Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Let It Go Rubber Band Bracelet

We are back for Loom Band Wednesday and our last "Frozen" inspired rubber band bracelet in our series! If you have missed the other two, click this link to check them out!

This cuff style bracelet is cute with just regular pony beads, but we love what Brietta did at our Salem Craft Warehouse store! She added alphabet beads to customize it into a "Let It Go" bracelet!

Let It Go Rubber Band Bracelet @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #rubberbandbracelet #loombands #rainbowloom #diy #frozen


Turquoise and Purple Loom Bands
White Pony Beads
Alphabet Beads
Snowflake Charm
C or S Clip
Jump Ring
Ranger's Stickles Glitter Glue

Let It Go Rubber Band Bracelet @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #rubberbandbracelet #loombands #rainbowloom #diy #frozen


1. Use the glitter glue to color in your charm. Set aside to dry while you are creating your bracelet.

2. Create a Double Bead Ladder Bracelet. Watch this video to see how.

3. Before you start creating your bracelet, layout your beads in the order they go. Make sure to have all your alphabet beads facing the correct direction on the table so you know how to place them on the loom.

Let It Go Rubber Band Bracelet @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #rubberbandbracelet #loombands #rainbowloom #diy #frozen
4. When you are finished with your design, place your charm on the jump ring and add it to the middle of your bracelet!

A big thank you to Brietta for all of her Frozen inspired bracelets! Happy looming and we will see you next week with another rubber band bracelet design!

Halloween Burlap Signs

If pumpkin carving isn't for you, don't worry! Our Halloween decorating ideas and projects yield eye-popping displays without the goopy mess! These Burlap Sign with Base are already painted black with burlap on them! Just decorate and you are done! Get a little more creative with our unfinished Sign with Base and customize it yourself!

Halloween Burlap SIgns @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #halloween #party #diy #sign


1. Paint plain stands with acrylic paint. (Burlap stands are already black.)

2. Cut paper to fit each stand.

3. Glue paper to stand using a Pioneer Glue Stick.

4. Add a vinyl or painted chipboard letters of your choice.

5. Embellish with webbing if you wish!

* Burlap Sign With Base 3 for $10 (reg $3.99) and Sign with Base 2 for $5 (reg $2.99) on sale until October 14th, 2014

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Authentique Spirited Halloween Printers Tray


Create a custom Halloween Printer's Tray in no time at all! The Authentique Spirited 6x6 Paper Pad have papers that are already designed to cut apart and glue to fit perfectly! Embellish and display!

  • Black Printers Tray (Nst-219)
  • Authentique Spirited Paper Collection Kit
  • large & small pop dots
  • Tombow permanent tape runner
  • Ranger's Glossy Accents
  1. Start buy cutting out your paper to fit each box. I cut the journaling cards a bit bigger so it fits on top of the tray as well.
  2. Adhere paper to the tray using the Tombow tape runner.
  3. Embellish using stickers, Glossy Accents for shine & pop dots!

* Printers Tray $14.99 (reg $24.99) and Authentique Spirited 6x6 paper pad $4.99 (reg $6.99) on sale from October 2nd through October 14, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fabric Wine Gift Bag

Create this simple wine bag to bring along to your next fall dinner party! Use our new fall or Halloween fabrics to make your hostess gift even more special! 

Add chalk labels, trims, or ribbon to give the bag a personalized look!

Fabric Holiday Wine Gift Bag @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #sewing #gift #bag #diy


1/3 yard each of a main fabric, lining and fusible fleece. (If you need a little wider bag, purchase
3/8 yard of each. You will have enough fabric to make 3 bags but only enough fleece for 2 bags.)
½ yard ribbon to tie bag closed
Optional: trims, chalkboard cloth, duck cloth, iron on letters and designs

Fabric Holiday Wine Gift Bag @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #sewing #gift #bag #diy


All seams are ¼”.

1. Cut each piece-main, lining and fleece to 18” x 12”.

2. Fuse fleece to main fabric.

3. If adding a label on the bag, add it to the main fabric now. I cut my labels 4”x4”. Position it about 4” up from the bottom and 1 ½” from the side edge. Stitch or fuse into place. With right side together, sew the lining to the main fabric along the top edge. Fold the main fabric and lining in half lengthwise and stitch this long side.

4. Leaving this tube inside out, place your bottle on each corner and trace around it. Trim the excess fabric.

5. Sew the curves and bottom seam on the main fabric. Turn right side out. By hand or machine, stitch the lining bottom closed. Push the lining inside, press the top of the bag opening. If desired, top stitch ¼” from top edge. Insert your bottle and tie the top with a ribbon, raffia or piece of coordinating fabric.

