Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Project Life Cinnamon Core Kit by Design Team Member Elizabeth Wiederspohn

Hi!  My name is Elizabeth Wiederspohn and I am glad to be back on the Craft Warehouse Blog again.                                                                      Have I ever mentioned I love working with Project Life cards?  I am addicted.  OK, I prefer passionate.  The cards make scrapbooking easy and beautiful in minutes.  Whether you are just starting to scrapbook or you have been scrapbooking for years your albums look beautiful in the simple form or awesome altered in a million ways.  

Project Life Layout:  Embrace June 

The Project Life Cinnamon Core Kit was so fun and adventurous to work with this month.  I loved working with the browns, greys and blues.  It was perfect for my family and our summer fun. 

Supplies Used:

Cinnamon Project Life Core Kit
Fancy Pants 1" Chalk Tape
Fancy Pants 1/2" Chalk Tape
Fancy Pants Cork Shapes Arrows
Fancy Pants  Memories Captured Flair
Pebbles Chalkboard ABC Letter Stickers
Darice Sequins
My Minds Eye Alpha and Word Stickers Sky's the Limit
White Gel Pen
ATG Adhesive

I scrapbook Project Life monthly.  This makes my Project Life pages a little busier than most but I love the look and the preview of what happened in our lives that month.

I take photos of everything.  Many subjects tell a story and deserve more than one picture in my scrapbook albums.  Some stories are simple and can be told in one photo, receipt, or piece of memorabilia.  I place all these stories in my month review Project Life layout.  Most the time, if I am going to scrapbook the photos I took later on in a standard page I only title the photo.  If this is the only place this story will live, I journal all about it on the monthly Project life page.

If you would like more about how I put together this type of page, I have a video explaining my process on Youtube.

So, The Question is... 

If you are like me, you can't buy just one of these awesome Project Life kits.  (I am passionate about it you know.)  In fact, I am doing a Project Life layout monthly instead of every week and I have used a different kit every month. So, the question I ask myself is, what do you do with all the other awesome cards that come in the kit?  I found a few other uses you may have fun creating yourself. 

Note Cards 

One of the easiest uses for Project Life cards is for writing notes to your friends and loved ones.  I used my Project Life cards to write notes to my daughter at camp and then I hid them in different parts of her suitcase so she would find them while she was gone. I can imagine using them in lunch boxes, thank you cards or any other time you want to write a quick fun note. 

Project Life Card Organizer: 

Believe it or not, this Project Life card organizer was made with eight Project Life cards, Pebbles letter stickers, gems, twine, chipboard and two sheets of craft paper.  Well, you can also add a ton of adhesive.  At a little over four inches wide and five inches tall, this is the perfect size to fit in my purse to document all my special Project Life moments.  

Standard Layouts: 

I used over fourteen Project Life cards on this layout.  Who said you have to use all your Project Life cards in pocket pages?  I loved using the word art and patterns in my hexagons.  It added so much fun and interest to my page.   

Mini Albums:
Another great use of the Project Life cards is making a Mini Album.  I used them to document our last vacation to Great Wolf Lodge.  These cards were PERFECT!    More on that project to come.  :) 

Hope you enjoyed.  You can find more of my projects at my blog!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Journal with Your Heart by Jeanean Brown

One day, seven years ago I was collecting the mail and found a large manilla envelope addressed to me. Inside that envelope was a journal. My grandmother had picked up several blank journals at a local book store and for each of her granddaughters she hand wrote her personal life story. I have a history of her life, from childhood, from when she met my grandfather and their courtship, of their engagement and wedding, of their children, their homes, their travels. She recorded it all in her own hand. I can’t begin to describe what this gift has meant to me. I spent 2 days reading and re-reading, just devouring this journal. I am so touched by her thoughtfulness, love, and selflessness that it still brings tears to my eyes.
    I not only learned about her history, but I got to read about how she FELT about the events in her life. She included family stories that I had heard many times, and traditions that have been passed down- now I have them recorded and documented. She included lots of information about what everyday life was like for her growing up- I learned a lot that I had never known before- which is one of my favorite parts to read about.
    Receiving this gift of a documented personal family history is something that has fundamentally changed the way that I scrapbook. I understand and appreciate the value and the power of journaling. Sharing the story behind the photos, sharing your every day life, journaling about how you feel about the subjects of your layouts, documenting your family history as you make it.... leaving your legacy.

