Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wire Wrap Ring

Miss out on this free Wire Wrap Ring make and take last weekend? Don't worry! We have the instructions for you to make your own from home!


7-8 inches of 20G German Wire (Beadalon)

Additional supplies:

Bail Making Pliers
Side cutters
Ring Mandrill
Rubber Mallet
Chain nose pliers

1.)    Begin by bending a 180 degree bend into the wire approximately 2.5inches from one end of the wire.  Gently squeeze into a hair pin shape.
2.)    Use your bail making pliers to gently bend the round portions of the heart with the small side of the pliers, being careful to leave the hair pin turn you made previously.
3.)    Bend an angle into the long side of the wire to create the heart point, run the short end of the wire past the point and shape heart. 

4.)    Carefully hold the heart with your chain nose pliers, and begin wrapping the short end of the wire around the shank of the ring. (Just like you would do a wire wrapped loop) Trim off excess wire –short side only!
5.)    Now you have created the focal portion of your ring, and it is time to gently shape the ring form around the ring mandrill. Wrap the heart and ring shank form as you go around the intended size you wish the ring to be, error on the side of too small, as we can gently stretch the ring to make it larger when done. (wire ring projects always seem to grow in size as you cerate them)
6.)    Once you have formed to the size you need, run the wire up through the center of the heart and back the direction of the ring shank. (careful so that you do not loose your shape and position of ring size.
7.) Now to complete the ring shape you will need to wrap the wire end around the ring shank just as you did on the other side at the base of the heart.  Trim off excess wire and gently tap with rubber mallet to shape the ring and size to desired finished size.

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