Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Moss Monogram and Frame

Happy Easter! All week we are celebrating by inspiring you with fun, simple, and creative holiday projects! 

 A Moss Monogram & Frame is just one way to personalize your front door or would look great on a wall or bookcase!

Start with a MDF Letter from your local Craft Warehouse. Then, you will need a package of Super Moss. I love this stuff because it comes in bright colors & is already flattened.

Next glue on the moss with a glue gun.

After all your moss is on trim the excess moss around the edges. 

Then I picked out a white frame that measured 11x14. I chose to leave it white but it would look great also if you painted the frame a fun color! 

I took the glass and back out of the frame.

Then I chose 2 pieces of 12in ribbon, looped it around the top of the frame and glued the ends together with my glue gun.

Last, glue your letter on to the ribbon and you have a Moss Monogram!

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