Monday, July 8, 2013

Crystal Clay Ring

1 adjustable ring form (Zims Gems)
1 small piece of the clay (colored)
1 small piece of the hardener (neutral colored)
10-30 tiny chatons (SPC) Please provide only the crystal and black colors only-they will buy the crystal AB
Pearl colored mica powder

Additional supplies:
Wax tipped tooth pick
Rubber/latex gloves for mixing the clay
Alcohol based wet wipes
Soft paint brush for dusting on the powder

1.)    Slice off equal portions (small) of both the colored clay and the hardener; begin mixing the two together until they are all one color.

2.)    Gently tap the ball shaped mixed clay into the bezel ring form.

3.)    Begin adding crystal chatons starting with the larger ones first and filling in with the smaller ones. There will be wax residue left on the top of the crystals, wait until clay has hardened to polish and remove wax.

4.)    Once you have covered the clay surface with as many crystals, then give your ring a light dusting of pearlized mica powder using a soft water color brush.
5.)    Let your ring harden for at least 45 minutes (or as long as you can get the customer to let it harden before they leave the store), it will take about 2 hrs for the ring to harden enough to polish off the wax residue. In 24 hrs there ring will have cured and be hard and stable as a rock.

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