Friday, March 27, 2015

Letter Have It!

Get inspired with our NEW Hazel and Ruby Handmade DIY Decor Tape! Take your favorite letter or character and add extra flare! Decor tape is mess free and so easy to use!

Letter Have It! @craftsavvy @sarahowens @hazelandruby #craftwarehouse #frame #washitape #hazelandruby


Ampersand Sign Wall Art
Hazel and Ruby DIY Decor Tape
Cutting Craft Mat
Craft Knife


1. Lay Ampersand on a flat surface. Place the washi tape on the Ampersand rubbing out any bubbles with your fingers toward the ends of the Ampersand.

2. Flip the shape over and use your craft 

3. Flip over and with your craft knife cut around the shape to remove the excess.

Letter Have It! @craftsavvy @sarahowens @hazelandruby #craftwarehouse #frame #washitape #hazelandruby


24" Paper Mache Letter
Hazel and Ruby DIY Decor Tape 4" Rolls


1. Wrap your letter with the washi tape, cutting and trimming as needed as you go around the shape. Start on the inside and sides. Then work the back and the front.

2. Smooth the tape out with your fingers to finish! Hang and enjoy!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jazz It Up Washi Tape Trunks

Get inspired with our NEW Hazel and Ruby Handmade DIY Decor Tape! In just minutes you can customize a wooden trunk in no time! Quickly add style and color that fit your home decor and space! You can even have the kids choose a color for their room to make their own toy box or treasure chest!

Jazz It Up Washi Tape Trunks @craftsavvy @sarahowens @hazelandruby #craftwarehouse #frame #washitape #hazelandruby


Unfinished Wood Storage Boxes
Hazel and Ruby DIY Decor Tape


1. Beginning at the corner of one end of the box, start placing the DIY Decor Tape on the box. Wrap it around the box slowly, smoothing it out as you go.

2. Using a craft knife, go around any hardware that might have been covered with tape.

3. Store your items inside and display!

Friday, February 27, 2015

A Beach in a Box by Guest Designer Heather Valadez

I had never heard of 'brain vacations' until a professor of mine included them in his power point class lecture. Some days it'd be the Grand Canyon, other days a tropical location- and they always followed with personal stories or facts about the location.

This easy to make "Beach in a Box" would look great on a work desk or in a home office- anywhere you might need a visual brain vacation!

Supplies used:

A Beach in a Box @craftsavvy @heatherthebird #craftwarehouse #kaisercraft #beach #shadowbox #diy

KAISERCRAFT makes these cute shadow boxes that are the perfect size to house a small collection or a few special trinkets. They also have a fabulous selection of paper, die cut shapes, and pretty much any other scrapbooking material you can think of. The paper pad I used was the "Salty Kisses" collection, along with the "Sandy Toes" pack of die cut shapes. Putting together the shadow box was like a mini puzzle, but I powered through (and there’s a photo to help you out!)

A Beach in a Box @craftsavvy @heatherthebird #craftwarehouse #kaisercraft #beach #shadowbox #diy

Keeping the box pieces in order is key in this project - mostly because the gluestick I used works really well - it would be very hard to peel off paper that was put somewhere you weren’t intending it to be. It was my first time using the PIONEER Embellishment Glue Stick and it did not disappoint! You can find it for under $3 at Craft Warehouse ( I didn’t have any peeling or bubbling problems at all. It’s a must have in your craft box for sure.

A Beach in a Box @craftsavvy @heatherthebird #craftwarehouse #kaisercraft #beach #shadowbox #diy

After figuring out what paper I wanted where, the next part to do was the bottom of the box - or in the case - the ‘sand’. I could have used paper or paint, but I thought I’d try for a textured effect. I did start with paper though, a wavy sand print. I used Golden Gel Meduim Molding Paste to add some texture. I just painted it on, following the sand lines on the paper, and used some toothpicks to swirl it around and a tissue to blot here and there.

A Beach in a Box @craftsavvy @heatherthebird #craftwarehouse #kaisercraft #beach #shadowbox #diy

Since I didn’t want the ‘sand’ to be white, I used Distress Ink by Tim Holtz ( The Vintage Photo ink, when watered down, makes a good sand color. By patting the inkpad with a tissue then spritzing with water, you can dab some color on the textured area and be in control of how much color you are putting on.

A Beach in a Box @craftsavvy @heatherthebird #craftwarehouse #kaisercraft #beach #shadowbox #diy

After paper is glued on and the sand base is completed, then comes the real fun part! I chose a few shell die cuts and quotes for the sand and sides but the real focal points was a beach chair and little red pail. Darice has a line of minis that are so cute and are perfect for projects like this. The little pail comes from their Timeless Minis collection. I filled it with some of the molding paste to add some realism - there are no clean, empty pails at the ocean! If I was the kind of person who saves sand, I would have sprinkled some on at this point - maybe just a reason to go to the coast!

