Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whimsical Steam Punk Necklace

This seasons hot new old look is Steam Punk. Steam Punk is a wonderful mix of mechanical and antique, useful and reused, a rebirth of the industrial age into, fascinating jewelry. One reoccurring component in Steam Punk, is watch works. Designers are recycling old broken watches, and using the gears, hands, and faces to make unique jewelry. Found Objects, like rusty old keys, tiny light bulbs, antique toys, and other items found in a typical junk drawer, can be transformed into Steam Punk Jewelry. Goggles, are often used in Steam Punk fashion, check out the little boy looking very wise with his on. Steam Punk can also be a fun theme for a scrapbook, I spotted several scrap-book pages using this theme at Chicago 2010 CHA. I hope you experiment with this look, and can make it your own!

1928's Steam Punk Scrapbook Page

Great looking Steam Punk Goggles

Most items in your junk drawer could be "Steam Punk"

Rusty Keys

Any of these items could be incorporated into a Steam Punk Design

Steam Punk key pendant necklace

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