Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SMASH...what a great idea!

I'll admit it...scrapbooking has never been my strong point.  I once attempted to start a scrapbook back in 2005 and I got two pages done.  Even though I bought a ton of product, I was completely intimidated and just didn't have that scrapbook creativity in me.  I wish I's just never been my thing.

Okay and on that note...I think SMASH could be my thing.  Watch this video below and tell me how cool is this?

I really love how random it is.  A concert ticket of some kind, receipt from somewhere interesting, pictures, Metro Card (I have a few of those from trips to NYC),  I was even checking out the SMASH blog (yes, they have a blog).  There's a little kid who enjoys SMASHing.  Okay, if that little kid can do it I can do it too! 

The SMASH supplies are endless.  You'll have to decide what kind of book you want to start with, along with the stickers, embellishments, SMASH stick, SMASH tape and more.  I can see myself getting carried away...for sure!

If you're interested in SMASH you'll be happy to know that Craft Warehouse is now carrying all the supplies to get you started!  So...what are you waiting for?  Get shopping and get SMASHING!


  1. It is wonderfully addicting...enough said. :)

  2. I've always been put off by today's "scrap-booking" styles so this is fabulous! Its more like journaling that I used to do as an art student back in the 70s and it was such a blast. It also feels like scrap-booking returning to its roots. How fun! I'm heading to the Gresham store today so I'll have to check the products out! ~Patty~

  3. I so want to try one of these. I could combine my daily journaling with art and bits and pieces of daily 'stuff'. My daughter would SO love this... its her style.

  4. I'm not a traditional scrapper, smash is much more my style. Love the the tape! Need to restock my supply.


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