Monday, November 4, 2013

New Shaped Paper Mache Cones!

We are so excited about this new shape cones! This project is simple to create for either yourself or to give away! 

1. Pick 3 fat quarters of fabric you want to use.

2. Make a pattern using the cone, you can open up the cardboard cone to help you make a pattern then glue your cone back together. Leave 2” of fabric of the bottom of your pattern. This fabric will tuck up underneath your cone after you sew it.

3. Sew one line to close up your fabric in the shape of the cone.

4. Place fabric over the cone then using fabric glue, glue the fabric underneath the cone.

5. Cut a triangle shape to fit inside your cone using chip board.

6. Use a glue gun to hold the chipboard in place.

7. Add a candle stick base and embellish!

* 40% off regular prices on Paper Mache Cones until November 17th, 2013 

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