Monday, June 29, 2015

Glowing Rose Die Cut Card

Glowing Rose card by Jeanean Brown

  • white card stock cut to 4" x 5 1/4"
  • cardstock for card (choose your color!) cut to 4 1/4" x 11" and fold in half 
  • creating a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" card
  • black glossy card stock (for die cutting)
  • Little B nested labels die cuts
  • Little B sentiments die cuts
  • Little B blossoms die cuts
  • Die cut machine- like Big Shot or Evolution Advanced.
  • Distress Ink pad in choice of color (this will be the 'glow' of your flower) 
  • foam blending pod (or make-up sponge)
  • xyron sticker maker (or liquid glue with fine tip applicator)
  • dimensional foam tape or pop dots

  1. Die cut the piercing only label die cut from the Little B die cut nested set of labels- set on white card stock where you want (tip- use washi tape or painters tape to secure in place while you die cut) This will make the pierced frame in your white card stock.  Set aside.   (All Little B dies are sold with a magnetic organizer! You can see exactly what you have, it's labeled on the spine so you can store them on a shelf like a book! Everything stays in place until you need it. 

 2. Die cut the Hello sentiment from the Little B die cut sentiments set- black glossy card stock . Set aside. Look at the other fun options in this die cut set...

3. Die cut the leaf, and the nested rose from the Little B die cut set. (note- you will need both the inside of the rose die and the outside of the rose die- place them on your mat so the inside is nested inside the outside die before cutting black glossy card stock.) On the inside of each Little B die cut package is a line drawing of each die cut- and each of these is labeled with it's measurement! So handy!

4.) Now use foam blending pod and distress ink pad of your choice. Pick up color with foam and apply in circular motion onto white card stock that you've previously die cut the pieced label frame to. Apply to center area of pierced frame- slightly larger area then the black rose die cut.
The Darice foam ink pods come in a clear case- you get 24pc. You can use both sides- essentially use each side for each color of ink- thats 48 colors! WOW. These are really dense foam pods so they are easy to control and last a long time.

5.) After you have colored your 'glow' spot run your black glossy card stock die cuts through the sticker maker by Xyron. (You can use a fine tip liquid glue if you don't have a sticker maker)
Then apply the die cuts to your card. 
Finally add dimensional foam squares to back of white panel and attach to your folded card. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Eat Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Lights

light it up! Marquee letters are so easy to make with the Marquee Love Letter Kits! Just choose your letters- each is it's own kit including template, lights, and bulb covers. You get to decorate them to fit your style.

Eat Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Letters @craftsavvy @heidiswapp @sarahowens #heidiswapp #craftwarehouse #hsMarqueeLove #marquee #lights

Marquee Love Kits- in E-A-T
Marquee Love washi tape in gold
pencil, scissors
bone folder


  1. Remove Letter kit from box and find letter shaped template, place this on the pattern paper you want for the inside of your letter and trace with a pencil and then cut out. The template includes marks for where you need a small hole or X cut so that the lights can poke through. Set aside. 
  2. Use the Marquee love gold glitter tape to decorate the outside of each letter. This tape is perfectly sized to fit the outside dimension of your letters! Please note, this tape is EXTRA sticky, in fact for really tight spaces like on the letter A it can be a bit tricky. We found that if you pounce the sticky side of the tape on your clothing to pick up a little lint it makes the tape a little less sticky and easier to work with. We like to use a bone folder to help negotiate the tape in and around edges of each letter and help smooth it into place.
  3. Place the cut out paper inside the letter. Next- following the light 'map' included in your kit place the lights in the correct holes- they only fit one way so follow the map- each letter has it's own unique set of lights that fit that particular letter. Once the letters are inserted- add the bulb covers over the lights- they just pop on!

The beauty of the Marquee Love Kits is that you don't have to glue your paper inside the letter- once you lay your cut out paper inside the letter and poke the lights through, put the bulb covers on- the paper will stay in place nicely... this way you can change the paper later as you change your decor)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Mini Teepees

Mini TeePees! So cute! So Easy!

  • paper mache cones - choose a few different sizes for interest
  • pattern paper and embellishments of your choice (we like the Journey Collection by Crate Paper) 
  • 3 in 1 Beacon glue
  • Jute cording
  • Craft knife
  • wooden dowels


  1. Using craft knife- cut the top points of the cones. 
  2. with a pencil, draw a rounded opening at base of cone and use craft knife to cut out
  3. Select papers of your choice to wrap cones- adhere with 3in1 Beacon glue
  4. tie together 3 wooden dowels and place inside cone so the tied together ends are just poking out the peak of your cones. (secure in place inside of cone with 3in1 Beacon glue)
  5. Now use 3in1 Beacon glue to add the jute trim around base of cone, around opening, and around the top of your teepee!
  6. Finally add embellishments with 3in1 Beacon glue. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Travel Block Set

Spell out your love of T-R-A-V-E-L with this fun project. Or change up the letters to spell what speaks to you. We love the beautiful Journey Collection of papers and embellishments, ideal for trendy home decor projects!