A Beach in a Box @craftsavvy @heatherthebird #craftwarehouse #kaisercraft #beach #shadowbox #diy

For the edges I used more of the Distress Ink but in a different color - Evergreen Bough. I just ‘stamped’ it on the edges and then with a wet paintbrush dispersed the color to places that were hard to reach with the ink pad. After assembling the rest of the box (I just used the Golden Molding Paste as a binding agent but you could easily use hot glue too), all that was left was the cardboard drawer for the bottom.

A Beach in a Box @craftsavvy @heatherthebird #craftwarehouse #kaisercraft #beach #shadowbox #diy

The planks were on the same paper as my background ocean so I was able to utilize the whole sheet. I taped a little piece of paper to the inside that hangs out a little to serve as a handle until I can find a little shell to use as one. (Another reason to go to the coast!)

The KAISERCRAFT paper pad was full of so many gorgeous beachy designs it was hard to not go overboard on the outside of the shadow box. I did the sides with one sheet and the back with one that reminded me of a sunset. Add a couple more of the die cuts and voilà! The brain vacation shadow box is complete!

A Beach in a Box @craftsavvy @heatherthebird #craftwarehouse #kaisercraft #beach #shadowbox #diy

I didn’t seal the top on just yet, I’m determined to bring some sand from the coast to add to this later. I love the quote on the top - fits just perfectly for this project. Hopefully you are inspired to create your own mini brain vacation! Here’s to daydreaming of sand, the sea, the breeze in your hair…ahh, summer.

A Beach in a Box @craftsavvy @heatherthebird #craftwarehouse #kaisercraft #beach #shadowbox #diy

- Heather Valadez

Craft Warehouse Design Team Member Heather Valadez

Welcome local Northwest design team member Heather Valadez! We love Heather's mixed media style! She loves to get creative with canvas and paint which makes us just as happy! We've invited Heather to share with us what inspires her to be creative...

 How long have you been crafting? I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. I loved the idea of crafting to make gifts. I never had a lot of money so I would draw pictures, or make cards for gifts because it was all I could do. But people seemed to love it. So now, even though I could afford to go buy a gift, I try and make ones that I know the recipient couldn't get anywhere else while including a piece of their personality in it.


What inspires you to be creative? It really could be anything any given day. Perhaps a quote, a vibrant colored painting, a doodle, song lyrics, etc. There really isn't a concrete method to my madness. : ) I used to scrapbook all kinds of things from magazines just I so could keep them around in some way. But now we have Pinterest for that!

What Craft Warehouse products do you love to use? Do I have to pick just one thing?! I love drooling over all the paper, the selection is always great. I could easily be a paper hoarder. I love the vast selection of frames and canvases, both things that seem simple but can be hard to find for a great deal! I also really love all the wood pieces - ones you can Modge Podge stuff on and bam! You have a cute box, or plaque.

How can you encourage others reading this column? I think just helping people see that crafting doesn't just have to be for the pros - anyone can create something awesome with good supplies, some inspiration, and simple instruction. Also, that you can craft on a budget - because I always seem to be on a budget!

You will be completely inspired visiting Heather's blog and get to know her on Instagram! Visit again to see her mixed media tutorial she created for our readers!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Kaisercraft Sandy Toes Cards by Craft Warehouse Guest Designer Michelle Price

 In the world of card making there is one type of card that is hard to get just right. You might think you  have it nailed, but then just at the last minute before gluing, you start to doubt yourself and you end up starting over from scratch. Many a card maker has been there, with the daunting task of the teenage boy card ahead of you.

Kaisercraft Sandy Toes Cards @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #kaisercraft #summer #beach #cards

Luckily I got my hands on the Kaisercraft Sandy Toes collection and after much thought and care, I have created the perfect teenage boy cards. It was actually rather easy, given the cool colors and beachy theme of this collection.

My card opens like a book with a small spine, and inside is a shaker card window. It’s a fun twist to put the shaker on the inside rather than the front. The result is a card that looks special but doesn’t take a lot of time to create. I’ve put together a shaker card tutorial for you, so let’s get started.

To begin, cut your card base to 8 ¼” x 5 ½”. Create a ¼” spine on your card by scoring at 4” in from either side on the long edge. Fold along the score lines and create your card.
Cut another piece of patterned paper to 4” x 5 ½”. Use a punch, metal die, or electronic die cutting machine to cut any shape you’d like out of this inside piece. In my example I used a scalloped circle. This creates your shaker window.

Cut a piece of acrylic to fit around the window. Place glue on the backside of your window, close to the cut out shape. Lay the acrylic onto the glue and adhere the acrylic to the card piece.
Using foam dimensional tape, place tape around the shaped window. This part won’t be seen so it doesn’t have to be pretty, but make sure the seams where your tape meets have no gaps. You don’t want your shaker pieces to fly out when you shake it. Leave the tape backing on as you fill your shaker window.

