Friday, June 28, 2013

KaiserCraft Ornate Frame with My Mind's Eye

Designed By Danielle Cohen for Craft Warehouse
  • KaiserCraft Unfinished Ornate Frame
  • 2 mini white frames
  • My Minds Eye {Find Your Wings & Fly} paper collection & embellishments
  • Melissa Frances buttons & embellishments
  • Mod Podge
  • 2 foam brushes
  • White acrylic paint
  • E6000 glue
  • Tombow permanent adhesive runner
  1. Start by painting the ornate frame with white acrylic paint.
  2. Once dry trace the paper you are going to use around your frame.
  3. To get the perfect shape cut inside your line about .25 of an inch.
  4. Paint a layer of Mod Podge on the top of your frame & let dry.
  5. Once the Mod Podge is dry paint another layer of Mod Podge and add the ornate cut out to the top of your frame.
  6. On the back insert of the frame paint a layer of Mod Podge and let dry.
  7. Cut your paper to fit the back of the frame then adhere with Mod Podge.
  8. Add your favorite photos to the mini frames or just paper for the background and glue on to the front of the frame using E6000 glue.
  9. Then glue the back of your frame on using E6000 glue.
  10. Add photos and embellishments to the front of your frame.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rose Wrap Wire Ring

If you missed out on creating this Rose Wrap Wire Ring during Bead-a-palooza Month, now is your chance to try it!

1 Polystone Rose
1 polystone leaf (optional)
14 inches of 20g German wire (Beadalon)*
Additional Supplies:
Ring mandrill*
Side cutters
Chain nose pliers
Rubber mallet*

1.)    Slide the rose onto the wire, and begin wrapping wire around ring mandrill at the indented size. (Recommend aiming smaller than actual size as this project tends to grow as you work it)

2.)    Position the rose in what will be the center of the ring, wrap the wires in opposite directions several times around the mandrill (3-4 times), wrap the wire around the rose also in opposite directions. Then wrap around one side of the “ring” at least three or more times tightly.
3.)    Wrap the other end of the wire around the “ring” on the other side of the rose in the same manner, trim of excess wire.
4.)    Gently (very gently) tap the ring on the mandrill with the rubber hammer to further refine the shape into a ring. Use caution, too much hammering will cause the ring to grow in size.

* On sale until June 30th, 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happiness is a Form of {Courage} Window Pane

Create a one of a kind window pane that will make a beautiful addition in your home decor! The new Kate & Company collection by My Mind's Eye has timeless patterns that is beautiful and chic!

  • Black Square 12"x12" Window Pane (Yor-2898)
  • My Minds Eye {Kate & Co.} "Cambridge" paper collection. 12x12 Medallion Paper, 12x12 Chevron paper & Sticker Accessories Sheet
  • Mod Podge matt finish glue
  • Foam brush
  • Black tape
  • TomBow Permanent tape runner
  • All Night Media large & small pop-dots
  1. Start with taking the ribbon off the frame and washing the frame and glass on both sides with window cleaner.
  2. Paint on a coat of Mod Podge to the front wood of the frame. Let dry.
  3. Cut your paper 12x12 then cut an inside square, I use my paper cutter and measure in 1.8" and cut in to make a inside square.
  4. Adhere the square you just cut to the front of the frame using Mod Podge.
  5. Press down to make sure its Adhering to the frame and there are no bubbles.  
  6. Then Take your second piece of paper and cut it 9"x9".
  7. Next peel of the yellow doily sticker from the accessory sheet. Take all the little puncture holes out so you can see the doily pattern. Then trim it so it has a square corner. Add large pop-dots to it then adhere to your 9x9 paper in the left corner.
  8. Adhere the "Together" sticker to yellow doily using small pop-dots.
  9. Then add a 4x6 photo of your choice, adhere with tape runner.
  10. Place paper behind the glass so your photo shows through and tape to the back of your frame using black tape.
  11. Punch holes in the top and add your ribbon.
  12. Embellish with Sticker accessory sheet, on the Happiness sticker I added large pop-dots to create detention.
* Black Square Window Pane on Sale for $12.99 reg. $21.99

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

what i love most about {HOME}

This DIY project is so easy, yet, looks professionally done when finished!  In six simple steps, you can have this beautiful frame to either give away as a gift or add to your own home decor! Just pick out your favorite paper from the NEW Echo Park Here & Now collection and the rest of the supplies to get started!

