Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day Glow Earrings


2 long kidney wire hooks (Beadalon)
2 ball tip head pins (Sweet Beads)
2 12M Miracle Beads
2 Small bead Caps (Sweet Beads)
2 pieces of rhinestone chain 8 crystals each
2 5in pieces of 24g German wire
2 6 inch pieces of coordinating embroidery floss

Additional Supplies:
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Side cutters
Flat pliers

1.)    Begin by wrapping one end of the German wire around the outside (front) of one kidney hook. 

2.)    Then hold the tail end of the wire /hook and one end of a rhinestone piece of chain, begin wrapping the wire around the hook and rhinestone chain to secure the chain to the front of the hook. 

3.)    Finish other end of wrapped rhinestone the same way as you started. Repeat for other earring. 

4.)    Now you need to load your head pins with a small bead cap and a 12M round miracle bead. 

Then begin turning a wire wrapped loop at the top of each.

Slide finished dangles onto the factory loop of the kidney hooks, and tie and wrap a six inch piece of embroidery floss around the top of your wire wrapped loop, once tied and secure trim leaving small tails.

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