Thursday, July 18, 2013

Infinity Bracelet


6 inch piece 20G German silver wire (Beadalon)
12 inch piece of 0.8M diam.Elasticity
1/3 + of a strand of 4MM Shimmer crystal rondelles
2 4MM crimp covers
Additional supplies:
Bead Fix glue
Chain nose pliers
Nylon covered flat pliers
Bail Making pliers
Side Cutters/ Flush cutters
Nylon and Steel bench block
Ball pin hammer

1.)    Begin by bending a large loop in one end of your German wire with your bail making pliers. Then do the same with the other end of the wire to form a figure “8”. Wires will bypass each other. 

2.)    Hold one end of the shaped wire with your nylon pliers and wrap one end of the wire around the center. 

3.)    Turn and hold the other side of the loop and wrap around center in the opposite direction.

4.)    Trim off excess wire. Place on your steel bench block and gently hammer with your ball pin hammer to shape the sides of the infinity shape flat. (Use caution, too much will cause it to break, or could begin to show different colored core of wire. 

5.)    Once you have your infinity symbol shaped, you will need to tie on the Elasticity using the recommended Surgeons knot. Once knot is secure dot a dab of Bead Fix glue onto the knot (being very careful not to get glue all over the infinity piece.

6.)    String aprox. 6 ¾ inches of 4M rondelles onto the Elasticity, tie the other end of the cord to the opposite end of the symbol using the same knot and glue technique.

7.)    To finish close a crimp cover over the knotted cord, gently with the nylon pliers and or the chain nose pliers, being careful not to cut through the cord with the sides of the crimp covers.

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