  • Black 12"x16" Window Pane (Yor-1778)
  • Decorating Your Life "what I love about my HOME is who I share it with" vinyl
  • Echo Park {Here & Now} paper collection, 12x12 Boarder Strips paper & Element Sticker Sheet
  • All Night Media large & small pop-dots
  • Black tape.
  1. Clean frame and glass with window cleaner.
  2. Cut your paper 8"x12" to fit the back of your frame.
  3. Add sticker from the embellishment sheet in the left corner of the paper.
  4. Tape paper to the back of the frame so your sticker shows through the glass.
  5. Add your vinyl to the top of the glass following the instructions on the vinyl packaging.
  6. Add flower sticker & medallion sticker using large and small pop-dots.
* Black Rectangle Window Pane on Sale $9.99 reg. $14.99

Monday, June 24, 2013

Fourth of July Card and Pin Wheel Wreath by Guest Designer Michelle Wofford

Hi everyone, Michelle back again to share a couple more projects for 4th of July.  The Stars & Stripes line from Doodlebug Designs Inc. has some great double sided paper and what better to make for the 4th of July than a United States Flag card with this line. 

Start by making your card base, trim cardstock to 6" x 6 1/2", score on the 6.5" side at 3 1/4".  Fold in half, your card base is now 3 1/4" x 6".

Trim seven 1/4" x 6" strips of the red star patterned paper and one 1 3/4" x 2" rectangle from the blue patterned paper.  Ink edges if desired. 

Starting at the top of the card base, adhere the first red stripe.  I use a liquid adhesive, like Beacon's 3 in 1, which allows you a little wiggle room to line up the paper. 

Continue adding stripes, evenly spaced until you reach the bottom.  Use one of the strips to place between the strips as you adhere them to the card base.  This will make it easier to line up the strips and keep the spaces even without much work.

The bottom strip should be flush with the bottom of the card base and your card should look like the picture above.

Take your blue rectangle and lay out star brads to get an idea of where you want to place them so you have an idea of where to pierce your paper.

Use a paper piercer an piercing mat to pierce holes for your brads.

Add your brads.  The way these brads are made you can play with them a bit until you have them in a position you like, just twist the bottom to rotate the star.

Using pop up adhesive attach the star studded rectangle to the top left corner to complete the flag. That's it your done!  You could make this on a larger scale for a home décor piece as well.

Speaking of home décor, my next project is a simple pinwheel wreath  made using the pre-cut pinwheel kit from Doodlebug Design Inc.'s Stars & Stripes collection.  I love this kit for a quick and easy project like this.
First assemble all your pinwheels.  The kit comes with enough to make 12 pinwheels, you need 11 to make this wreath.

Start by separating each pre-cut square from the sheet it is attached to.  Then gently separate the diagonal slits at each corner.  Stick a glue dot in the center.

Start with the top left corner and gently fold over, being careful not to crease it and attach the tip to the glue dot in the center. 

repeat for all four corners.

Now you have your pinwheel base. 

The kit comes with these fun circle punch outs, they are reversible and have a different pattern on the back.  You can use these with a pop up adhesive in the center, or you can do what I did.

I love the look of these with a little bling so I used the largest size of the coordinating jewels for the centers.  To secure the gem, I added a glue dot to the bottom for extra hold and used a dab of quick dry liquid adhesive  to make sure they hold long term. 

Once you have all your pinwheels made, make the base for the wreath.  Trace a circle about 6" in diameter onto a piece of chipboard.  Trace a second line about 1/2" in.  Use scissors or a craft knife to cut around the outside circle and around the inside to create a ring.  Cover with patterned paper.  Your ready to attach the pinwheels.

Use a liquid adhesive so you can make adjustments as needed as you place the pinwheels on the wreath. 

When your done you have a fun pinwheel wreath for your 4th of July décor.  Allow to dry and add a ribbon to the back as a hanger.

I hope you've enjoyed viewing these fun 4th of July projects, as much as I enjoyed creating them for you.  Now go create something great!

Supplies used -
Patterned Paper - Doodlebug Designs Inc. 
Jewels - Doodlebug Designs Inc.
Brads - Doodlebug Designs Inc.
Pinwheel kit - Doodlebug Designs Inc.
Paper Trimmer
Wet / dry Adhesive
pop up adhesive
Martha Stewart score board
glue dots
Thanks for looking ~ Michelle

Do you have a great idea to share with us? Would you like to design for Craft Warehouse? We would love to hear from you! Send an email with your name, blog address, and a sample of your work to jenevans at craftwarehouse dot com.  

Friday, June 21, 2013

Craft Warehouse 2013-2014 Project Life Design Team

Now that Becky Higgins Project Life is in Craft Warehouse stores we have excitedly been planning inspiration for our customers! We have recruited those that are passionate about simple memory keeping and who are willing to provide inspiration for your own Project Life album!

