Thursday, November 20, 2014

Craft Warehouse Design Team Member Kim Ross

Welcome back to our Designer Spotlight where we feature a local Northwest artist and Craft Warehouse Design Team Member! This week we have our local cardmaker and stamper, Kim Ross! We love seeing Kim online on our Facebook and Instagram feeds joining in on the fun! That's where I first "met" her! Read on to see what inspires her to create!

How long have you been crafting?

When I was in middle school, I decorated letters to pen pals with rubber stamps and scented inks my parents purchased at our local Hallmark store.

I was reintroduced to stamping in 2002, and it truly saved my sanity.  My new husband had fallen ill with heart and kidney troubles, so I left my corporate career to stay home and care for him.  A friend of mine was thumbing through a rubber stamp catalog, looking to stamp things like "Bring a Friend" on her direct sales catalogs.  I asked to look through it, too, and I was hooked!  I went to a stamping party later that month and I just couldn't get enough.  (I still can't.)  It was the perfect quiet hobby (sans the eyelet setters and heat tool, of course!) for me to take up during my many hours at home.

A dozen years later, I can't imagine my life without stamping.  I've grown so close to so many of the papercrafters in my area and online -- they really are my best friends!

What inspires you to be creative?

My inspiration comes from everywhere!  Some days it's from a color or an online challenge.  Other days, it's a tree I see out my window or a song I can't get out of my head.  I do my best to be mindful throughout the day and keep my eyes & mind open to possibilities.

What Craft Warehouse products do you love to use?

My very favorite Craft Warehouse product is the Big Shot.  I love the versatility.  It can cut any company's dies so easily with the Multipurpose Platform.  It cuts paper beautifully, but I've also used it to cut plastic, magnet, fabric, felt, suede, cardboard, needlepoint canvas, and rubber.  The embossing folders can be used to emboss other materials, too.  Without question, my Big Shot is the best crafting investment I've ever made.

Doodlebug coordinating papers and embellishments are adorable!  As a cardmaker, I really appreciate the smaller patterns their papers typically feature.  Their designs and colors are so cute and cheerful!  It's impossible to be in a bad mood while working on a Doodlebug project.

The 3M ATG adhesive roller is something I have come to depend on every time I craft.  At first, I thought the investment in the gun itself was pretty expensive, but I soon learned that I am saving money in the long run because the tape rolls are so generously long and the tape is so sticky.  A little bit goes a very long way.  It's so nice that my projects don't fall apart even after a bumpy ride through the mail.

How can you encourage others reading this column?

The best thing about crafting is that there really aren't any rules.  Create what you like, how you like, and enjoy the process while you're doing it.

I used to worry about making mistakes, but a mistake doesn't have to be permanent.  I can add a flower or a button to cover an error, or flip the paper over and start again.  "Every mistake is an opportunity for embellishment," is something I say to myself often.  Remember that the recipient isn't judging your project against the idea you had in your head... she doesn't know how it was 'supposed' to look.  After stamping for a dozen years, I don't think any of my projects have ever come out exactly like I intended. They'll be our little secret!

Join Kim tomorrow as she shares the perfect Christmas cards, just in time for the holiday season! In the meantime, you can visit her on her blog, Instagram, and Facebook!  

Light UP Santa Shadow Box

This project takes under 15 minutes to make, just add scrapbook paper and you are done!
Add 30 count Firefly Lights to make this quick and easy frame decor look extra festive!

Light Up Santa Shadow Box @craftsavvy @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #mymindseye #scrapbook #frame #diy

  • Black or White 12x12 Shadow Box
  • 30 count Firefly lights battery or plug in
  • 12x12 My Minds Eye Santa Glitter Paper.
  • Beacon 3in1 glue
  • Black or White Tape

  1. Open up shadow box and clean glass.
  2. Take the square shadow box insert and wrap with lights on the inside of the insert and secure with tape.
  3. Cut scrapbook paper to fit the back of the frame and glue to the back of the frame using Beacon 3 in 1 glue
  4. Place glass, then insert and then backing and close up tabs. 
* 12x12 Shadow Box Frame $12. 88 (regular $16.99) and 8x8 $6.88 (regular $8.99) choose between black and white on sale until November 27th, 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Minds Eye Barnwood Frame Advent Countdown

Make this quick and easy December countdown by just clipping pre-made My Mind's Eye tags to our craft chicken wire! Not only will it be fun to take the days down as it gets closer to Christmas, but it will look beautiful in your home too!

