Friday, August 17, 2012

Vinyl House Rules Canvas

Vinyl House Rules on canvas attached to burlap wrapped canvas inside a 12x12 Drop In Frame
Designed by Sarah Owens

Shopping List

· Drop in Canvas Frame (INT-311)

· Decorating your life “House Rules” Vinyl

· 12x12 white canvas

· 18x18 Burlap fabric

· 15.5x15.5 foam board

· American Crafts copper brads

· Black and Antique White Acrylic Paint

· E6000 glue

· Sticky thumb tape


1. Start with your foam board. Cover the front of your foam board with sticky thumb tape. Then lay your burlap on top and press down to help the burlap to stick to the foam board.

2. Then wrap your burlap around to the back of your foam board. Secure burlap by taping down to the back of your foam board.

3. Glue your foam board to the Drop in canvas frame using E6000. Let dry for 4 hours in a ventilated area.

4. Paint your canvas with one coat of white acrylic paint and let dry. You can speed up the process by using a heat gun but make sure you aren’t to close to the canvas.

5. After your antique white paint is dry place your vinyl words on to the canvas using the instructions on the item. (Hint: it’s easier to place a book underneath the canvas to give it some support while you press to peal back the vinyl )

6. Once your vinyl is on your canvas place a light coat of antique white paint over the top of your vinyl. This will create a seal so when you do your next step the black paint won’t seep under your letters.

7. After your antique white paint has dried paint a light coat of black acrylic paint. Let the paint dry and paint your final coat of black paint.

8. After your black paint is dry for more than 5 hours carefully peel of your vinyl letters. It helps to have something sharp to lift up vinyl but be very careful you don't damage your canvas.

9. Glue the hitch fasteners on to each corner of the canvas.

10. Glue down canvas to the front of the drop in frame using E6000 glue.

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