Friday, July 12, 2013

Braided "E" Bead Bracelet

63 E Beads (6/0’s rounds)
6.5 ft of TEX400 C-Lon cording
1 Tierra Cast Button
Additional Supplies:
GS Hypo Cement
Foam Core board taped to a solid surface

1.)    Begin by cutting 2 pieces of TEX400 C-Lon cording into one 4ft length and one 2.5ft length. Fold the 4ft length in half, match the 2.5ft length to the bottom of one cord and fold at the same length as the longer cord, run both through the button shank.
2.)    Tie an overhand knot at the base of the button shank. You will have a short end to the one cord, using the GS Hypo cement add a dab of glue to the inside of the knot, and pull snug to secure.  Trim off excess short end, so that you have three working cords.
3.)    Load each of the three cords with 20 of the “E” beads, then one more to tie the end of the cording off so they do not slide off when braiding. (I recommend half knot so that you can untie when done.)
4.)    Pin button to your taped down foam core, and begin braiding (no beads) for a short little section (1/4in).

5.)    As you braid, you will need to slide one bead at a time to the top of the braid each time that cord is on the outside. As you do this hold the other 2/3rds of the braid with the opposite hand (this will help hold the braided beads in place as you work), cross over and hold the next 2/3rds with the over hand, as you slide the next bead into place. Continue until you have braided all of you r beads into the bracelet.

6.)    Once you have the beads in place, continue braiding for at least 8 inches more. Then you will need to tie an overhand knot with the braided section being careful to adjust to fit your wrist, making a loop large enough for the button to fit through once you have the knot in the location you like, add a dab of GS Hypo cement into the knot and pull snug to secure. (I recommend an additional amount of glue after the knot has been pulled snug).  Trim off the excess cord close to the knot to finish.

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