My Minds Eye Barnwood Frame Advent Countdown @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #advent #calendar #frame #diy

  • 16"x20" Open Back Barn wood Frame
  • 16"x20" Chicken Wire
  • 25 Mini Clothespins
  • My Minds Eye "Joyous" Countdown Christmas Tags and 2 sheets of red printed paper.
  • 2 Yards of Jute String
  • 20"x24" Burlap Fabric
  • Beacon 3 in 1 Glue
  • Glue Gun
  • Staple Gun
My Minds Eye Barnwood Frame Advent Countdown @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #advent #calendar #frame #diy

  1. Place chicken wire into the back of the frame.
  2. Glue into place using a glue gun.
  3. Place jute string in 5 rows staple string to the back of the frame.
  4. Place Burlap Fabric on the back of the frame and staple around the frame to hold it in place.
  5. Using Beacon glue, glue each tag on to red printed paper then cut out leaving an edge of paper on the tag.
  6. Clip tags on to jute string and glue Christmas Countdown title to the top of the frame using beacon glue.
* 30% off regular prices Christmas Countdown Tags until November 27, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Mini Activity Album

I love Christmas.  I love the giving, the conversation, the good will and everything that goes with it.  As a mother of two, I have decided I want my children to know that Christmas is more than parties and gifts.  That is why this year I have created a place to record and encourage my kids to give this year.  

This album has 24 Christmas activities for our family to celebrate the Christmas season.  The activities range from baking cookies to random acts of Christmas kindness giving hand warmers and cocoa to volunteer bell ringers outside your favorite store.  These ideas slip into the cutest little bag I created to clip into the back of the album and my kids will take turns drawing a random activity for twelve days. 

 If you would like a copy of these ideas, you can download them here:
Random Acts of Kindness Cards:

Family Activity Cards:
I created this album before the season starts this way as we complete each activity we can take a photo or two and place them in each of the twelve pages.  The Authentique Three Christmas’ in One paper pad made this project easy by giving me perfectly coordinated papers, stickers and diecuts all in one place. 
12 Days of Christmas Mini Activity Album @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #christmas #minibook #diy
I am looking forward to using this little album to encourage my kids to give more than take during this holiday season. Here are the steps to help you create one for you and your family this year. 
Supplies Used:
Authentique Paper Three Christmases in One Paper Stack
Darice Stickerz: Red and Black
Darice Trims: Red Snowflake, Red and Black Glitter
Thickers Black Number
iCraft Super Tape
Grafix Chipboard
Triveni Craft 4mm Red Gems
We Are Memory Keepers Gift Bag Punch Board
Baker’s Twine
Foam Tape
Creating the Cover:
Step One:  Decide what size you want your album and cut two squares of chipboard to that size.  Next decide what size you want your spine and cut a piece of chipboard to that size.  I decided my album should be 6 ½ x6” so my chipboard cover pieces were cut 6 ½ x6“ and the spine was cut 1 ¾“x6 
Step Two:  Layout your chipboard pieces with the spine piece in the center making sure to leave a gap between each piece of ¼”.  Measure the length of your chipboard pieces to find the size of your inside cover.  Next add two inches to both the length and the height of the measurement to get a piece of paper the correct length to wrap around the cover.
Step Three:  Cut and splice together a piece of paper long enough to cover the inside of the album using the inside cover measurements you just made.  Then create a piece of paper to cover and wrap around the outside of the album.  I wanted the spine to be a different color than the cover or back so I made the center four inches of my cover piece a different color.  Cut the corners of this sheet diagonally to help give it a finished look after it folds.
Step Four:  Using super sticky adhesive such as iCraft SuperTape carefully place adhesive around the boarders of all your chipboard pieces and carefully fold your paper over gluing down each flap.  Then again place your adhesive around the edges and place your inside piece of paper inside your album. 

Creating the Pages:  
Step One:  Cut two lengths of Darice Trim Ribbon one yard long and using super sticky adhesive glue the ends of the two pieces onto the inside of the spine of the album.  Next cover these ends with another piece of cardstock completely gluing down the edges. 
Step Two:  Cut the base of your pages.  You will need spots for 12 days of activities so I created 12 pages.  I like some of my pages to differ in size so two of those are half pages are two pages have flaps to lift or open.  So basically I cut 8 6x6” pieces, four 3x6” pieces and two flaps to glue onto a 6x6 that measured 4¼x6.”  (*Note:  I thought I would like my pages to be slightly smaller than my 6 ½ x6” cover so my pages are actually 5 5/8 ”x 5 5/8”.  I regretted it later.  So my measurements in my photos will slightly differ.)    
Step Three:  Match up the pages and place one page on top and one page under the ribbon.  Using strong adhesive to sandwich it all together.  Make sure to leave space between each set of pages so that your album folds.  Also make sure you place any half pages you have next to each other or the album will not fold correctly. 
Decorating and Embellishing the Pages and Cover: Using the diecuts an the stickers in the Authentique Three Christmas’ paperpad, embellish the cover and the inside pages of the album.
For the cover I used foam adhesive to layer the diecuts from the paper pad and add depth.  (Some places have three layers of this foam tape!)  I tied bakers twine around the spine and I also used Darice stickers to lay out the title. 

