Thursday, May 28, 2015

Movie Night Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Lights

Show Stopper! These Faux metal marquee lights will WOW your family and friends alike! Just a few simply supplies and an afternoon and you can make your own. What will YOU spell?

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Heidi Swapp Marquee love letters or shapes (spell whatever you want!)- each letter or shape kit includes a battery operated string of lights and clear bulb covers.
Black spray paint
1" to 2" wide paint brush
Acrylic craft paint in silver, white, and pewter colors
Paper plates
Paper towels


In a ventilated area- lay down cardboard or other protective backdrop
Lay out each of your letters/shapes (save the lights and bulbs for later)
Spray paint each letter or shape, inside and out with black spray paint
After black paint is dry, use a dry brush technique to add streaks of silver, white, and pewter craft paint over each letter. This creates the look of old metal.

Dry Brush for Faux Metal technique- squeeze a bit of each color of silver, white, and pewter onto a paper plate or similar. Dip the edge of your dry brush into one of the colors of paint, and then wipe off most of the paint with a paper towel. Your brush will be mostly dry- with just a bit of the paint still on it. Now brush back and forth over your painted black letters. Layer colors over each other and blend more in some areas and less in others. Just continue layering colors in this fashion over your whole letter inside and out until you get desired finished look.

When dry, add lights to each letter/shape. Add bulb covers over each light. Add batteries and light up your project! Stand back and admire your work!

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