Saturday, April 28, 2012

Paper Spring Bouquet Tutorial

We welcome Craft Warehouse's 2010 Scrapbooking Design Team Member, Elizabeth Wiederspohn, who is guest blogging with us today. Elizabeth is sharing a step by step tutorial of this paper bouquet project, perfect for any season!  Whether you make it for yourself, a baby shower, or Mother's Day, you will want this Spring Bouquet for your table's center piece. 


•    Double Sided Patterned Paper
     -    5 sheets for flowers
     -    1 sheet for leaves
     -    1 sheet for hearts for rosette backs
•    Tim Holtz Rosette Die
•    Wooden Dowels
•    Buttons/Center decorations
•    Square Punch
•    Heart Punch
•    Strong Adhesive or Hot Glue
•    Ribbon
•    Vase
•    Coffee Beans, Glass beads, sand, or kidney Beans

Step #1:  Die Cutting Rosette Strips
Using the Tim Holtz Rosette Die and your favorite die cutting system, cut out 25 rosette strips for flower rosettes. (Five from each piece of paper set aside for flowers.)

Step #2:  Making Small Rosette Flowers
Using the strips you just die cut, make seven regular rosettes.  (First time making a rosette?  See directions below for “Assembling a Rosette Using a Tim Holtz Die.”)

Step #3:  Making Medium Rosette Flowers
Using nine of the remaining die cut strips, overlap and glue two strips together making sure all the perforations line up with each other and allowing the top scalloped edge of the strip to stick out around a quarter of an inch.  Flip the strips over.  Using a third rosette strip glue strip to back of the other two to make a “rosette sandwich.”  Since both sides will show, it is important to make sure you have patterned paper on both the front and the back of the new “sandwich.”  Assemble rosette with all three layers like you would a normal rosette. This will make three rosettes.

Step #4: Making Large Rosette Flowers

Using the last nine strips make three more “rosette sandwiches” this time allow the middle strip to stick out approx. half an inch above the other two strips.  To prevent tearing cut the tops of the top strip every forth perforation making sure not to cut the bottom two layers.

Assemble the rosettes like the others.  The outer edge of the flower will fan out to make flower petals.  This will make three large rosette flowers.

Step #5:  Decorate Flower Centers
Using buttons, flair or any other embellishment decorate the centers of the fronts of each rosette.  Since both sides of each flower will be seen you will want to make sure to decorate both sides.  Using patterned paper punch thirteen hearts and glue to the back of each rosette center.

Step #6:  Adding Dowels and Ribbon Leaves

Carefully slide dowels into one of the folds on the back of the rosettes sliding the dowel under the center of the glued circles.  Tie ribbon onto the dowels of both the small and medium rosette flowers to make leaves.

Step #7:  Making Large Flower Paper Tags/Leaves
Out of the paper chosen to make leaves cut three 1x4” strips.  Fold strips in half and using a square punch, punch a “v” banner shape out of the end of each strip. 

Glue onto the dowels of the large paper rosettes and write messages and/or decorate.

Step #8:  Prepping the Vase
Using ribbon, tie a bow around the neck of the vase.  Pour coffee beans into the vase.  (You can also use small rocks, glass beads, sand or kidney beans in place of the coffee beans if you like.  I just like the smell of coffee.) 

Step #9:  Finishing Touches
Arrange flowers into vase making sure it is viewable from all sides.  ENJOY!

Assembling a Rosette Using a Tim Holtz Die

Step #1
Using your favorite die cutting machine die cut the rosette strip and center circle from the Tim Holtz Rosette Die. 

Step #2
Using a fan fold, fold every perforation on the rosette strip

Step #3
Staple or glue the ends of the strip to each other making a circle. 

Step #4
Gather the center of the flat edge of the strip and push downward.  Holding firmly, glue down center paper circle, or button, with strong adhesive or hot glue gun on both the front and the back. Decorate if desired.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Create a Smash Page

Welcome to our blog video series called Back 2 Basics!

Let's face it, we are busy. We don't always have two hours to spend on a layout or project. Back 2 Basics will help teach those that either want to learn how to scrapbook or want quick and fast tips to help you get your project done in 30 minutes or less! Each video in the series will be less than 5 minutes long; which gives us more time to create and less time in front of the computer!

Today we have a Smash Book page to share with you! If you are new to Smash books or want to know what they are, check out this thread on our forum with the video on what it is to even more inspiration!

Here is the supply shopping list. Feel free to drag this to your desktop and print it off for your shopping trip to Craft Warehouse.
1. Find photos or magazine clippings to add to your page. There are no rules to Smashing... find anything you want to record to put in place of the magazine clipping I used.