Thank you for all those who applied for our new Project Life Design Team! Every person that applied loved how easy the concept of Project Life is for their way of life! Here is our new team and why they love Project Life! Make sure to click on their name to go to their blogs to see their work!
 I loved to scrapbook back in high school and early college, but I lost interest after college.  I discovered Project Life in late 2011 and because of it, I discovered my love for scrapbooking again.   - April Joy Hill 

About two years ago I discovered Project Life and it changed the way I look at keepsaking our family's memories. I started to look at our everyday routine and everyday activities and slowly realized that THEY make up the majority of my memories: our journey from waking up to the car, school drop offs, etc. I would love to share my take on memory keeping as well as show other busy mamas that it's possible and completely doable!!

The Project Life style of memory keeping actually WORKS with my life. I am a casino marketing executive by night. I work the late shifts, so its 6pm to 2am for me dealing with gambling high rollers then I go home and scrapbook away. 

 I love Project Life because it gets me to record and document those everyday moments.  I love being able to look through my book and see how things have changed, how my kids have grown, where we have been. My 3 year old gets absolutely giddy flipping through my Project Life albums because she finds photo after photo of herself, her sister, her papa.  She can recall the events and activities photographed, she can even find her art work.  The accessibility of Project Life for my whole family makes me just love the whole concept and practice of Project Life even more.
- Charissa Miller

First and foremost, I love that you can easily document the little details and minutiae of day to day life.  (The things you wouldn't ordinarily make a 12x12 page for)  However, now that I'm up to my elbows in Project Life I love the divided page protectors.  I love that each little spot gives you a chance to make something really great, one space at a time.
Jennie McGarvey -

I decided to start using actual Becky Higgins Project Life products to document my life after my wedding. I love to document the everyday, and that is just what Becky is about and began my own Project Life album at the beginning of this year. I immediately fell in love with the concept and began having more fun with scrapbooking than ever before!

I eventually forayed into the wonderful world of Project Life, which I am absolutely in love with and am so thankful that a system like that exists! 
- Kayla Kamin 

I started Project Life as a way to capture everyday moments. As I began creating the pocket pages I learned more about how this story is not just mine to share. I was able to have my children answer questions, draw pictures, even write the story from their view. This album has become a family album. We all work together to make these memories. This simple book has completely change the way I view scrapbooking for the better.
Lisa Wilkinson -

I have tried different methods of scrapbooking to document my life and I found that Project Life is the easiest and most fun way for me. I have two kids with lots of school and after school activities. I want to keep documenting of our family camping, kids tennis tournaments, or even just normal daily life. With Project Life system, I simply take photos with my phone, print out the photos using home printer, do the journaling on the cards, then put them together, that's it. It really works for busy moms.
- Meihsia Liu 

Project Life allows me to get my memories and photos of my son, and our lives as a family, documented quickly and easily. No more thinking about layouts, no more being unhappy because it wasn't fancy enough or pretty enough. And the divided page protectors appeal to the organized side of me, because they pull the photos and cards together in a neat and tidy manner.
- Melissa Whittaker
I have been doing Project Life since the very beginning.  I am so in love with the process and the end result - the every day stories of my family. I have three kids (8, 4, and 3) and the days go by far to quickly and things are far to easily forgotten to not keep some sort of record.  I honestly think Project life is one of the easiest and best ways of doing this! 
- Michelle Wear

I love the whole concept of Project Life because there are no rules. I love that you can use it in its most simple form with photos and journaling or embellish the heck out of your pages. This is my third year using Project Life.  I had a hard time with traditional scrapbooking never knowing where to put stuff now it is so simple with pocket pages. I love that I can use a core kit to catch up on previous years I never scrapped without worrying about matching papers. I also love that I can mix kits and add other products into my albums because I do what makes me happy.
- Schona Kessler

Join us at your local Craft Warehouse, tomorrow, Saturday June 22nd from 12-3pm and we will show you how quick, easy, and stylish Project Life is for Memory Keeping! You can make a scrapbook page in under 60 seconds to start your own album! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fourth of July Cards by Guest Designer Michelle Wofford

Hello Craft Warehouse fans, Michelle Wofford here, and I'm so excited to be the guest designer today and share with you some fun 4th of July cards.  I got to work with the Stars & Stripes line from Doodlebug Designs Inc.  I love this line, some many cute papers and embellishments, great for patriotic or summertime projects. 

First up is a simple card that could be used for the 4th of July or as a greeting card.

To start, make a card base from cardstock by cutting a piece that is 6" x 8".  Score down the middle of the 8" side at 4" and fold in half. 

