Friday, May 29, 2015

Washi Tape Insta-Display

Get inspired with our NEW Hazel and Ruby Handmade DIY Decor Tape! Frame it or stick it on the wall! This tape comes with chalk drawings already on it! All you need to do is add your pictures! If you tape the pictures to your surface you can change them out like a fun message board!

Washi Tape Insta-Display @craftsavvy @sarahowens @hazelandruby #craftwarehouse #frame #washitape #hazelandruby


Choose a decorative open frame
Choose chalky finish paint
Foam brush
Sand paper
Hazel & Ruby DIY Decor tape


1. Paint your frame with chalky finish paint.

2. When dry, use sand paper to sand away in some areas for a distressed look apply the chalkboard look DIY Decor tape to frame backing and insert into frame. (no glass)

3. Add any photos you like (we attached with washi tape so we could change them anytime). Use chalk to write messages if you like

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Movie Night Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Lights

Show Stopper! These Faux metal marquee lights will WOW your family and friends alike! Just a few simply supplies and an afternoon and you can make your own. What will YOU spell?

Movie Night Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Letters @craftsavvy @heidiswapp @sarahowens #heidiswapp #craftwarehouse #hsMarqueeLove #marquee #lights


Heidi Swapp Marquee love letters or shapes (spell whatever you want!)- each letter or shape kit includes a battery operated string of lights and clear bulb covers.
Black spray paint
1" to 2" wide paint brush
Acrylic craft paint in silver, white, and pewter colors
Paper plates
Paper towels


In a ventilated area- lay down cardboard or other protective backdrop
Lay out each of your letters/shapes (save the lights and bulbs for later)
Spray paint each letter or shape, inside and out with black spray paint
After black paint is dry, use a dry brush technique to add streaks of silver, white, and pewter craft paint over each letter. This creates the look of old metal.

Dry Brush for Faux Metal technique- squeeze a bit of each color of silver, white, and pewter onto a paper plate or similar. Dip the edge of your dry brush into one of the colors of paint, and then wipe off most of the paint with a paper towel. Your brush will be mostly dry- with just a bit of the paint still on it. Now brush back and forth over your painted black letters. Layer colors over each other and blend more in some areas and less in others. Just continue layering colors in this fashion over your whole letter inside and out until you get desired finished look.

When dry, add lights to each letter/shape. Add bulb covers over each light. Add batteries and light up your project! Stand back and admire your work!

Going with the Grain Wood Board

Get inspired with our NEW Hazel and Ruby Handmade DIY Decor Tape! In just minutes you can customize a frame in no time! The wood grand pattern DIY Decor Tape is my favorite!

Going with the Grain Wood Board @craftsavvy @sarahowens @hazelandruby #craftwarehouse #frame #washitape #hazelandruby


Artists Wood Panel Canvas Board
Decorative White Open Frame - choose one smaller then your canvas board so you can layer
Hazel & Ruby wood pattern DIY Decor tape
Craft knife
E6000 adhesive (for permanent display) or choose Tombow velcro- a great hold, but easy to change - ideal if you want to change the photo over time
Photo of your choice (sized to fit in your white open decorative frame)


Cover the wood panel canvas board with the DIY Decor tape. Smooth out any bubbles and wrap around edges. Use a craft knife to cut away any extra decor tape.

Add your photo to white frame.

Adhere white frame to Decor taped wood canvas board.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chalkboard Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Lights

Two of our favorite trends in 1 fabulous project! Pair the fun of chalkboard with the flair of marquee lights! What name will you put up in lights?


Heidi Swapp Marquee Love letter kits (spell out whatever you want!) each kit includes battery opporated lights, and bulb covers

Krylon Chalkboard paint spray- black



1. In a ventilated area- lay down cardboard or other protective material. Lay out your marquee light letters (just the letters, don't add the lights or bulbs yet). Spray paint each letter with Chalkboard spray paint. Inside and outside. Allow to dry. 

2. Pre-treat the chalk surface by rubbing regular chalk all over surface until totally coated in chalk. Then wipe clean with cloth. 