2. Cut your paper 3" x 9" inches and tuck it under the magazine clipping (or photos).

3. Make tags or journaling cards from dies. I used Spellbinders' Labels Four and paper from the Smash pads. Layer them in the bottom right hand corner and add a paper clip. Then glue on a mini envelope from Studio Calico on the top tag.

4. Use Spellbinder's Blossom die by Samantha Walker and glue it down behind the tags, making sure it peeks out  from the top. You can use all these journaling spots to write notes on.

5. Cut out your paper to look like Polaroids and use foam squares to add lift.

6. Place the "Take Note" badge on the corner of one of the Polaroids.

7. Add Smash tape. Cut the end of the red Smash tape to make it look like a flag.

8. Use a "Make It" Smash tag to add to the top Polaroid.

9. Glue a Smash clip to the top of the page. This makes sure it doesn't fall off while traveling with your book.

10. Color your Studio Calico Wooden Veneers with a American Crafts Slick Writer pen. This pen will make coloring these shapes fast and easy! Use a paper piercer to hold the shape still while you color. The pen also will not smear on your pages. Glue them down on your page. I like to keep them in odd numbers.

11. Glue a bracket down from American Crafts' Thickers alphabet stickers. Also, collect the periods from the package and glue them randomly around the star veneers.

Watch the video tutorial below! Enlarge and click on high definition to watch it in the quality it was shot in.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

National Scrapbooking Weekend!

Join us for National Scrapbooking Weekend, May 4th-6th with in-store make and takes, prizes, and discounts! In local Craft Warehouses, you will have an opportunity to take photos in a photo booth with provided props! How fun is that?!

We will also be having a Facebook Party! Upload your photos that you have taken in the booth to our Facebook Page to be entered to win giveaways all weekend long! Here is a little question and answer about how the Facebook Party will work.


All National Scrapbooking Weekend! Yes, that means even in the wee hours of the morning and night! It starts Friday, May 4 at 8am through Sunday, May 6th at 11:59pm. 

Facebook is an easy and fun way to win this weekend. You can be in your pjs on the computer from home to play! ;) There will be fun games to play-to-win and also easy just-comment-to-win prizes as well.

There are multiple prizes to give away! Each giveaway will be done a different way. So, to increase chances of winning and knowing how to enter to win "LIKE" our Facebook FanPage to follow along.*

Easy way to "like" our page.

1. Click on link here

2. Then click on the LIKE button at the top of the page.


Here are the easy steps to do this with your phone. (Make sure you have already "LIKED" our page as stated above.)

Step one
To upload and tag a photo using your Facebook for iPhone app, launch the app and then tap the Menu button in the top left-hand corner of the app.

Step two
From the option displayed, select photos, which will display a list of all the albums you have uploaded to the social network. Now select the + icon in the far right-hand corner and from the upload choices select Photo.

Step three
Now select whether you want to capture a new image or using one that's already stored on your iPhone. To tag the image simply tap on the person and then type their name. Press the Upload button and your photo will be uploaded to Facebook.

Step four
If you want to tag a photo you have previously uploaded to Facebook, then browse through your photos and tap on the image you want to tag.

Step five
Select the arrow located in the right-hand corner and from the options displayed choose Tag photo. Begin typing the name of the person you wish to tag in the image and then select the correct person. Your tag will now be saved.

1. Take a photo with your phone's camera.
2. Upload to Facebook by clicking on the arrow icon. (You need to already have the Facebook app downloaded to your phone).
3. From a PC, go to Facebook and click on the photo on your Facebook Wall.
4. Click on "Tag Photo" and then click on the photo again. Type in "Craft Warehouse" (You need to have already "LIKED" our page as explained above). Then click on "Done Tagging."

Camera or Photos on your Computer
1. Take a photo with camera.
2. Download the photo to your PC from home.
3. Go to Facebook and upload your picture and post to your wall.
4. Click on the photo and then "edit".
5. To tag your photo type "@CraftWarehouse". As you type a drop down menu comes down with "Craft Warehouse" as a choice. Click on the "Craft Warehouse" icon and it will tag the photo for you. (You need to have already "LIKED" our page as explained above).


No problem! Join in all weekend long! We will be having tons of fun on Facebook with games or just comment to win giveaways. Just go to our Facebook page (from your phone or PC) and join in on commenting on the giveaways. You could even be in the store playing along while in line. ;)


A winner is always picked via I will be counting how many entries were for each giveaway (some giveaways will last an hour, some all weekend depending) and then I will type the number into It will give me a winner number. I will then count that many comments and that's who is chosen to win.
I will then notify the winner by tagging or even commenting on their Facebook wall so they know they won.