For the inside pages I used a combination of papers, stickers and ribbon to embellish each page.  Since I want this to be an easy project to put together this Christmas, I wrote the dimensions of the photos in the locations they will go. 

Punch the Bag: Using the We Are Memory Keepers Gift Bag Punch Board punch and fold a gift bag that measures small enough to glue into the back of your album.  If you have young or “energetic” kids, you may consider clipping the bag to the back cover so you can remove it when it is time to pick an activity and then clip it back in when you are done.  (I’m considering this option. J)  
Print and Cut Out the Cards:  Download and print the cards I made or make your own and cut them out and place them in the bag. 
Step Six-Have Fun and Add Photos!

Monday, November 17, 2014

"Peace" Cotton Banner

These banners are a perfect "canvas" to create your holiday bunting for either a mantel or party decoration! Just add your favorite scrapbook paper, letters, or even vinyl to customize your look! Here is how I created this "Peace" Banner!

Peace Banner @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #banner #holiday #decor #diy

  • Cotton Banner
  • 7 - 12x12 scrapbook paper of your choice (My Minds Eye collection was used)
  • Paper Accents Chipboard Letters
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Beacon Fabric Glue
  • Beacon 3in1 Glue
  • Black Bling
  1. Cut paper to fit each triangle pendant.
  2. Glue using beacon fabric glue
  3. Paint chipboard letters with black acrylic paint
  4. Glue Letters to the front using Beacon 3in1 glue
  5. add bling in each corner

* Six Pennant Canvas Banner $8.97 (reg. $14.99) 4 feet long on sale until November 27th, 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014

Echo Park Stacked Holiday Tree

Decorate this unfinished stackable wooden holiday tree and customize it to fit your decor! Easy to create for a homemade gift too!

Echo Park Stacked Holiday Tree @craftsavvy @sarahowens #craftwarehouse #holiday #homemade #decor #diy


  1. Paint all wood with white acrylic paint.
  2. Cut paper to fit the front, sides and back of each block.
  3. Distress all sides of paper with distressed ink.
  4. Trace Star on to paper and cut out.
  5. Distress all sides of the star.
  6. Glue paper on to blocks and star using Beacon 3in 1 glue.
  7. Wrap jute around the wood star and tie.
  8. Add bells at the bottom of the jute string.
* Stacked Tree Block Set $9.99 6 piece set includes star for the top (reg $12.99) and 30% off all Christmas scrapbooking supplies until November 27th, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

SeaHawks Fleece Hat

This fleece hat is fun, fast and super easy to make!  Because fleece is so wide you will get 2 or 3 hats out of this much fabric, depending on the size of your head.   


SeaHawks Fleece @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #fleece #seahawks #football #diy

You will need:
       2/3 yard of fleece 
·         Tape measure to measure the circumference of your head
·         Sewing machine with thread to match your project 


1. Cut a piece of fleece the circumference of your head by 24”.  For example, my head measured 22”, so I cut my fabric 22” going across the width of the fabric and 24” high.

2. Pin the 24” sides together creating a tube, with the right sides together of the fabric inside.   

3. Sew the tube together using a zig zag stitch and a ½” seam allowance.  If your fabric has a design, make sure it’s going to be right side up before the next step. 

4. Fold 4” of the tube up creating a cuff, matching the side seam.  Pin in a few places and zig zag stitch the cut or top edge of this cuff in place, stretching it ever so slightly as you sew.  Place the cuff away from you.   

5. Every half inch, cut down 4”- 6” to create the fringed top.  Turn your hat right side out.  Center the seam in back.  Tightly tie the fringe together with a piece of fleece, ribbon, or yarn cut 10” x ½”.  

 GO SEAHAWKS!! To get directions for these 12 Man Mittens and Scarf visit our Learning Center at our website here

* SeaHawks printed fleece $15.99 a yard until November 27th, 2014



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