A few tips or ideas to jump start MEANINGFUL JOURNALING.

If you are not comfortable journaling your emotions, or need a way to start making your journaling more meaningful... try this

Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How.

These are interrogative words that journalists use. Answer some or all of these as they relate to your photos, or the story you want to share in your journaling. I encourage you to delve deeper then what we see in your photos. For example- let’s say you are working on a layout with photos of your family picnics at a local park. If your journaling is something like “We had a fun picnic at the park” you aren’t telling us the story. You are just stating what we can already see in the photos.

Using the interrogative words to help you- your journaling might read more like this:

“In the summer of 2012 we spent almost every Sunday afternoon at the park with a picnic dinner of summer fruits, tomatoes from our garden, Grandma May’s potato salad, and either sandwiches or fried chicken. Jamie liked to find a tree to sit under and read a book, the twins invented a game of chase that I am pretty sure they called: ‘NO!- YOU ARE IT’ and Dave and I sat back and soaked up the sun. I loved the lazy afternoons, and walking home afterwards as a family.”

Adding a few details, particularly things that maybe aren't represented in the photos creates a much more meaningful story that we would have missed otherwise.

A really EASY way to create meaningful journaling, is LIST MAKING. 

Instead of writing a statement or story about the subject(s) of your layout- make lists. For example- in this layout ‘Top 10’s’ I have created several lists of my daughters favorite things at ages 15-16. Her favorite activities, gadgets, movies, music, etc. There is no other journaling, yet this is powerful. A year from now she will look at this layout and may have totally different favorites and it will be fun for her to see how she changed. 5 years from now she will look at it and might think it’s pretty cool that I took the time to document (and notice) what her favorites were. 15 years from now she will look at this and know that she wants to do the same for her own kids.

Think about how special and loved you would feel if someone knew what your favorites were and took the time to document them?

I now love using Project Life for journaling methods!

List Ideas:

•    Things in your handbag right now/or what’s in your kids backpack?
•    Your Grocery List (and/or receipt)
•    Your weekly menu/ or favorite recipes)
•    Greatest Comforts
•    What are you grateful for?
•    Your Daily or weekly schedule/ or kids schedules and after school activities
•    Places you want to go
•    your bucket list
•    the ways (the person you are scrapbooking) touches your heart
•    House Rules (what are the rules you live by at your house?)
•    Goals (personal, academic, spiritual, career)

Get the family involved!

Hand over some journaling cards (got to love Becky Higgins Project Life cards for this!) to your family members and have them jot down their own memories for the event you are scrapbooking. (how great to have their point of view in their handwriting!)
or- give them a topic (and you can participate too!) Young ones can draw a picture!

Family journaling topic ideas:

•    The best part of your day
•    Your favorite part of (the event you are documenting)
•    Favorite dinner/meal
•    what should our family motto be?
•    favorite thing to do as a family
•    the chore you hate the most
•    the most important rule of the house

Including Everyday Ephemera, and meaningful inspirations.

Save and then include items like
•    ticket stubs
•    receipts
•    price tags from clothing
•    schedules
•    lyrics to a meaningful song
•    favorite quotes
•    favorite poems
•    awards, or other documents
•    give the kids some journaling cards and have them draw a picture, or sign their name.

Ready to try journaling something that will REALLY leave a lasting impression? 

Find your all time favorite photo of someone you love.
Create a layout with it, and then- journal about what YOU THINK ABOUT, AND WHAT YOU FEEL WHEN YOU LOOK AT THIS PHOTO. Be Honest. Be real. Be YOU. Just write it like how you would say it. You can even do it in a letter format if that is easier.
Remember- this one is NOT about what we can see in the photo - but rather what YOU FEEL when you look at this photo.

        When I read my Grandma’s journal, I am not thinking about how she did, or that it’s in a store bought journal, or that she didn't use fancy scrapbook supplies. I am only feeling loved, I am only thinking how wonderful she is for doing this for me, I am only appreciating THAT she did it.

