Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scrappy Girl Apron Challenge 2011

National Scrap Book Day May 6th - 8th

This year for National Scrap Book Day instead of creating tee shirts for the employees we decided to create aprons! Then we challenged the employees to decorate them.

This is what I created!

1. I started out with 5 coordinating fat quarters of different fabric patterns. Then I cut 2 strips 4" x 22" or you aren't using fat quarters you can cut 1 strip 4"x 44".

2. Then I lined up the 2 strips facing pattern side together and made a short stitch to sew them together to make one strip of fabric (if you cut one 44" piece you can skip this step).

Then I folded one side of my fabric strip (pattern side facing down) 1/2" and ironed it in place.

I set my machine to a medium stitch and sewed down the folded piece of fabric (this will be the bottom of your ruffle).

On your machine change your stitch to be the largest size on your sewing machine. At the top of the strip of fabric sew a 1/2" down 2 stitch lines close to each other. This is to create your fabric to ruffle.

Then pull on the 2 top or bottom threads, which ever pulls easier. You will start to see a ruffle form. Make the ruffle to the desired length of the with of your skirt.

Get your glue glider out. This is going to heat set with your iron. The reason why I chose the glue glider is because there are pockets on my skirt and I didn't want to sew them up. I'm very impressed with how strong this glue glider works!

Start by gliding the Glue Glider over the ruffled seams. Then heat set with your iron. This will give you a clean top for the top ruffle.

Then sew on some ric rack or ribbon of your choice.

Using your Glue Glider, place glue over the top of your first pockets and heat set.

Continue to follow the steps above 4 more times creating your fabric ruffles.

As you can see I only finished the top ruffle the other 4 I just heat set on to the apron.

I'm going to add some flowers to the top and I will post a final picture soon....


  1. Genius! Love love love it! :)

  2. Totally love it! Man, so glad someone else has ruffles on theirs... I made one around the end of mine. Can't wait to get pictures of it now. ;)

  3. cute idea but why don't you sell the aprons? I went to the Salem store today and bought fabric but they said they don't sell aprons of any kind :( good idea, bad marketing......


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