Friday, May 20, 2011

Scrapbooking Blog Party: Photography Challenge

Hello friends! I hope you are excited about this weekend's blog party and are ready to play along! I am Jennifer, a wife, mom, artist, and photographer. My husband and I have a small photography business, where we capture memories for others. I wanted to share some photography tips today, because, well… scrapbooking and photography go hand-in-hand. Don’t they?

When I am teaching other scrapbookers about photography, I ultimately ask them, “What is the story you are trying to tell?” When you look through the view finder of your camera, during that “moment” what do you want to capture forever?

I have to admit, I use to snap away hundreds of photos a day and then I was overwhelmed with what I was going to put into my album. Now, I think ahead. Yes, while I am actually looking through the lens I am already deciding what story I want to tell!

Let me show you an example of what I mean.

I actually planned a sisters evening photo shoot just for fun last summer. I have a wonderful friend who let us borrow her vintage gowns to take photos in. When I saw the below dress, I knew I wanted some kind of “Jane Austen” photo. Yes, I actually planned these pictures around a dress! ;) I know you do the same thing… you bought that dress for your little girl because it was just {too cute!} and it would make the best photos or match that paper you just bought! ;)

I want to show you the sequence of photos I took of my sister and a vintage copy of Pride and Prejudice. All the photos are lovely but I when it came down to me picking one for the story I wanted to tell, I picked the last one.

For this story that I wanted to tell, I needed to crop in closer to the book when I was taking the picture.

Then, I created my layout and journaling around the story about my love for Jane Austen.

Now, it is your turn! Look through the lens in a new way and capture the story you want to tell on your next layout!

Did I mention there would be another giveaway? It is a JOLEE’S EMBELLISHMENTS PRIZE PACKAGE from EK Success.

More then 40 dimensional embellishments including a number of scrapbook page titles. All different themes including summer, fall, beach, sports, Disney, wedding, baby, kids, outdoors, and more!
Retail value over $100.00

All you need to do to win is 
  • Comment on this post. 
  • Post about our party on Facebook and/or Twitter and copy and paste the link to the post in the comments. 
  • Become a follower on this blog and comment that you have done so. 
  • Become a follower on our Facebook page and then comment that you have done so.

That is FIVE chances to win this prize!

Comments will be closed Tuesday at midnight PST. Remember only those in the contiguous United States can play along. The winner will be randomly picked from and announced Wednesday on the blog! Good luck! See you tomorrow with four more challenges and more chances to win!


  1. I just became a follower of this blog today...and I love your photos...they're just beautiful!

  2. I have to agree...your photos are striking!

  3. I'm a Facebook follower as well! :)

  4. Amazing photos..... I am a follower here and your facebook account and added post about site on my facebook..... Thanks

  5. I am a follower on Facebook. :)

  6. Your photography is amazing---that photo is just dreamy!

  7. These photos are wonderful! I feel like I am part of the story. Great job Jen and Becca!

  8. Beautiful photos and layout Jen! I'm a follower on Facebook and of the blog. :)

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  10. Jen, love this layout and the picture you used.

  11. not sure if this is going to work but here's a link to my facebook post.

  12. I'm a follower of this blog.

  13. Oh, and I'm already a fan on facebook.

  14. Already a follower on Facebook, just became one on this blog and posted the blog on my facebook page with link.
    The challenges are inspiring! Running around with kids sports activities this weekend and I keep checking in to see what is up. I have several projects in the works to share soon. Keep it up!

  15. The photos on this page and especially the final one used on the scrapbook are beautiful.

  16. the photo's make me feel like I can be right there in person - beautiful!!

  17. Wow! I wish I can take photos like this!

  18. This is worthy blog and the picture collection so for.I like the layout especially..:)Now i defiantly will become your fan on face book.
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