Friday, May 27, 2011

Create a photo display to match your decor

Feeling the need to do something crafty, but dont want to spend the whole weekend to get to the finish line? Here is a fun project you can do in under 2 hours!

Choose colors and patterns to match your home decor, or mood. Make one for a friend to match her style!

Scroll down to see the supply list.

How To:
  1. Remove and discard the glass and any wrapping from frame. Remove and set aside the back panel of frame. Using a foam brush, paint the frame with craft paint the color(S) of your choice and set aside to dry. Meanwhile glue the pattern paper of your choice to the back panel of the frame and set aside.
  2. After the paint is dry wrap top portion of the open frame with the rope and tie off in a secure knot or bow. should be VERY snug fit around the still open frame. Cut off access rope and save to make a rope rosette with later. Now push the paper covered back panel back in place- over the rope. The rope will stretch to allow you to get the panel all the way back in and secure in place with the little metal levers on back of frame.
  3. Use 3 in 1 glue or Hot Glue to secure moss along the bottom edge, and maybe up one side a little on the front of your wood frame.
  4. Create flowers from remaining rope, the torn strip of fabric, and the burlap. For the rope rosestte- tie a knot in one end. Coil rest of rope around knot. Secure in place on your frame with 3 in 1 glue or Hot glue. For fabric flower- tie knot in one end, now twist the fabric a little and then coil around the knot. The loose threads and right and wrong side of fabric play peek a boo as you create your flower- looks cool! Secure in place with 3 in 1 glue, or hot glue. You may need to use some adhesive as you go so you flower holds it's shape. For the burlap flower- fold the 4in wide strip in half so you have a 2 inch wide strip. tie end in knot. Now repeat same as the fabric flower- twist and coil, twist and coil, twist and coil until you run out of burlap. Use 3 in 1 or Hot Glue to secure to frame. Finish off your 3 rosettes with vintage buttons, cluster of beads or pearls, maybe a decorative brad, maybe some silk leaves- whatever you like to enhance your flower!
  5. Adhere rhinestones, beads, or gems to your paper or frame where ever you like for added bling!
  6. Attach the butterfly clip (or glue a clip to a silk flower, or anything else you like) to the 'clothesline' rope.
  7. attach any little embellishments to the 'clothesling' rope like little charms. Attach with jump rings, or tie them on with twine or ribbon.
  8. add a clothespin or two- use these to hold and display family photos, post cards, whatever you wish.
Supply list:
  1. 12x12 craft frame (it's 9.99 and 40% off right now!)
  2. 1 12x12 scrapbook paper- pick anything that will match your decor, or mood!
  3. about 1 yd of jute or rope
  4. about 24 inches of torn 2 inch wide fabric strip (choose color to match your decor, or mood!)
  5. about 24 inches of a 4" wide piece of burlap (we have this in 4 colors right now)
  6. 1 butterfly clip (we sell a set of 4 of these, but consider anything you want and hot glue an aligator clip to it!)
  7. 1 clothespin
  8. your choice of beads, pearls, rhinestones, or gems - in a color to match your decor or mood.
  9. deorative moss
  10. craft paint (to macth your decor, or mood!)
  11. foam brush
  12. 3 in 1 Glue from BEACON is so AWESOME for this project, but if you want to use your handy hot glue gun- that will work too.
  13. Charms, pendants, beads, or whatever you have on hand to hang on the line. I used the metal charm from Tim Holtz, and a clear fragment charm also from Tim Holtz - to which I glued a piece of matching scratch paper to so it matched the look I was going for) but just choose 1 or 2 things you can dangle from the rope. A tag maybe?
Here is what the 3 in 1 Glue looks like:


  1. Really love this project Jeanean! And I LOVE (LOVE) that Beacon's 3-in-1 glue you mentioned. At first I just used it for certain applications and now I find myself reaching for it for nearly every project I do--Love how strong the bond is when it dries, how easy it is to apply with no wet wrinkles, how it rubs off like rubber cement when you get it somewhere you don't want it and how far your money stretches with it! I wish they sold it by the case. LOL! :)

  2. So wish I took this mixed media class... it really is a great project. Thanks for posting it on the blog so I can do it from home!


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