Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Patriotic Flag Wall Decor or Tray

Create this Patriotic Flag Plaque!

Start with painting your surface with light ivory acrylic paint.
Paint 2-3 coats, let dry between coats
Using painters tape, tape of left corner where the stars go.
Then tape off a chevron pattern painting the open spaces with opaque red paint.
Once red paint is dry place paper stars in the left corner (we used cardboard die cuts)
Tape stars to secure into place, place tape on the red chevron to keep from painting blue on it.
Using foam dabber blot Navy Blue paint on to your surface.
Let dry then take off all tape and star die cuts.
If you would like to add handles to make a tray glue them on with E6000
  and you are finished!
 Created By Dania Carson for Craft Warehouse

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