Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gold Embossed Two Nail Loom

I picked up a Two Nail Loom Kit at my local Craft Warehouse and had decorated it simply with washi tape, as seen here. But, I felt it was time to give my sweet loom a much needed make over. The washi tape easily came right off since it is not permanent.

Embossed gold is all the rage right now... whether on wood or ceramic, it is hot! I wanted to create that same look right on my loom. See how easy I did it below...


Two Nail Loom Kit
American Crafts Zing Gold Embossing Powder
VersaMark Watermark Ink Pad
Heat Embossing Tool (use this with adult supervision)
Washi Tape


1. According to the package's directions, put together your Two Nail Loom Kit

2. Tape off a triangle with washi tape so it points in the middle of the two nails. Then, make sure the rest of the loom is covered with washi tape to protect it.

3. Turn the ink pad upside down and ink up the triangle. Place the loom on a scrap piece of paper.

4. Pour gold embossing powder on the inked triangle. Turn the loom over and shake the loom over  the scrap paper. Then, pour the extra powder back into the container.

5. Use a heat embossing tool to heat the embossing powder on the loom until it turns solid. Keep your fingers away from the heat of the tool and let the embossed area cool before touching. *Do this step with adult supervision.

6. Remove the washi tape. Then, get to creating with your new posh loom!

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