Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rainbow Triple Ring Rubber Band Bracelet

One of my favorite bracelets that I have shared on our blog has been the Chevron Rubber Band Bracelet! It has been a popular one! When alternating the white and black bands it makes it look like a chevron design.

The bracelet I am sharing today, is the same design but when using colorful loom bands, it changes the look completely! I love how fun and bright it is!


Making sure the loom's arrow is facing away from you, place one white band on peg 1 to peg 2 and then down the rest of the row.

Begin back at the beginning again by placing three red bands on peg 1 and stretching it to peg 3.

Place three pink bands on peg two and stretching it to peg 4.

Continue doing the above steps stretching the bands skipping a peg every time, while alternating colors.

When you get to the last peg, make a figure eight with a black band and place the band on the end as a "cap".

Turn the loom around and begin looping the blue bands over the others like you would a regular bracelet.

Helpful tips: 

There will be a lot of bands on your loom. Make sure the bands are all pushed down as you go so they do not pop off.

As you get ready to hook the blue bands over, bring the white band up a bit with your nail, so it is easy for the hook to get it.

Before removing your bracelet from the loom, gather one end of bands and place them on a jump ring (this will keep it more secure than a C or S hook).

Extend your bracelet to fit by using a hook and white bands to fit your wrist. You can watch the video below to see how:

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