands on peg two and stretching it to peg 4.

Continue doing the above steps stretching the bands skipping a peg every time, while alternating colors.

When you get to the last peg, make a figure eight with a black band and place the band on the end as a "cap".

Turn the loom around and begin looping the blue bands over the others like you would a regular bracelet.

Helpful tips: 

There will be a lot of bands on your loom. Make sure the bands are all pushed down as you go so they do not pop off.

As you get ready to hook the blue bands over, bring the white band up a bit with your nail, so it is easy for the hook to get it.

Before removing your bracelet from the loom, gather one end of bands and place them on a jump ring (this will keep it more secure than a C or S hook).

Extend your bracelet to fit by using a hook and white bands to fit your wrist. You can watch the video below to see how:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gold Embossed Two Nail Loom

I picked up a Two Nail Loom Kit at my local Craft Warehouse and had decorated it simply with washi tape, as seen here. But, I felt it was time to give my sweet loom a much needed make over. The washi tape easily came right off since it is not permanent.

Embossed gold is all the rage right now... whether on wood or ceramic, it is hot! I wanted to create that same look right on my loom. See how easy I did it below...


Two Nail Loom Kit
American Crafts Zing Gold Embossing Powder
VersaMark Watermark Ink Pad
Heat Embossing Tool (use this with adult supervision)
Washi Tape


1. According to the package's directions, put together your Two Nail Loom Kit

2. Tape off a triangle with washi tape so it points in the middle of the two nails. Then, make sure the rest of the loom is covered with washi tape to protect it.

3. Turn the ink pad upside down and ink up the triangle. Place the loom on a scrap piece of paper.

4. Pour gold embossing powder on the inked triangle. Turn the loom over and shake the loom over  the scrap paper. Then, pour the extra powder back into the container.

5. Use a heat embossing tool to heat the embossing powder on the loom until it turns solid. Keep your fingers away from the heat of the tool and let the embossed area cool before touching. *Do this step with adult supervision.

6. Remove the washi tape. Then, get to creating with your new posh loom!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Nautical Charmed Rubber Band Bracelet

There are so many charms at Craft Warehouse that it is easy to customize any Fish Tail Bracelet into something special and unique! I only used the fun blue doted loom bands which made it easy to make this bracelet in only ten minutes!

To learn how to do a fish tail bracelet, watch this video tutorial.

To add the charms to my bracelet, I slipped them on jump rings and added them to the front of the bracelet! Go here to see more rubber band bracelet tutorials

Friday, February 21, 2014

New Ezzy Jig Paracord Bracelet Maker

New to Craft Warehouse stores is the Ezzzy Jig Paracord Bracelet Maker! In the video below, you can see how easy it can be to create paracord bracelets, how to set up the Ezzzy Jig, and how to get the correct fit every time!

To learn how to make a basic paracord cobra bracelet, watch the tutorial below...

To watch more tutorials about products we carry, visit our YouTube page right here and subscribe today!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I've Got Spring Fever!

Spring is on it's way and Craft Warehouse has got the fever!!! Here are some new spring bird houses  in stores! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Heirloom Glass Bird Feeder

Spring is on the horizon and Craft Warehouse has tons of projects to inspire you to get the fever! This darling bird feeder will have birds flocking to your yard for a day time snack!

Use weather sealant to glue two candle sticks to three different size glass Heirloom plates! For the top, glue a glass door pull for charm! Place in your yard and add bird seed!

*All supplies can be found at your local Craft Warehouse store!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mason Jar Hanging Votive Holder

Wrap our Rusty Wire around the neck of the Mason Jar, then add a loop for a decorative touch or to hang! Then, fill the jar with sand and add a votive. For a safe glow, place a batter operated votive inside! Hang these beauties for an outdoor party or use them for wedding decor! Where ever you hang these mason jars, they will create the mood for any event!

Monday, February 17, 2014

"True Love" Shadow Box by Katie Stilwater

Welcome Design Team Member Katie Stilwater! She is sharing this "True Love" Shadow Box frame tutorial with us! We love how she added a vinyl to the piece to make it look like the clothes line is actually the branch that the love birds are sitting on.