3. Now decorate how you like with chalk. 

4. Finally, add your lights and bulbs! Each letter includes just the right number of lights and bulb covers for your particular letter. Follow the included map to be sure lights are strung in correct order. Add bulb covers.  Add batteries to light up your name! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Watering Can Card by Becca Glos

How to make a Window Box Watering Can Card by Becca Glos for @craftsavvy

Supplies List:

5"x 7" Cream Card
Bo Bunny - Double Dot Paper; Mellow Yellow, and Hot Pink
Darice - Clouds Embossing Folder #1217-53
Darice - Tim Holtz Kraft-Core Metallic Collection pack #GX-1960-01, bronze sheet
Darice - Bakers Twine Pink/white
Impression Obsession - Watering Can die #DIE155-A
Ranger Stickles - Diamond
Echo Park Jack and Jill Collection; Jill Floral, Dress Pattern and Cute as a Button Papers
Marvy Uchida - 2" Scalloped Cirlce Punch
Martha Stewart - Medium Frond Punch #M283047
Sticky Thumb Tape Runner
3M Foam Tape


Cut Mellow Yellow paper to 3 3/4" wide x 4" and emboss with cloud folder, attach to top of card (centered and 5/8" from top) with tape runner

Cut Cute as a Button (woodgrain side) paper to sizes 4" x 1/2" and 4" x 1 1/2", cut the sides of larger piece at a slight angle to resemble a planter
Attach to bottom of card (centered and 5/8" from bottom). Tie bow around smaller piece with bakers twine (approx 12"). Adhere on top of larger piece with foam tape

Punch 1 - 2" scalloped circle with Hot Pink paper and cut in half (need only 1 half, adhere above planter in the center

Punch 1 - 2" scalloped circle with Jill Floral paper, cut in half, adhere on top of both sides of hot pink circle so the hot pink is peeking through

Punch 3 fronds with Dress Pattern paper and adhere, tucking behind scalloped pieces. Die cut watering can with Tim Holtz metallic bronze paper

Adhere to top right corner of yellow paper at an angle. Add "drops" of water with stickles to look like water coming out of the watering can

Friday, May 22, 2015

Dandilion Slat Board

Create your own ombre slat board with just a few colors of craft acrylic paint and a foam brush! Then, personalize it - I added a fun dandelion vinyl. What colors will YOU use?


12x12 slat board unfinished sign
Jute cording
Acrylic paint - choose at least 3 colors that can blend together like the yellow, orange, and red shades
Foam brush
Vinyl of your choice

  1. Apply 1st color of paint to top of wood slat board - about the top 1/3 then, while 1st paint is still wet apply orange paint to the middle 1/3- blend the the space where the first and second colors meet to create a nice fade from one color to the next. then, while paint is still wet, apply the red paint to the bottom 1/3. Start at the very bottom and work your way up blending into the middle color. Blending the red and orange colors where they meet to create a fade from one color to the next. 
  2. Let dry. 
  3. Wrap jute cording around the metal wire hanger. 
  4. Apply the vinyl of your choice to slat board. If your vinyl design is larger then 1 of the slats, you can cut your vinyl into segments the same width as each slat so that you can apply the vinyl to more then one slat- as was done with the white dandelion vinyl pictured above.
  5. Tip- if desired you can distress the painted slat board a little before adding vinyl by sanding away some of the color.  
* Special Selection Unfinished Wood 40% off regular prices and Special Assortment 2oz Craft Paint 4 for $1 (reg 99 cents) on sale until May 25th, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hello Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Lights

Here's an easy marquee light project! Use the Heidi Swapp Marquee love letter and shape kits to create your own message. The kits are finished in a beautiful matte white. Decorate the inside of each letter or shape with paper to match your personal style.

Hello Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Lights @craftsavvy @heidiswapp @sarahowens #heidiswapp #craftwarehouse #hsMarqueeLove #marquee #lights


Heidi Swapp Marquee Love letter or shape kits of your choice
Pattern papers of your choice
Paper Adhesive- we like Pioneer embellishment glue stick


1. Each Marquee Love letter or shape kit includes a light set, bulb covers, and a template.

2. Trace the template for your letter or shape onto the pattern paper of your choice. Trim with scissors. Be sure to allow for each light bulb. To make it easy- the template includes markings for each light.

3. Adhere the trimmed pattern paper to the inside of your letter or shape using the embellishment glue stick.

4. Now follow the light map- included in your Marquee Love kit to add your lights. Then simply snap on the included clear bulb covers over each light.

Now just add batteries and light up your project!

* Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Light Up Letter Kits $9.93 (reg $14.99) and 30% off regular prices of Marquee Love Accessories until May 25th, 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spell it Out Wood Plaque

Get inspired with our NEW Hazel and Ruby Handmade DIY Decor Tape! In just minutes you can customize a wood plaque in no time! I used two different tapes to cover this wood plaque; a solid and a floral pattern! Then I took black letters and painted them white to customize it with a name!

Spell it Out Wood Plaque @craftsavvy @sarahowens @hazelandruby #craftwarehouse #frame #washitape #hazelandruby


Unfinished hanging wood plaque sign with rope hanger
Choose black 4" wood letters
White craft acrylic paint, and foam brush
Choose 1 style of 6" Decor Tape by Hazel and Ruby
Choose 1 style of 4" Decor Tape by Hazel and Ruby
3in1 Beacon glue
Craft knife


1. Smooth the 6" Decor tape across top of unfinished sign.

2. Smooth the 4" Decor tape across the bottom of unfinished sign- so that only a couple of inches are layered to sign.

3. Turn sign over and cut away any excess decor tape with craft knife.

4. Paint black letters white (or whatever color you like) using foam brush. allow to dry

5. Arrange the 4" wood letters how you like, and then use 3in1 Beacon glue to adhere in place.

* DIY Decor Tape 30% off regular prices and 40% off regular prices on Special Selection Unfinished Wood until May 25th, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Heidi Swapp Marque Love Marquee Lights

Decorate your daughters room with this fun marquee letter project! These marquee letter kits include the lights, the bulb covers, all you need to do is spell out her name, add decorative tape and paper to fit her style.

How to make Heidi Swapp Marquee Lights in minutes! Created by @sarahowens for @craftsavvy and @heidiswapp


Heidi Swapp Marquee Love letter kits (spell out the name of your choice)
Heidi Swapp Marquee Love wide striped washi tape (available in several colors, or glitter! and sized to exactly the right width of each letter!)
Gold leafing pen
Pattern Paper of your choice
Adhesive (we like the Pioneer Embellishment Glue stick)


Each Heidi Swapp Marquee Love letter kit includes a template for the inside of that letter. Use this template to trace the shape of your letter onto the pattern paper of your choice. Use scissors to trim out shape. Make sure to allow for lights to poke through- the template makes it easy by showing you where each light needs to go!

Glue the trimmed paper to the inside of your letter. Next wrap the Heidi Swapp wide washi tape around the outside of your letter. This stuff is super sticky!

Use a gold leafing pen on the edge of each letter for a shabby chic golden touch. Just run the tip of the chisel tipped pen along the edge.

Finally, add  your lights and then your bulb covers (included in each letter kit). Add batteries and watch your girl glow with excitement when she see's her name in lights!

* Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Light Up Letter Kits $9.93 (reg $14.99), Marquee Love Accessories 30% off regular prices on sale until May 25th, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

State Iron On Vinyl Canvases

Show your Love Across the Miles!

A fast and heartfelt decor idea! Use fabulous iron on vinyl in the shape of the states of Oregon or Washington or Idaho to represent your state and a loved ones state. Pin your location and your loved ones location and tie a string between the two.

State Canvases @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #vinyl #state #canvas #diy


Iron on vinyl states with red heart by Decorate Your Life
Bakers Twine
Mini Pins
6x6 Canvas


1. Iron 1 state iron on vinyl to center of 1 canvas

2. Iron the other state iron on vinyl to center of 2nd canvas

3. Add red heart iron on vinyl to center of each state on canvas

4. Add mini pin to location on state vinyl canvas where you are located

5. Add mini pin to location on state vinyl canvas where loved on is located

6. Tie bakers twine between the 2 state canvases by wrapping twine around each pin.

Learn more tips about how to apply this iron on vinyl by watching the video from Decorate Your Life Vinyl below!

* Entire Stick Stretched Canvas 70% off regular prices until May 25th, 2015

Friday, May 8, 2015

Mojito Bags

This new fabric line “Mojito” from Moda, is fresh and contemporary! What a great gift for Mother’s Day or summer birthdays.

The tote bag pattern is from Pink Sands Beach Designs.  With 6 inside pockets and enough stabilizer to stand on its own without being bulky, it’s a fantastic bag! 

