Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Picture Perfect Week

Welcome to Picture Perfect Week, where we will inspire you to fill your bare walls with backless frames!

Use a variety of ornate wood backless frames and group them up for a picture perfect look in any space! Ideal for any bare wall that needs a fresh new look. You can also use the frames as a border for smaller items to create a focal point.

To create this amazing wall display for your own home follow these easy steps below.

1. Apply chalkboard paint to your wall following the manufacturers instructions.

2. First lay out your frames on the floor to see how you would like to arrange them. Move them around until you like your layout. Then start hanging the frames on the wall (as seen below).

3. Frame a photo.

4. Add another framed photo.

5. Hang a backless frame and personalize the center with chalk.

6. Hang art under the backless frame. These are available at your Craft Warehouse too!

7. Use a backless frame to frame art, also available at Craft Warehouse.

8. Hang a backless frame and write a quote or note to the family.

9. Fill in the rest of the space with smaller frames. Use chalk around the frame to make one stand out more than the rest.

You can find a variety of backless frames at your local Craft Warehouse and are 50% off through June 17th! Stay tuned in this week with more ways to use backless frames!

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