Wednesday, September 30, 2015

No Sew Fleece Pillow


Have a sports fan in the house or need a gift for one?
These No Sew Fleece Pillows are so easy you can have it done in 30 min!

No Sew Fleece Pillow @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #fleece, #fabric, #pillow, #sports
  • 5/8 yard of fleece fabric
  • 1 - 14" pillow form
  • Sharp scissors or rotary cutter and mat
  • Ruler

  1. Cut 2 - 20" squares from fleece. Stack the 2 pieces with wrong sides together
  2. Cut a 4"square out of each corner. I know this sounds weird, but you wont be able to tie the corners if you leave out this step.
  3. To create the tie fringe, every 1" you need to cut 4" long fringe. (see in photo) Do all 4 sides.
  4. Begin tying in a corner, using a double knot. Make sure the knots are tight! After tying 3 sides insert the pillow form and finish tying the remaining sides.
  5. Wasn't that easy?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

No Sew Pumpkin


Did someone say "No Sew"?
 Yes! These pumpkins are only 6 steps and you don't need a sewing machine!
 Great project to get the kids involved with.
 Have them search for sticks to add to the tops of each pumpkin!

No Sew Pumpkin @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #Fall, #Fabric, #homedecor, #pumpkin
  • 16" - 18" square of fabric (a fat quarter works well too)
  • 1 cardboard tube from an empty roll of toilet paper.
  • Polyester fiber fill.
  • Piece of quilt batting the width of your toilet paper roll.
  • A few straight pins
  • Low temp glue gun
  • 2 yards of twine, ribbon, raffia or yarn
  • Embellishment items like knobby twig, leaves, berries ect...
  1. Using your low temp glue gun, glue poly fill to the TP roll.
2.  Securely wrap the batting around the fiberfill, but not too tight you want to be able to squish it to make pumpkin sections. Glue outside end into place.
3. Lay fabric square flat on your work area. Center the tp-batting roll on top of the fabric. I listed a range of 16" - 18" for your fabric square as my toilet paper rolls ranged from 4.5" to a bit over 6".

4. Bring Fabric up over the edge of the top roll and tuck inside the tube. Don't grab a lot of fabric at once, small pleats work best. If the fabric doesn't want to stay in the tube, stick a straight pin though the fabric into the cardboard tub to hold it. Continue making your way around the tube until all fabric is tucked into the tub and the fabric is relatively smooth. If it looks a bit lumpy or uneven, pull the fabric out and smooth or massage the fiberfill around and try again.

5. Center your twine, ribbon or whatever you are using under your pumpkin. Bring the ends up, cross them over on the top, down and up several times creating the pumpkin sections. I rearranged them several times before I was happy with the outcome. You can tie it off on the top or underneath. Trim off the excess or tie a bow.

6. Embellish as you wish with twigs, moss, artificial leaves, berries ect... Then glue into place using glue gun.
No Sew Pumpkin @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #Fall, #Fabric, #homedecor, #pumpkin

Monday, September 28, 2015

Three Tiered Dessert Tray

It's all in the glue!
Creating a Three Tiered Dessert Tray could never be easier....
 Just choose a 2" glass candle stick as your base
and glue it with E6000 to the bottom of a glass plate!
Three Tiered Dessert Tray @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #homedecor, #party, #E6000
Candle Holder + Glass Plate + Glue = 3 Tiered Dessert tray

Monday, September 21, 2015

Follow Your heart

Simple art created by You!

Follow Your Heart @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse
Make this your own by just choosing a acrylic paint color, paint, glue arrow on with wood glue then add your vinyl saying!
Choose from hundreds of sayings in our vinyl department.

Paper Mache Skeleton Art

These are skele-tacular!

Paper Mache Skeleton Art @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #papermache, #halloween

Start with painting the Paper Mache Skeletons with black acrylic paint, once dry use a white bistro marker to create your design!
Tip: If you mess up you can always wipe off the marker and paint over the area and you are off to a new start! We also carry other colors in the bistro markers for a different look.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wood Burning Mini Logs

Loving the look of wood burning! TIP- sketch your design in pencil before burning the design. For best results, go slowly and don't press the hot brass tip of the woodturning tool too hard into the wood

Wood Burning Mini Logs @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #woodburning

Here we lightly painted the top of each mini log with watered down acrylic paint,
 then wood burned over the top. 
Wood Burning Mini Logs @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #woodburning
Wood Burning Mini Logs @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #woodburning


Wood Burning Log Plaques

You don't have to be an artist to wood burn...

Wood Burning Log Plaques @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #woodburning,
Here we added our metal log wood hook to add dimension and function to this project.
 The trick with wood burning is to know your wood, if its hard wood it will take a little longer to burn, if its pine wood it will start to burn real fast. Always press lightly because you can always go back over your project.
Tip: You can also use a stencil to create your wood burning design,
just trace stencil onto your wood surface!

