Friday, June 21, 2013

Craft Warehouse 2013-2014 Project Life Design Team

Now that Becky Higgins Project Life is in Craft Warehouse stores we have excitedly been planning inspiration for our customers! We have recruited those that are passionate about simple memory keeping and who are willing to provide inspiration for your own Project Life album!

Thank you for all those who applied for our new Project Life Design Team! Every person that applied loved how easy the concept of Project Life is for their way of life! Here is our new team and why they love Project Life! Make sure to click on their name to go to their blogs to see their work!
 I loved to scrapbook back in high school and early college, but I lost interest after college.  I discovered Project Life in late 2011 and because of it, I discovered my love for scrapbooking again.   - April Joy Hill 

About two years ago I discovered Project Life and it changed the way I look at keepsaking our family's memories. I started to look at our everyday routine and everyday activities and slowly realized that THEY make up the majority of my memories: our journey from waking up to the car, school drop offs, etc. I would love to share my take on memory keeping as well as show other busy mamas that it's possible and completely doable!!

The Project Life style of memory keeping actually WORKS with my life. I am a casino marketing executive by night. I work the late shifts, so its 6pm to 2am for me dealing with gambling high rollers then I go home and scrapbook away. 

 I love Project Life because it gets me to record and document those everyday moments.  I love being able to look through my book and see how things have changed, how my kids have grown, where we have been. My 3 year old gets absolutely giddy flipping through my Project Life albums because she finds photo after photo of herself, her sister, her papa.  She can recall the events and activities photographed, she can even find her art work.  The accessibility of Project Life for my whole family makes me just love the whole concept and practice of Project Life even more.
- Charissa Miller

First and foremost, I love that you can easily document the little details and minutiae of day to day life.  (The things you wouldn't ordinarily make a 12x12 page for)  However, now that I'm up to my elbows in Project Life I love the divided page protectors.  I love that each little spot gives you a chance to make something really great, one space at a time.
Jennie McGarvey -

I decided to start using actual Becky Higgins Project Life products to document my life after my wedding. I love to document the everyday, and that is just what Becky is about and began my own Project Life album at the beginning of this year. I immediately fell in love with the concept and began having more fun with scrapbooking than ever before!

I eventually forayed into the wonderful world of Project Life, which I am absolutely in love with and am so thankful that a system like that exists! 
- Kayla Kamin 

I started Project Life as a way to capture everyday moments. As I began creating the pocket pages I learned more about how this story is not just mine to share. I was able to have my children answer questions, draw pictures, even write the story from their view. This album has become a family album. We all work together to make these memories. This simple book has completely change the way I view scrapbooking for the better.
Lisa Wilkinson -

I have tried different methods of scrapbooking to document my life and I found that Project Life is the easiest and most fun way for me. I have two kids with lots of school and after school activities. I want to keep documenting of our family camping, kids tennis tournaments, or even just normal daily life. With Project Life system, I simply take photos with my phone, print out the photos using home printer, do the journaling on the cards, then put them together, that's it. It really works for busy moms.
- Meihsia Liu 

Project Life allows me to get my memories and photos of my son, and our lives as a family, documented quickly and easily. No more thinking about layouts, no more being unhappy because it wasn't fancy enough or pretty enough. And the divided page protectors appeal to the organized side of me, because they pull the photos and cards together in a neat and tidy manner.
- Melissa Whittaker
I have been doing Project Life since the very beginning.  I am so in love with the process and the end result - the every day stories of my family. I have three kids (8, 4, and 3) and the days go by far to quickly and things are far to easily forgotten to not keep some sort of record.  I honestly think Project life is one of the easiest and best ways of doing this! 
- Michelle Wear

I love the whole concept of Project Life because there are no rules. I love that you can use it in its most simple form with photos and journaling or embellish the heck out of your pages. This is my third year using Project Life.  I had a hard time with traditional scrapbooking never knowing where to put stuff now it is so simple with pocket pages. I love that I can use a core kit to catch up on previous years I never scrapped without worrying about matching papers. I also love that I can mix kits and add other products into my albums because I do what makes me happy.
- Schona Kessler

Join us at your local Craft Warehouse, tomorrow, Saturday June 22nd from 12-3pm and we will show you how quick, easy, and stylish Project Life is for Memory Keeping! You can make a scrapbook page in under 60 seconds to start your own album! 

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