Then, they will be asked to email with their mailing address so that I can get their packaged mailed via UPS.


As many times as you want through out the weekend.* Once per giveaway unless stated otherwise. Although, one prize per person. ;)


I will notify the winner by tagging or even commenting on their Facebook wall so they know they won.
Then, they will be asked to email with their mailing address so that I can get their packaged mailed via UPS. 

Make sure you have "LIKED" our Fan Page so you are ready to join in on the fun!  

*All giveaways open to US residents only. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three Cards Under 30 Minutes by Design Team Member Cara Goedeking

Cara Goedeking from the Craft Warehouse Design Team is here to share with you three fun and simple birthday cards that you can make in approximately 30 minutes.

I started with a few basic products:

Kraft Cardstock (2 pieces of 12x12)
Paper Cutter/Trimmer
Corner Rounder
Adhesive Foam Tape
3 Toothpicks & Twine

And then bought these additional products for this project:

Simple Stories "Happy Day" Stickers

Simple Stories "Happy Day" 4x6 Journaling Card Elements

Simple Stories "Kraft Grid" paper (from Fabulous line)

Jillibean Soup "Stewed Cabbage" paper (from Sweet & Sour Soup line)

Start out by making the card base out of the Kraft Cardstock. Trim to 12" x 4-3/8" and fold at 6".

Cut the banner journaling card out of the patterned paper. Trim the card to 5-1/2" in length x 4" in height (Note: trim a bit from each side)

Round the corners on the right hand side with your corner rounder.

Remove the "celebrate", "Good Times", brown scalloped border, red star and cupcake from the sticker sheet.  Cut some small pieces of foam tape, and adhere them to the back of all except the brown scalloped border (make sure on your "celebrate" sticker you do not put any foam tape behind the "e" at the end).

Use adhesive to secure the journaling block to the card base. Then use foam tape and adhere the cupcake sticker and the "celebrate" sticker as shown below. 

 Next secure the brown scalloped border (no foam tape on back) to the upper left side as shown below. Layer the "Good Times" sticker on top.

To finish card off attach the star (with foam tape) on top of the cupcake flag. Wrap some twine (I wrapped 3 times) around the stem of the flag, tie bow, and trim ends. You are finished with your first card!

Start out by making the card base out of the Kraft Cardstock. Trim to 12" x 4-3/8" and fold at 6" (just like the first card).

Cut the ice cream journaling card out of the patterned paper. Trim the card to 5-1/2" in length x 4" in height (Note: trim a bit from each side--to the end of each "bracket").

Trim a 2"(width) x 3-1/2" (height) strip from the Jillibean Shredded Cabbage paper. 

Cut a 2" (width) x 1" (height) strip of paper from the Simple Stories "Kraft Grid" paper.

Use adhesive to secure the small "Kraft Grid" piece to the top of the "Shredded Cabbage" piece. Use the red scalloped border from your sticker sheet (see below), lay it on the tag (overlap a bit of the "Kraft Grid" piece) and trim end. Cut a triangle shape out of the end of "Shredded Cabbage" piece to form a banner.

Wrap a piece of twine around the banner tag, tie a bow and trim ends.

Remove the ice cream cone, blue striped star and "fun!!" stickers (not all shown below) from the sticker sheet. Put foam tape on the back of the banner tag and the stickers (except the "fun!!").

Round each corner of the journaling tag & use adhesive to secure to card base. Use the foam tape to secure the banner tag to the top center of the card.

Add the ice cream cone and then the "fun" sticker on top of it. Next add the star. Your 2nd Card is now complete!


Start out by making the card base out of the Kraft Cardstock. Trim to 11" x 4" and fold at 5-1/2".
Cut out the scalloped tag journaling card out of the patterned paper. Trim to 5-1/2" (width) by 4" (height).

Use adhesive to secure the journaling tag to the card base. Use foam tape to secure the "Happy Birthday" sticker to the card (see below).

Use a toothpick and the orange striped banner sticker from the sheet... create a toothpick flag by placing a toothpick in the center (a little offset to the right side) and folding the sticker over on itself.

Here is your finished flag.

Tuck the flag behind the "happy birthday" sticker.

Make another toothpick flag out of the blue striped banner sticker and another toothpick.

Cut the end off another toothpick to make a bit shorter. Then remove the pinwheel from the sticker sheet, and put two layers of foam tape on the back of the sticker (leaving a small space in the center for the toothpick).

Secure the pinwheel and the blue striped toothpick flag to the card (also tucked behind the "happy birthday" sticker).

Add the 3 dot stickers (see below...bottom left corner) to make the "confetti" on the card. Your 3rd card is now complete!

Hope you enjoyed creating these three easy cards with me today!


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