Thursday, June 6, 2013

Travel Mini Smash Book by Guest Designer Rebecca Grinder

When we saw this mini travel Smash Book by Rebecca Grinder, we had to ask her to share it on our blog! It is the perfect idea for those traveling this summer! Create a fun 3D Smash Book for your kids to keep themselves busy in the back seat. I will let you see how Rebecca filled it with items from the Smash Book Retro Grab Bag!

How fun would it be to get a travel mini game book to play with while on a summer road trip? 

The pages are already printed inside this Smash 3D Mini Folio, all I had to do is fill them up with fun things that will keep your kids busy! You can see what the inside of this album looks like by watching the video below (the 3D Folio is at the 1 minute mark).

Using the Smash Activity Pad, I created a game of Tic Tac Toe page for hours of fun.

I also added a pocket to add more pages from the Activity Pad. I love how the Mini Folio also has a pen already on the side of the book so that there is a quick pen at reach!

The Mini Folios still can be used for scrapbooking and smashing! After your trip, print photos of your travels and just add them into the book with hole punches and twine.

There is plenty of room in the book for your little artist or doodler too!

I printed out fun ideas off the internet, like this fun pop up shark! The kids can make it...

Then, I just used some Smash Tape along the edge of the shark to add it to a page to enjoy later!

For even more fun, the Retro Grab Bag has this fun Magic Mustache! Remember these?!

I printed a blank Travel Bingo from the internet. You could add your own images or words in the squares and let them put the Retro Grab Bag scrabble letters on the places as they find them. Gluing the little bingo board to a small magnet sheet and then adding magnets to the back of the scrabble pieces would keep the pieces from shifting in the car.

Lastly, I added a clear pocket in the back to keep the 3D glasses that comes with the folio. Unfortunately, when you open the album and remove the glasses from the book, there is no way to "put them away". So, make sure you add a little pocket to the book so that your little ones have a place to put them when they are finished looking at all the 3D pages inside the album!

Rebecca Grinder is on our 2012-2013 Craft Warehouse Guest Design Team! Do you have a great idea to share with us? Would you like to design for Craft Warehouse? We would love to hear from you! To apply for our Craft Warehouse 2013-2014 Design Team, click here

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