Please, however you can, in whatever way you can, include journaling in your scrapbooks. You are the history keeper for your family. Document your everyday life. I started meaningful journaling and documenting in 2005 after I received Grandmas journal, and it’s been such a beautiful journey. I can tell you that the more you do it, the better you get it at, and I can tell you that you will become more aware of your blessings and more grateful for your loved ones. Journaling like this will enhance your own life experience as well as leave a legacy.

 Believe me when I say with all my heart- your family and friends will love you all the more for it.

- Jeanean Brown; Craft Warehouse In House Designer

Friday, July 26, 2013

Messenger Bag Tutorial by Guest Designer Jenifer Cowles

I am so excited to be a Guest Designer here at Craft Warehouse.  I have a soft spot for Craft Warehouse since they are the first ones to give me a chance as a designer.  I have been on the Design Team twice and have moved on to other wonderful opportunities and Design Teams.

For my project I wanted to do a simple reversible messenger bag. I love the fact that if the mood hits all I have to do is turn it and I have a completely different look.


Fabric from Cosmo Cricket
1 yard each for the front and lining
4-1/4 yard pieces of fabric for the bottom, straps and decoration
Ribbon (Optional)
Heavyweight Interfacing from Therm O Web
Fusible Batting from Therm O Web

Cut out:

28x17- cut 1 main fabric and 1 lining fabric and 2 batting pieces
Side and Bottom piece
42x4- cut 1 main fabric and 1 lining fabric and 1 heavy weight Interfacing
Front Panel
13x17- cut 1 main fabric and 1 lining fabric and 1 heavy weight Interfacing
44x2 1/2"- cut 1 main fabric and 1 lining fabric and 1 heavy weight Interfacing.


Step 1:  Cut out your Flap pieces, adhere the fusible batting and then quilt as desired.  This would also be the time you would add any decorative touches you want.

Step 2:  Adhere the heavy weight interfacing to the lining pieces for the side/bottom and the front panel.  Sew the front panel and side/bottom together with both the lining fabric and again with the main fabric,  You now have an inside and an outside of the bag.

Step 3:  Sew the front panel to your Step 2 pieces and you will get something like this.

Step 4: Adhere the heavy weight interfacing to one of the strap pieces.  Sew the main fabric and the lining fabric together sewing down the long edges, turn right side out.  Add ribbon or trim as desired.  Pin to the side, making sure it won't catch in the seam.

Step 5: Insert your 2 separate bags right sides together, sew around all the exposed seams pivoting around all corners.  Leave a  6" opening at the bottom of the flap for turning.

Step 6:  Clip corners and turn the bag using the opening.  Sew opening.

Congratulations, you now have a fun cute messenger bag to show off to all of your friends.

Do you have a great idea to share with us? Would you like to design for Craft Warehouse? We would love to hear from you! Send an email with your name, blog address, and a sample of your work to jenevans at craftwarehouse dot com.  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guest Designer Spotlight Jenifer Cowles

We can't help but fall in love with everything Jenifer Cowles does! She sews, scrapbooks, does paper crafting - you name it, she can do it! She is a crafting Wonder Woman, yet, her heart is modest and her love for everything she does shows in each project she makes. That's why she is this month's Guest Designer! 

How long have you been crafting? 

I have been doing some sort of crafting my whole life.  When I was growing up we didn't have much money so when my mom was at work I would sneak into her sewing room and cut up some sheets and make shorts to start out with then it grew from there.  Now I dabble in just about everything taking turns between paper crafts and sewing depending on my mood.

What inspires you to be creative?

Everything inspires me.  I love to watch my children draw and do art projects because they just go all out.  They haven't learned the "rules" yet, and they make the most wonderful things.

What Craft Warehouse products do you love to use?

I love going into Craft Warehouse and just walking through the store and looking at all the displays.  The projects are just so wonderful and they keep all the supplies handy so you don't have to search the store for the 1 thing you are looking for.  Right now I love mixed media and I love how Craft Warehouse has everything I need all in one spot.