Next trim a piece of the blue patterned paper to 4" x 6" and adhere to card base.

Next trim a piece of the red paisley patterned paper to 3 3/4" x 5 3/4" and adhere to card, layering it over the blue paper.

Adhere the "Good Times" sticker to the card using pop up adhesive.  You could use any sticker to make this card more or less patriotic. 

This line includes a great set of coordinating jewels that come on a sheet with a variety of colors and sizes. To jazz up the card a bit, add these jewels to the center of the larger flowers. That's it, a quick simple card you can have done in less than 10 minutes.
 Next up is a fun 3D pop up card.  A few years ago I received a pop up card that inspired me to duplicate the idea with my own design.  These are fun and they fold up into an envelope closure so it is easy to store and give. 

Start by cutting your patterned paper, you will need 1 of each of the following

10" x 12" - this will be the base / closure
5" x 6 1/4" - back row
5" x 5 3/4" - middle row
5" x 5 1/4" - front row

Place your 10" x 12" piece with the 12" side horizontal on your Martha Stewart score board and score at 3 3/8", 3 1/2", 8 1/2" & 8 5/8"
 Flip paper so 10" side is horizontal on the board and score at 7".

Pre fold all your score lines.  This is a little tricky with some of the score lines so close together, make sure the edges are lined up and use the scoring tool or bone folder to fold with a crisp crease. 

This is what the sides should look like.

Once you fold all your score lines use scissors or a paper trimmer to trim the bottom corners from the inner most score line and below the 7" score line.  The card base should look like the above picture.

Set aside your base and grab the 3 other pieces you cut.  With the back side up and the long side horizontal score each piece at the 1/2" mark.  Now is also a good time to trim these if you want.  I trimmed the front two pieces on an angle.   To get both pieces to have the same angle, place both pieces together, making sure the front sides are together and even, place on an angle on your paper trimmer and trim both at the same time (most trimmers will cut two pieces at a time). 

Trim three 3" x 3" squares from cardstock and score at 1 1/4" and 1 /3/4", this is the piece that will allow your card to pop up and fold down.

Fold the score lines and put plenty of adhesive on both sides of the pop up piece, (note: don't put any adhesive on the middle strip between the score lines, this needs to move freely). Adhere one side to the back side of the tallest piece of patterned paper.  You also want to apply adhesive to the bottom 1/2" flap where you scored it.  The flap folds towards the back side of the paper. 

Hold your paper at an angle to the base, with the base standing up straight and adhere the bottom flap to the bottom piece of the card base.  The bottom flap should be flush with the back of the card.  Take your time with this next part as it can be a bit tricky.  Attach the other side of the pop up piece (the cardstock) to the card base, making sure that it folds up and will lie flat.  I gently stick it to the back, lay the card base down and fold it up.  Once it's flat give it a good rub to make sure it's on there good. 

This is what your card will like from the front at this point.  Repeat the last 2 steps adhering the pop up piece to the base and the card with the remaining pieces. 

 This is how your card should look when you have all the pieces assembled.

Once you have the inside assembled, fold it up so it is laying flat and closed.  Trim a strip of coordinating patterned paper 2" x 12", use score board and score it at 3", 3 1/8", 8 1/4" & 8 3/8".  Fold on the score lines and wrap it around the card.  Adhere the overlapping ends together to create the wrap. 

One of the great fun products in this line is these pre-cut pinwheels.  All you have to do us punch it out and shape it and you have a cute embellishment in minutes.  Check back soon for details on how to make a easy patriotic wreath using these pinwheels. 

Add embellishments to the inside and you are done.  The stickers on the front are the doodlebug pop up chip board stickers, the sticker on the middle section is fussy cut from the 12" x 12" sticker sheet that came with the kit.  For the round sticker on top put a piece of scrap cardstock or paper on the back and cut around it so it doesn't stick where it's not supposed to.

 Thanks for joining me today, I hope you enjoyed these 4th of July cards.  Check back soon for a couple more 4th of July projects using this great Stars and Stripes line from Doodlebug Design Inc.

Supplies used -
Patterned Paper - Doodlebug Designs Inc. 
Stickers - Doodlebug Designs Inc.
Jewels - Doodlebug Designs Inc.
Paper Trimmer
Wet / dry Adhesive
pop up adhesive
Martha Stewart score board

Thanks for looking ~ Michelle

Do you have a great idea to share with us? Would you like to guest design for Craft Warehouse? We would love to hear from you! Send an email along with your name, blog address, and a sample of your work to jenevans at craftwarehouse dot com!   


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