Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Paper Mache Pumpkin

The Paper Mache Pumpkin crop is in!
Love vintage?- decoupage them with newsprint!
Prefer your pumpkins glamorous? (and shiny) Spray paint them with mirror paint spray.
Traditionalist? Paint them orange with craft paint.
OR- what if you painted them with chalkboard paint!!! - Whoa!...
Paper Mache Pumpkin Diy @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #diy, #chalkypaint, #papermache
Here we painted the Paper Mache Pumpkins with Americana Black Chalkboard Paint.
Then "Seasoned" the pumpkin ( this is when you take a piece of white chalk and rub it all over the surface, then lightly whip off the extra chalk flakes, this makes it look like a chalkboard instead of just black paint)
Then we used a white Bistro Marker to add the white lines.
Finish off with a burlap ribbon tied to the top!
Tip: You can also use regular chalk and right words like "SPOOKY" for Halloween and "THANKFUL" for Thanksgiving.
Or if you are a Zentangle Art Doodle fan you could Zentangle it!
Paper Mache Pumpkin Diy @craftsavy, #craftwarehouse, #modpodge, #diy, #glitter
For a Vintage Look: we decoupage newspaper on to the Paper Mache Pumpkin.
Rip your newspaper or tissue into 1" squares.
Paint a layer of Mod Podge all over the pumpkin and allow to dry.
Then place another layer of  Mod Podge and place paper over the wet Mod Podge adhesive.
Continue this technique until your pumpkin is covered.
If you would like it to look a little more rustic add Tim Holtz distressed ink with a distressed dabber.
Or Glitter It! Just cover sections with Mod Podge and glitter it! We used super fine glitter but any glitter is sure to sparkle!

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