Monday, July 22, 2013

Retro Rosie Earrings

2 Polystone roses
4 eye pins
2 ball tip head pins
4 Shimmer crystal beads 8M round
4 Bead Caps (Sweet Beads) 6M
2 Fish hook ear wires

Additional Supplies:
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Side cutters
Bent nose pliers

1.)    Slide one Polystone rose onto each of the 2 eye pins all the way, turn a 90 degree bend into the top of the eye pin next to the hole.  Trim off wire leaving a ¼-3/8 inch tail, bend the wire tail up over and around to meet the 90 degree bend, creating a loop that looks like the factory made one opposite.
2.)    Now slide 6M bead cap and an 8M round onto each of the two remaining eye pins. Turn an eye loop by bending a 90 degree angel into the wire at the top of the bead, trim off wire leaving a tail that is ¼ -3/8 inch long.  Bend the wire up over and around to meet at the 90 degree bend. 

3.)    Now load the two ball tip head pins with a 6M bead cap and 8M round each, turn a wrapped eye loop at the top of the bead, by bending a 90 degree angel into the wire 1/8 inch or slightly less above the bead, with your round nose pliers bend the wire up over and around, switch positions so that the pliers are holding the loop from the bottom, and run the wire past the loop. Hold the loop with your chain nose pliers, and gently wrap the tail around the 1/8th inch space above the bead.  Trim off excess wire, after you have gone around the post 2-3 times.

4.)    Open the eye loops by gently bending the loop to the side, then attach the middle section piece to the bottom of a rose section (with the bead caps on the bottom (top is fine too-as long as they do all the same direction)). Open the bottom of the middle section gently to add the bottom bead section. Gently open the fish hook loop and add the rose dangle, and close eye loop.  Repeat for opposite earring.

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