* All Fall and Halloween Cotton Prints 30% off from October 2nd - October 14th, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Custom Shadow Box Frames

Display that favorite photo in a special way by using our 8x8 or 12x12 Shadow Box Frames! It's as easy as adding your favorite scrapbook paper, your photo, and then a vinyl to the top of the glass so that you can change out your look anytime of the year!

Custom Shadow Box Frames @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #frames #scrapbooking #diy

8x8 Shadow Box Frame


Scrapbook Paper
Bull Nose Clip
Decorating Your Life Vinyl
E6000 Liquid Adhesive
Tape Runner Adhesive of your choice


1. Remove backing to frame. Add 12x12 scrapbook paper to the back of the cardboard using a tape runner. Add Bull Nose Clip to the paper using E6000 Liquid Adhesive. Let dry overnight.

2. Add photo inside by clipping it to the bull nose clip. Put frame back together.

3. Add vinyl to the front of the glass according to package directions.

 12x12 Shadow Box Frame


Scrapbook Paper
4x6 Frame
Tombow Double Sided Adhesive Loop Fasteners
Decorating Your Life Vinyl
Tape Runner of your choice


1. Open frame and add 12x12 scrapbook paper to the back of the cardboard inside the frame. 

2. Place photo in the 4x6 frame. Use Tombow Double Sided Adhesive Loop Fasteners on all edges of the 4x6 frame and place it in the middle of the scrapbooking paper. (Using the loop fasteners will allow you to change out the photo later.)

3. Put the frame back together and add a vinyl to the front of the frame according to package directions.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Frozen Inspired Snowflake Rubber Band Bracelet

Last week I shared a new Frozen inspired rubber band bracelet that I loved by our "rubber band bracelet guru', Brietta, from our Salem Craft Warehouse store! Today, she has given me another and I have to say this one is my favorite by far!

Frozen Inspired Snowflake Rubber Band Bracelet #loombands #rubberbandbracelet #rainbowloom #flowerpower #frozen

I love how she adds beads around the snowflake charm. Each snowflake sits into the design of the bracelet almost looking like it is a part of the whole loom process but it isn't! All you need to do is create a the bracelet and add the charms and beads afterwards!

Frozen Inspired Snowflake Rubber Band Bracelet #loombands #rubberbandbracelet #rainbowloom #flowerpower #frozen


Loom Bands (Light blue, Blue, and White)
3 Snowflake Charms
Strand of Crystals (in the color of your choice, this one is done with white)
Clear Elasticity Beadalon Elastic Beading Thread

Frozen Inspired Snowflake Rubber Band Bracelet #loombands #rubberbandbracelet #rainbowloom #flowerpower #frozen


1. Create a "Flower Power" rubber band bracelet.

2. Thread your beads on to the Elasticity thread making sure there is a knot at the end of your thread. Place the other end on a needle.

3. Place charm in place on bracelet. Do steps 4-5 for each charm.

4.. Holding the charm in place, start using the needle to help you weave the beads in and out of the motif on the bracelet. Make sure to use the needle to weave the beads around the charm so that it will stay in place.
Frozen Inspired Snowflake Rubber Band Bracelet #loombands #rubberbandbracelet #rainbowloom #flowerpower #frozen

5. Knot the thread several times when finished in the back. A great tip to keep that knot in place is by putting a bit of clear nail polish on it to seal. When dry, cut the threads ends.

Join us next week with our last "Frozen" inspired rubber band bracelet! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You've Been Booed Pails

Sometimes called "Ghosting" or "The Phantom", the Halloween BOO is on Autumn take on "Secret Santa" or May Baskets. To start a Halloween BOO, one neighbor secretly leaves a small gift basket, a BOO poem, BOO instructions and a BOO sign at a neighbor's doorstep that says, "You've been BOOed!"

Boo Pails and Free Printable @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #halloween #boopails #party

Use our clear paint buckets and decorate them any way you wish! We have lots of fun things to fill them with too! Like glow sticks, Powerful Nugget Flashlights, pumkin hand soap, vampire teeth, party favors, and even some treats!

A big thank you to our friends at Glitz Design who created these fun Halloween images! Right click and save any of these You've Been Booed Poems and Sign, print, and start the fun today!

Boo Pails and Free Printable @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #halloween #boopails #party

Boo Pails and Free Printable @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #halloween #boopails #party

Boo Pails and Free Printable @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #halloween #boopails #party


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