Be inspired by going to Jenifer Cowles' blog, Scrapbooking-n-More, and visiting our blog tomorrow where she will give us a step by step Messenger Bag tutorial! 

Do you have a great idea to share with us? Would you like to design for Craft Warehouse? We would love to hear from you! Send an email with your name, blog address, and a sample of your work to jenevans at craftwarehouse dot com.  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Card Making Project Life Style by Guest Designer Rebecca Grinder

Becky Higgins Project Life Core packs mix and match together with ease!   Don't just use these core packs for scrapbooking - they are perfect for the card lover too!

Kits shown above Wedding Mini Kit $9.93 (reg $14.99) and Kraft Core Kit $19.93 (reg $29.99)

Salem's Craft Warehouse had a card challenge at Card Club! I had to use cards from Project Life Jade and Honey Core kits to create a card. This was so much fun and easy too!

I matched the cards I chose with a Fancy Pants Designs Park Bench Patterned Envelope and a Studio Calico Wood Veneer.

Inside the envelope I added a tag, but you could easily add a money gift too!

So, use your Project Life Core Kits for easy card making too! Here are some guilt free reasons to start Project Life!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Project Life Blush Core Kit Layout by Guest Designer Rebecca Grinder

Project Life gives me the ability to scrapbook in the midst of a busy and hectic schedule.  Instead of my photos stored on my phone, computer, or in a box somewhere, they are making it into an album.  I love that! Since PL has oodles of room for journaling, it is a good reminder to write my story down.

Kits shown above Wedding Mini Kit $9.93 (reg $14.99) and Kraft Core Kit $19.93 (reg $29.99)

Using Becky Higgins Project Life page design G, which is a 10"x12", I created this page of my anniversary trip to Seattle. I love this style page protector because as it sits in my album along with other 12x12 pages and peek out the side of this one.

I printed my photos wallet sizes and added them directly to the Blush Core Kit cards, did my journaling, and slipped them into the appropriate pockets. Easy as one, two three!

Some of the Project Life 4x6 cards have a score line down the center. You can either leave them as they are, or fold them down the score line for more journaling space. You can slip them in the pocket that they fit in, or do what I did.

I folded the card, wrote my journaling, and attached it to another 4x6 card making sure the flap is on the outside of the protector so that I can easily read what I wrote.

Guilt free reasons why to start Project Life:

Monday, July 22, 2013

Retro Rosie Earrings

2 Polystone roses
4 eye pins
2 ball tip head pins
4 Shimmer crystal beads 8M round
4 Bead Caps (Sweet Beads) 6M
2 Fish hook ear wires

Additional Supplies:
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Side cutters
Bent nose pliers

1.)    Slide one Polystone rose onto each of the 2 eye pins all the way, turn a 90 degree bend into the top of the eye pin next to the hole.  Trim off wire leaving a ¼-3/8 inch tail, bend the wire tail up over and around to meet the 90 degree bend, creating a loop that looks like the factory made one opposite.
2.)    Now slide 6M bead cap and an 8M round onto each of the two remaining eye pins. Turn an eye loop by bending a 90 degree angel into the wire at the top of the bead, trim off wire leaving a tail that is ¼ -3/8 inch long.  Bend the wire up over and around to meet at the 90 degree bend. 

3.)    Now load the two ball tip head pins with a 6M bead cap and 8M round each, turn a wrapped eye loop at the top of the bead, by bending a 90 degree angel into the wire 1/8 inch or slightly less above the bead, with your round nose pliers bend the wire up over and around, switch positions so that the pliers are holding the loop from the bottom, and run the wire past the loop. Hold the loop with your chain nose pliers, and gently wrap the tail around the 1/8th inch space above the bead.  Trim off excess wire, after you have gone around the post 2-3 times.

4.)    Open the eye loops by gently bending the loop to the side, then attach the middle section piece to the bottom of a rose section (with the bead caps on the bottom (top is fine too-as long as they do all the same direction)). Open the bottom of the middle section gently to add the bottom bead section. Gently open the fish hook loop and add the rose dangle, and close eye loop.  Repeat for opposite earring.


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