We carry all shapes and sizes!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

"Welcome" Burlap DIY Banner


Greet your guests with a welcoming banner!
Burlap Welcome DIY Banner @craftsavy #craftwarehouse, #Banner, #Burlap, #DIY
This simple DIY Banner can say it all...

For something smaller spell out "Home" or your families last name then add ribbon or garland to match the holiday seasons.  There are so many possibilities to create a banner for, a team name, a babies name in a nursery, a birthday party, ect.... Drape over a fireplace in the winter or hang from a tree at a summer bbq. Where ever you hang it, it will surely be noticed!

Large Wood Tags

Who needs a wreath when you can tag it!
Large Wood Tags @craftsavy #craftwarehouse, #woodtag, #Diy, #homedecor
These large tags are great for welcoming guests!
 They are double sided so you can flip them around change out the ribbon and add a holiday saying. If you still want a wreath on your door, place a tag in the middle of the wreath!

Large Wood Tags @craftsavy #craftwarehouse, #woodtag, #Diy, #homedecor #halloween

Fall Reclaimed Wood "Home" Decor

Spell it with another object!
Fall reclaimed wood home decor @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #diy, #Homedecor, #Fall

HOME - O + Bird House = Brilliant!

These wood letters are so much fun to decorate! We used jute and fall colored ribbon to jazz it up. You can even change it out for each holiday, paint or add lights!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Ambre Dandelions Wood Art

Dandelions Weeds or Wishes? 
Ambre Dandelions Wood Art @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #diy, #homedecor

Paint + Vinyl = Art

This gorgeous wood wall art was created using 3 acrylic paint colors blended to create an amber affect. Once paint is dry rub on the vinyl saying and you are done!

Glass Twinkle Blocks

Get ready to show your team spirit and help your team shine!
Have you discovered the magical holographic paper that looks like stars when lights shine behind it? The talented employees at our store in Medford Oregon used hollow glass blocks to attach the paper too- slide some firefly lights inside the glass blocks, added some vinyl decals to the front... and voila! Watch the magic show - when the lights are turned on they appear to be star shapes when viewed through the holographic paper. TIP- you can tint the clear glass block any color you want with Tint it Spray! 

Glass Twinkle Blocks @craftsavy #craftwarehouse #goducks


1. Tint It if you would like the background to have a translucent color like shown in the photo with the Oregon Ducks block.

2. Place Sticky Holographic paper on front of the glass block.

3. Then add a rub on vinyl or sticker of your choice.

4. Add twinkle lights to the inside of your block.

5. Turn your lights on and let it shine!

Wood Wall Hanging Planks

Design your own Wall Art using our Wood Plank Boards and your choice of hundreds of Vinyl Rub on sayings!
Wood Wall Hanging Planks @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #homedecor, #diy, #wallart
Wood Wall Art @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #diy, #Homedecor
 Choose your wood board + Vinyl Saying = Art

Reclaimed Bottle Firefly Chandelier

One of the hottest trends are using reclaimed wood,
glass and plastic...
with this glass bottle cutter the projects are endless
 and you too can take part in helping the environment!
Reclaimed Bottle Firefly Chandelier @craftsavy, #Kinkajou, #bottlecutter, #craftwarehouse
  1. Use a floral wire wreath and cover with large burlap ribbon, making loops and securing to floral wreath. Set aside
  2. Then remove each of the bottle bases using the bottle cutter. Lightly sand the glass till smooth.
  3. String 3-strand firefly lights inside the glass bottle.
  4. Wrap with wire around the top of the bottle 2-3 times then connect to the burlap wreath at the length you would like it to hang.
  5. Wrap jute string around the top of the bottle like shown in the photo then connect to the wreath for extra support.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 two more times.
  7. Then at the top of the burlap wreath use jute in 3 places to hang.
Reclaimed Bottle Candle Centerpiece @craftsavy #kinkajou, #bottlecutter, #craftwarehouse
We cut the bases off the bottles, added a little sand and tea lights in a glass tray
 and placed bottles over the tea lights.
This would also look great on a long piece of reclaimed wood as a long centerpiece using multiple bottles. With battery operated tea lights you don't have to worry about the flame, just sit back and enjoy the glow!


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Crate it and Organize it!

Wood Crates are one of the hottest trends...
Paint any color to match your décor....

Mini Wood Unfinished Crates @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #woodcrate

Hang them on the wall sideways and create a book shelf display....

Its not hard to stay organized when you have the right storage!
Wood Crate Storage Boxes @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, americanachalkypaint, #storage
No Prepping involved with our Americana Chalky Paint just paint!

Crate baskets are great to organize napkins and silverware, or add mason jars and a candle!

Wood Crate Untensil and napkin holder @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, unfinishedwood
Add hooks for a jewelry organizer or a banner and photos!
Wood Crate Jewelry Holder @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #Jeweryholder,#organize


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