Pour glitter, sand, beads, sequins, or whatever you would like into the shaker window being careful to not get any outside of the edges of the foam tape box you’ve created. I used white glitter, Teresa Collins sequins and some of the die cut shells from the Kaisercraft Sandy Toes Collectables pack. 
Once your window is filled, it’s time to enclose your shaker window. You will leave the filled shaker window face up and place the card base onto the adhesive. Peel off the foam tape backing and lay the card base onto the sticky part of the foam. Figuring out which side of the card to lay onto the adhesive is tricky, so make sure you double check before adhering.

Now you can decorate the front of your card and add stickers from the Kaisercraft Sandy Toes collection to the inside of the card as well. I also added some twine elements to the front of my cards. You can hop to my blog Bits & Pieces Paper Lab for tips on using twine on your projects.
Have fun creating your own version of these cards and be sure and check out this fun Kaisercraft Collection at Craft Warehouse.

- Michelle Price

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mason Jar Inspiration

We have projects for every type of crafter in this special blog series. We will show you how we did it, and what you need to do it, all found on the shelves of your local family owned and operated Craft Warehouse stores.

What can I do with only 3 mason jars?

Mason Jar Inspiration @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #masonjar #decor #diy

Use three jars that can be the same or different sizes, add some filler such as moss or marbles then accent with a hand tied piece of ribbon.

Mason Jar Inspiration @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #masonjar #decor #diy

Another option is to take a bag of sand, some rusty wire and a few yards of jute.It can be so calming and relaxing! Just add some tea lights or votives and you have your own day spa! 

Mason Jar Inspiration @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #masonjar #decor #diy

Make a mason jar caddy for most any area of your home. Glue together the three jars, then 'tie' them together with jute or ribbon.

Mason Jar Inspiration @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #masonjar #decor #diy

* 50% off regular prices of Designer Sand, Batter Operated Tealights $4.93 (reg $6.99), and Canning Jars $1 each until February 23rd, 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

Frozen Jewelry Box by Design Team Member McCall Clifford

Love Frozen? Know little ones who are obsessed? I do... Who doesn't?

Frozen Jewelry Box @craftsavvy @mcca11 #craftwarehouse #frozen #doyouwantobuildasnowman #diy #kids #crafts

Meet the Elsa and Ana in my life, my darling nieces.

I was extremely excited creating this fun Frozen project for my 5 year old niece.

Not extremely sew savvy?
Let it go.
Here's a fun tutorial on how I transformed one of Craft Warehouse's wooden jewelry boxes into a Frozen sensation without a lick of sewing.


Wooden Jewelry box
Fat quarters of the adorable line of frozen fabrics. Mix and match.
Disney's Olaf Button Embellishments
Snowflake Embellishments
Tracing paper and pencil
Mod Podge
Purple Paint, or one that goes with the scheme
Sponge brush
Super glue or hot glue gun
Glitter (optional, but strongly suggested)

Frozen Jewelry Box @craftsavvy @mcca11 #craftwarehouse #frozen #doyouwantobuildasnowman #diy #kids #crafts

First before getting the party started trace the outline using tracing paper of exactly where you'd like the fabric to go.

Next, paint the edges where the fabric won't cover, unless you're extremely determined to cover every inch with fabric.

Props to you.

Now for the drawers... I added some serious sparkle to my purple paint, your preference, but it sure adds a fun pop.

Then add Olaf! I separated his snowman self onto the three different drawers. I used super glue, but a glue gun would also work.

Frozen Jewelry Box @craftsavvy @mcca11 #craftwarehouse #frozen #doyouwantobuildasnowman #diy #kids #crafts

Use the tracing paper for templates to cut out the pieces to their correct shape to be Mod Podged.

Frozen Jewelry Box @craftsavvy @mcca11 #craftwarehouse #frozen #doyouwantobuildasnowman #diy #kids #crafts

Put down one layer of mod podge, place the fabric, follow by another layer of podge on top the fabric

Frozen Jewelry Box @craftsavvy @mcca11 #craftwarehouse #frozen #doyouwantobuildasnowman #diy #kids #crafts

Add any other embellishments you find fitting, put drawers in and Wa-La!

Frozen Jewelry Box @craftsavvy @mcca11 #craftwarehouse #frozen #doyouwantobuildasnowman #diy #kids #crafts

Fill with jewelry.

This is the perfect gift or craft night for any Frozen lover in your life.

Frozen Jewelry Box @craftsavvy @mcca11 #craftwarehouse #frozen #doyouwantobuildasnowman #diy #kids #crafts

Or in my case my cute 5 year old niece.

Happy crafting!

- McCall Clifford


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