Friday, June 3, 2011

Quilt Party in Vancouver...Recap!

Quilting writer, columnist and editor Barbara Weiland Talbert shows off her placemat creation
(the pattern was designed by her).

Have you ever been to Vancouver's Quilt Party (if not make sure to go to the next one, click here for more info).  Yesterday, Barbara Weiland Talbert, a sewing and quilting writer, columnist, editor and designer spoke to the group of quilting enthusiasts (talking about trends and tricks of the trade).  Afterwards, it was time for quilt show and tell.  Here's some pics the Quilt Party wanted me to share.

Quilt Party in session!

Can you imagine cozying up with this quilt?  Beautiful!

Gorgeous quilt, gorgeous colors!

Aww, it's the youngest quilter in the group, Adalyn!

Speaking of quilting, have you ever created a t-shirt quilt?  I can tell you, that I have no clue how to create one, but NAU student Cara Williams has one she wanted me to share with you.  Maybe she can give me a few tips to go off of.  Check back tomorrow to see it!

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