The two smaller bags are created using an Atkinson Designs pattern called “Zippy Strippy”.  Included in the pattern are 3 bag sizes.

The largest bag can be made in an hour.  Embellishments are endless and make this project even more fun! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Welcome to Our Cabin Sign

Today we are doing an employee shout out to Jessica from our Meridian Craft Warehouse store! She created a fun cabin welcome sign that you could quickly create for a summer camp project! It is so easy to make you could have several of them done in minutes!

Welcome to Our Cabin Summer Camp DIY Chalkboard Sign @craftwarehouse


Wood Planks and Rounds
Chalkboard Paint or Marker
Bistro Marker
Optional to hang: Staple Gun and Twine


1. Paint or draw on the top of the wood plank with chalkboard paint or marker.

2. Let completely dry.

3. Season your chalkboard according to the bistro marker's directions on the packaging.

4. Use a staple gun to attach string to the back side and hang!

* Wood Planks and Rounds $10 each on sale until May 25th, 2015

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

4th of July DIY Patriotic Table Runner by Katrina Hamer

Nothing says summer like red, white, and blue! Create a charming table runner with our classic ticking stripe woven canvas! Here are the directions how!

4th of July DIY Patriotic Table Runner by Katrina Hamer for @craftwarehouse


½ yard EACH of: red ticking fabric, backing fabric and fusible batting
2 fat quarters - one red, one blue OR ¼ yard of each color
¼ yard of Heat ‘n Bond Ultra Fusible Web*
2 packages of Wrights Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape in navy blue
Frixion pen and 505 Spray are helpful optional items

4th of July DIY Patriotic Table Runner by Katrina Hamer for @craftwarehouse


1. Fuse the batting to the backing fabric according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Set aside.

2. Trace the number of stars desired onto Heat ‘n Bond. Make a few larger and smaller than the one below.

3. Following Heat ‘n Bond directions, fuse the stars onto the fat quarters. Cut out when cool. Set aside.

4. Layer the ticking on top of the backing and batting. Pin together and quilt as desired. I like to spray the top of the batting with 505 Spray and then place the ticking on top of the backing and batting eliminating the need to pin.

5. Trim so all 3 layers are the same size, approximately 18” x 42”.

6. Quilt as desired. I drew quilting lines onto the ticking fabric with a Frixion pen. The lines disappear with the heat of an iron when I’m finished quilting.

7. Place the stars in desired pattern onto the quilted runner. Fuse in place.*

8. Bind with bias tape.

*Option: Use Heat ‘n Bond Lite and appliqué the stars in place.

** 30% off Cotton Woven Ticking Stripe Canvas (reg $8.99 a yard) until May 25th, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

Canvas Wine Bag by Katrina Hamer

Classic ticking stripes have something relaxing and comfortable about them. The stripes are woven, not printed, making this fabric so much stronger! Add charm to your party beverage in our snap lid water bottles. Bring it as a gift with a ticking stripe canvas bag! Here are the directions to make it below!

DIY Canvas Fabric Wine Bag @craftwarehouse


1/3 yard each of a main fabric, lining and fusible fleece. If you need a little wider bag, purchase

3/8 yard of each. You will have enough fabric to make 3 bags but only enough fleece for 2 bags.

½ yard ribbon to tie bag closed

Optional: trims, chalkboard cloth, duck cloth, iron on letters and designs

DIY Canvas Fabric Wine Bag @craftwarehouse


All seams are ¼”.

Cut each piece-main, lining and fleece to 18” x 12”.

Fuse fleece to main fabric.

If adding a label on the bag, add it to the main fabric now. I cut my labels 4”x4”. Position it about 4” up from the bottom and 1 ½” from the side edge. Stitch or fuse into place. With RST, sew the lining to the main fabric along the top edge. Fold the main fabric and lining in half lengthwise and stitch this long side.

Leaving this tube inside out, place your bottle on each corner and trace around it. Trim the excess fabric.

Sew the curves and bottom seam on the main fabric. Turn right side out. By hand or machine, stitch the lining bottom closed. Push the lining inside, press the top of the bag opening. If desired, top stitch ¼” from top edge. Insert your bottle and tie the top with a ribbon, raffia or piece of coordinating fabric.

* Cotton Woven Ticking Stripe Canvas 30% off regular prices and Water bottle with Wire Snap Lid $2 (reg $3.99) until May 25th, 2015


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