Thursday, February 13, 2014

Burlap Bow Trio Frame

There is something special about hanging up your family's photos in your home. This project is a perfect way to display your favorites while the design allows you to remove the center frames to change out photos later!

  • 10"x20" White Frame (LFA-489)
  • 2 - 3.5"x5" White Frame (LFA-644)
  • 5"x5" White Frame (LFA-570)
  • 2 - 12"x12" sheets of scrapbook paper (Pebbles chevron paper) 
  • 1 yard of burlap ribbon
  • gold sequins
  • TomBow Fastener Tabs (to Velcro the small frames to the front of the large frame)
  • Beacon Fabric Glue

  1. Open up all your frames and wash the glass.
  2. place photos in the small frames and close up the back.
  3. Cut scrapbook paper to fit inside large frame.
  4. Create a bow to go on the front of the frame.
  5. Glue bow to the bottom of the glass then cut the ends and close up frame.
  6. Place small photos on the front of your large frame using TomBow fastener tabs. This will help to change out a photo easily.
  7. Add embellishments of your choice like sequins or just keep it simple!

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