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Paper Spring Bouquet Tutorial

We welcome Craft Warehouse's 2010 Scrapbooking Design Team Member, Elizabeth Wiederspohn, who is guest blogging with us today. Elizabeth is sharing a step by step tutorial of this paper bouquet project, perfect for any season!  Whether you make it for yourself, a baby shower, or Mother's Day, you will want this Spring Bouquet for your table's center piece. 


•    Double Sided Patterned Paper
     -    5 sheets for flowers
     -    1 sheet for leaves
     -    1 sheet for hearts for rosette backs
•    Tim Holtz Rosette Die
•    Wooden Dowels
•    Buttons/Center decorations
•    Square Punch
•    Heart Punch
•    Strong Adhesive or Hot Glue
•    Ribbon
•    Vase
•    Coffee Beans, Glass beads, sand, or kidney Beans

Step #1:  Die Cutting Rosette Strips
Using the Tim Holtz Rosette Die and your favorite die cutting system, cut out 25 rosette strips for flower rosettes. (Five from each piece of paper set aside for flowers.)

Step #2:  Making Small Rosette Flowers
Using the strips you just die cut, make seven regular rosettes.  (First time making a rosette?  See directions below for “Assembling a Rosette Using a Tim Holtz Die.”)

Step #3:  Making Medium Rosette Flowers
Using nine of the remaining die cut strips, overlap and glue two strips together making sure all the perforations line up with each other and allowing the top scalloped edge of the strip to stick out around a quarter of an inch.  Flip the strips over.  Using a third rosette strip glue strip to back of the other two to make a “rosette sandwich.”  Since both sides will show, it is important to make sure you have patterned paper on both the front and the back of the new “sandwich.”  Assemble rosette with all three layers like you would a normal rosette. This will make three rosettes.

Step #4: Making Large Rosette Flowers

Using the last nine strips make three more “rosette sandwiches” this time allow the middle strip to stick out approx. half an inch above the other two strips.  To prevent tearing cut the tops of the top strip every forth perforation making sure not to cut the bottom two layers.

Assemble the rosettes like the others.  The outer edge of the flower will fan out to make flower petals.  This will make three large rosette flowers.

Step #5:  Decorate Flower Centers
Using buttons, flair or any other embellishment decorate the centers of the fronts of each rosette.  Since both sides of each flower will be seen you will want to make sure to decorate both sides.  Using patterned paper punch thirteen hearts and glue to the back of each rosette center.

Step #6:  Adding Dowels and Ribbon Leaves

Carefully slide dowels into one of the folds on the back of the rosettes sliding the dowel under the center of the glued circles.  Tie ribbon onto the dowels of both the small and medium rosette flowers to make leaves.

Step #7:  Making Large Flower Paper Tags/Leaves
Out of the paper chosen to make leaves cut three 1x4” strips.  Fold strips in half and using a square punch, punch a “v” banner shape out of the end of each strip. 

Glue onto the dowels of the large paper rosettes and write messages and/or decorate.

Step #8:  Prepping the Vase
Using ribbon, tie a bow around the neck of the vase.  Pour coffee beans into the vase.  (You can also use small rocks, glass beads, sand or kidney beans in place of the coffee beans if you like.  I just like the smell of coffee.) 

Step #9:  Finishing Touches
Arrange flowers into vase making sure it is viewable from all sides.  ENJOY!

Assembling a Rosette Using a Tim Holtz Die

Step #1
Using your favorite die cutting machine die cut the rosette strip and center circle from the Tim Holtz Rosette Die. 

Step #2
Using a fan fold, fold every perforation on the rosette strip

Step #3
Staple or glue the ends of the strip to each other making a circle. 

Step #4
Gather the center of the flat edge of the strip and push downward.  Holding firmly, glue down center paper circle, or button, with strong adhesive or hot glue gun on both the front and the back. Decorate if desired.

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