  • 6pk unfinished wood blocks
  • acrylic craft paint in your choice of color (and foam brush to apply it with)
  • Journey Collection of Papers and embellishments by Crate Paper
  • Large alphabet stickers- we liked these large gold stickers from American Crafts
  • foam tape or pop dots for layering and adding dimension
  • embellishment glue stick by Pioneer for adhering paper to front of wood blocks


  1. Paint edges and back side of each wood block
  2. cut your choice of patter papers to fit each block and adhere in place with embellishment glue stick- we LOVE this glue stick, it gives such a strong hold but it's easy to use, and really affordable!
  3. We used our foam brush to brush a little of the same paint from painting the blocks over the edges of the paper to distress them a little. 
  4. Next cut smaller rectangle pieces of paper to layer alpha stickers to - and spell out your message. With 6 spaces- what will you spell? T-R-A-V-E-L or F-A-M-I-L-Y ?
  5. Layer your letters to blocks using dimensional foam tape, and add embellishments. 

* 6 Piece Wood Block Set 40% off regular prices (reg. $15.00) and Travel Themed Papers and Embellishments  30% off regular prices until June 22nd, 2015

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

DIY Luggage Tags

Let us help you explore your ideas, express your style, and discover your creativity! Create a custom luggage tag! You will be able to spot your luggage in no time while also adding to it a little style!

Create a custom luggage tag! You will be able to spot your luggage in no time while also adding to it a little style! by @craftsavvy


    Fat quarter of your choice
    A package of Quilter’s Vinyl
    1/8 yard Fast2Fuse     Coordinating thread
    1/3 yard coordinating ½” grosgrain ribbon
    Pinking shears or blade for rotary cutter, optional
    Frixion pen


1. Cut 2 - 11 ¼” x 4 ¼” pieces from the fat quarter fabric. 

2. Cut 2 - 5 ½” x 4” pieces from the Fast2Fuse.

3. Wrap each piece of 11¼” x 4¼” fabric around each piece of Fast2Fuse.  Following the manufacturer’s directions, fuse the fabric in place.  Trim the edges with pinking shears or blade.

4. Place a business card 1” from 3 edges of a fabric fused piece.  Trace around it and cut the card sized piece out.

5. Cut a piece of vinyl 1” larger than the business card.  Stitch the vinyl in place 1/8” from the opening.  If you are worried about the vinyl moving when you’re stitching, tape it in place on the wrong side. 

6. Place this rectangle with the vinyl side facing up.  On the short side, center a button hole opening ½” from the edge.  Stitch a 5/8” buttonhole.

7. Cut the buttonhole open.  Stack the 2 fused pieces on top of each other.   Using your Frixion pen, make a mark thru the buttonhole opening for the ribbon placement.  Separate the fused pieces.  Fold the ribbon in half and stitch onto the fused piece, matching the mark. 

8. Stack the fused pieces together again.  On the ribbon end, center a 2” opening to insert your card.  Using a walking foot and a ¼” seam allowance, stitch from one side of the card opening around to the other side, backstitching at each end. If you have long sturdy pins, pinning the layers together may make sewing easier. Insert your identification card, pull one end of the ribbon through the buttonhole and secure it to your luggage with a knot.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Yankee Doodle Quilting

Craft Warehouse has these great Essential Gems by Wilmington Prints.  Each Essential Gem package has 24 - 2½” x 44” strips of fabric.  My favorite is the Yankee Doodle strip pack-red, white and blue! 

Craft Warehouse has these great Essential Gems by Wilmington Prints.  Each Essential Gem package has 24 - 2½” x 44” strips of fabric.  My favorite is the Yankee Doodle strip pack-red, white and blue! by @craftsavvy

We have free project sheets in our stores to make 2 styles of flags.  One style uses straight strips to create Flag Gems, the other cuts the strips to make the Zig Zag Flag.  A perfect easy quilt for all of our patriotic holidays this summer.

