Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Make your own custom color of sand!

OK, I just had to share this amazing idea with you. You can find sand color sand, and white, and black color sand pretty easily but, what if you want colored sand?

Alcohol ink to the rescue! We've been having fun with alcohol ink for several years - using it to color glass ornaments, and glass blocks, and glass marbles, and glossy paper, and dominos, and tile coasters, change plain white pearl garland to the color you need to match your wedding, and really anything non porous.

Alcohol Inks are available in expertly color coordinated 3 packs, or by the individual bottle with 48 colors to choose from.

I just learned that you can color sand too! - and it's so simple.
Just put the desired amount of white sand in a plastic zipper top baggie, and add a few drops of the alcohol ink color of your choice and close bag- only fill bag about 1/2 way with sand. then you can blend the color into the sand by working it (squishing the closed bag) with your hands. Soon you will have colored sand! After you have the sand colored totally- leave the bag open so any remaining alcohol vapors can evaporate - helps avoid little clumps of wet sand. Then you can make fun projects like this clear glass block filled with layers of colored sand and a vinyl saying on the outside to finish.

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