  • Unfinished Wood Shadow Box (Cal-24)
  • Unfinished Wood Candle Stick (Cal-44)
  • Cream, Gray and Turquoise Acrylic Paint
  • Chip board 3" letter by Darice
  • Ranger Glossy Accents
  • Glass Glitter
  • Studio Calico Wood Heart
  • "True Love" Vinyl from Decorating Your Life
  • E6000 glue, Beacon 3in1glue and Elmers Wood glue
  1. Open up your shadow box frame, take glass out and wash it.
  2. Then take the metal piece out of the top of your candle holder and glue candle base to the bottom of your wood shadow box frame using wood glue. Let dry for about 8 hrs.
  3. Paint the outside of the frame, candle stick base and the inside of the shadow box insert piece.
  4. Once your paint is dry, use a tiny bit of cream paint and dry stroke the frame and base to give it a antique look. (this takes very little paint)
  5. Cut out your heart from card stock paper (or you can use a cereal box)
  6. Put a thin layer of Glossy Accents on the top of your heart and sprinkle glass glitter on the top.
  7. Cut your scrap book paper to fit the back of your shadow box and glue to the back using beacon 3in1.
  8. Paint your chip board letter with Turquoise paint. Once dry coat it with glossy accents.
  9. Place photo and heart into frame and close up the back with the scrapbook paper showing through.
  10. Once your letter is dry add to the front of the frame using beacon 3 in 1 glue. Add the wood heart.
  11. Last you are going to add the bird on a branch vinyl to the front of the frame!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cherub Yarn Sweater

We love Cascade Yarns' Cherub Yarn for spring designs because it makes into fun and light weight projects for everyone in your family! Super soft double knit weight yarn in bright and clear clolors. 1.75 oz and an amazing 180 yarns in each skein. 45% acrylic 55% nylon, machine was and dry. (Size 3)

Cabled Cardi pattern shown above is from the book 60 More Quick Baby Knits (project 34, page 104)

 * On sale 40% off (reg $3.99) until February 16th, 2014, not available in Medford.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Burlap Bow Trio Frame

There is something special about hanging up your family's photos in your home. This project is a perfect way to display your favorites while the design allows you to remove the center frames to change out photos later!

  • 10"x20" White Frame (LFA-489)
  • 2 - 3.5"x5" White Frame (LFA-644)
  • 5"x5" White Frame (LFA-570)
  • 2 - 12"x12" sheets of scrapbook paper (Pebbles chevron paper) 
  • 1 yard of burlap ribbon
  • gold sequins
  • TomBow Fastener Tabs (to Velcro the small frames to the front of the large frame)
  • Beacon Fabric Glue

  1. Open up all your frames and wash the glass.
  2. place photos in the small frames and close up the back.
  3. Cut scrapbook paper to fit inside large frame.
  4. Create a bow to go on the front of the frame.
  5. Glue bow to the bottom of the glass then cut the ends and close up frame.
  6. Place small photos on the front of your large frame using TomBow fastener tabs. This will help to change out a photo easily.
  7. Add embellishments of your choice like sequins or just keep it simple!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentines Cones

This project is perfect anytime of the year! Just use different paper to change this look! For Valentine's Day I used Doodlebug Designs fun Sweetheart paper collection! See how I created it below...

  • Scrapbook paper of your choose (I chose Doodlebug "Sweetheart" collection)
  • 2 sheets of 12x12 pink & red glitter paper.
  • 2 large cones and 1 medium cone
  • Heavy card stock to close up the bottom of the cone
  • 3 knobs
  • 3 candlestick bases
  • EK Success - 1 small heart punch and 1 medium heart punch
  • Glue gun
  1. Start with tracing the bottom of your cone on to heavy card stock paper.
  2. Cut out your circle a little smaller than what you traced. This will help fit a little up into the cone.
  3. Using your glue gun spread glue inside the cone then place bottom on. this should hold into place so you can add a base to your cone.
  4. Cut of the top of your cone about an 1" down.
  5. Punch out a bunch of hearts using scrapbook paper and glitter paper.
  6. Start from the bottom and glue on hearts in a row working your way to the top.
  7. Once you have reached the top place your knob in top and glue it down with your glue gun.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Succulent Terrariums

Hang your terrarium anywhere you need light! These mini vignettes will brighten up any space, window, and your day! 

These Glass Wall Bubbles will be perfect indoors or out! 

Place moss and your succulent or air plant inside Glass Hanging Capsules. Hang and enjoy! It is that easy!

* On sale Glass Wall Bubble $6.99 (small reg $9.99) $9.99 (large reg $13.99), Glass Hanging Capsule $10 (reg $12.99), Preserved Sheet Moss $5.96 (reg $7.99), and Triple Moss Mix $3.96 (reg $5.99) until February 16th, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Spring Apothecary Displays

Spring is just around the corner! Create spring vignettes that add a whimsical touch to your home decor! Here are just a few ideas to get you started!

This little Bird Dome is cute as a small cake plate or home arrangement. We added a vinyl for a fun alternative! 

Set the dome on a decorative plate or mirror. 

Add a decorative knob with E-6000 Glue to the top!

Start a terrarium jar using a 12" Apothecary Jar. 

Three separate tiers give you three different places to create! Change it out through the holidays and seasons to give your space a seasonal feel!

* On sale now Glass Dome $12.96 (reg $16.99), Bird Dome $10 (reg $24.99), 12" Apothecary Jar $14.63 (reg $24.99), Stacking Apothecary $19.96 (reg $31.99), Preserved Sheet Moss $5.96 (reg $7.99), and Triple Moss Mix $3.96 (reg $5.99) until February 16th, 2014


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