Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rose Wrap Wire Ring

If you missed out on creating this Rose Wrap Wire Ring during Bead-a-palooza Month, now is your chance to try it!

1 Polystone Rose
1 polystone leaf (optional)
14 inches of 20g German wire (Beadalon)*
Additional Supplies:
Ring mandrill*
Side cutters
Chain nose pliers
Rubber mallet*

1.)    Slide the rose onto the wire, and begin wrapping wire around ring mandrill at the indented size. (Recommend aiming smaller than actual size as this project tends to grow as you work it)

2.)    Position the rose in what will be the center of the ring, wrap the wires in opposite directions several times around the mandrill (3-4 times), wrap the wire around the rose also in opposite directions. Then wrap around one side of the “ring” at least three or more times tightly.
3.)    Wrap the other end of the wire around the “ring” on the other side of the rose in the same manner, trim of excess wire.
4.)    Gently (very gently) tap the ring on the mandrill with the rubber hammer to further refine the shape into a ring. Use caution, too much hammering will cause the ring to grow in size.

* On sale until June 30th, 2013

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