Craft Warehouse has these great Essential Gems by Wilmington Prints.  Each Essential Gem package has 24 - 2½” x 44” strips of fabric.  My favorite is the Yankee Doodle strip pack-red, white and blue! by @craftsavvy

Craft Warehouse has these great Essential Gems by Wilmington Prints.  Each Essential Gem package has 24 - 2½” x 44” strips of fabric.  My favorite is the Yankee Doodle strip pack-red, white and blue! by @craftsavvy
All 4 projects are fast and fun to make for your patriotic summer holiday celebrations!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Baby Snuggle Blanket

Craft Warehouse stores have this beautifully soft fleece that sews up into an easy baby gift.  We have packaged a variety of fleece and blanket bindings into great kits for you! 

Baby Snuggle blanket kits by Katrina Hamer for @craftsavvy

The binding is packaged folded in half, ready for you to insert the fleece.  I found I got the best results opening the binding up and using a zig zag stitch, sewing it on.  This way I could see the fleece edge lining up with the fold of the binding.  Then I folded it over and stitched the other edge down.  The down side of doing it this way is that you see 2 rows of stitching on one side of the blanket.  I didn’t find that a deterrent.

Check out the photos below for some tips on sewing the binding. 

Baby Snuggle blanket kits by Katrina Hamer for @craftsavvy

Baby Snuggle blanket kits by Katrina Hamer for @craftsavvy

Baby Snuggle blanket kits by Katrina Hamer for @craftsavvy

If you don’t want to deal with mitered corners, use the application shown in the photo below.  You sew each side on individually. Sew binding on the top edge, then the bottom edge, then each side.  Be sure to fold the ends on the side pieces under before sewing for a nice edge when you use this method.

Baby Snuggle blanket kits by Katrina Hamer for @craftsavvy

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hazel and Ruby Watch Them Grow Display

Get inspired with our NEW Hazel and Ruby Handmade DIY Decor Tape! In just minutes you can stick this tape right on the wall! If you move, no problem - take it with you! Coordinating numbers, shapes, and years included to celebrate their development.

Hazel and Ruby Watch the Grow Display @craftsavvy @sarahowens @hazelandruby #craftwarehouse #frame #washitape #hazelandruby


Hazel & Ruby DIY decor tape 'Growth Chart'
Sharpie or other permanent marker


Choose location in your home for your growth chart
Start at the floor and work your way up smoothing the growth chart DIY decor tape up the wall until you want to stop, or you run out of wall or tape! This tape goes all the way to 10ft!

Won't damage your paint, peels off clean when you don't want it anymore.

Use sharpie to mark height, name, and date
BONUS! - This growth chart roll of DIY Decor tape includes fun extras! You get colorful shapes and alphabet stickers to use on your growth chart if you like.

TIP- If you prefer, you can apply tape to a 8"wide x 6' tall (up to a 10' height!) wood panel like we did. Then you can move the wood when and where you want.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Roll Up Chalk Cloth Bag and Travel Game Board

Staycation? Sleepover? How about going to a summer day trip? Make travel fun with this travel game board!

Roll Up Chalk Cloth Bag and Travel Game Board by Katrina Hamer for @craftsavvy


½ yard of chalk cloth
½ yard of 1 sided peltex
 1 fat quarter
 18” of paracord or ribbon
 Thread to match fabric
 Optional: 505 spray


1. Cut chalk cloth into 16” square.

2. Cut peltex into 16” square. 

3. Cut fat quarter into 18” square.

4. Knot the ends of the paracord or ribbon.

5. Center the peltex square to the center of the 18” square following the manufacturer’s directions. 

6. Press all edges of the 18” fabric square under ½” inch. 

Roll Up Chalk Cloth Bag and Travel Game Board by Katrina Hamer for @craftsavvy

7. If using the 505 spray, lightly spray the peltex square with 505.  Center the chalk cloth onto your peltex square and press it in place with your hands.  Fold the pressed edges of the fabric over the chalk cloth and pin in place.

Roll Up Chalk Cloth Bag and Travel Game Board by Katrina Hamer for @craftsavvy

8. Stitch close to the folded edge. 

9. Find the center of the paracord or ribbon and pin it 9” from the top right side of your hemmed square.  Stitch it in place.

Grab your chalk and have fun on your travels!

* Chalk Cloth 1/2 Yard Cuts 40% off regular prices (reg $11.99) and 30% off reg prices on Novelty Prints (reg $9.99 to $12.99 per yard) until June 22nd, 2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Glitter Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Lights

Recreate the glamor of vintage marquee signs and bring high design and great conversation to your space! 

Glitter Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Letters @craftsavvy @heidiswapp @sarahowens #heidiswapp #craftwarehouse #hsMarqueeLove #marquee #lights

Watch this video to learn how to glitter these Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Light Up Letter Kits!


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