Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Get Creative With Cork

I love this project idea!  It's easy, fun and looks amazing when you're done.  Click the video above for a step by step look.  The best part about using alcohol ink on the glass gems is that there's no cutting involved.  Just a ziplock baggie and gloves (to avoid getting ink on your hands).  Plus it's fun to swish the color around.  Use something bold!

Shopping List
  • 24”x36” cork board
  • 24”x36” frame (take the glass out)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Stencil sponge
  • 12”x12” Crafter’s Workshop Brocade Stencil
  • Life is a journey….vinyl
  • 5”x7” Floating Frame
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Glass Gems and thumb tacks
  • E-6000 Glue & Glue Gun
  • Diamond Glaze
  • Alcohol Ink (optional)
 1. Take your cork board, empty paint on a paper plate.  Using a sponge, blot paint on the stencil image.  You’ll position in the top left corner, top right corner and center below.  Allow to dry.
 2.  Adhere vinyl on the front of floating frame.  Size up scrapbook paper , cut and adhere on to the back edges.  Use a screwdriver to take out the hanger (you’ll want to make sure it sits flat on the board).
 3.  Once the cork board is dry, pop it into the 24”x36” frame. 
 4.  Take E-6000 and glue down the 5”x7” floating frame on the   center of the board.  Let dry.
 5.  For decorative tacks, take glass gems (use any size you like), and decorate using scrapbook paper.  Take the paper, trace the size of the gem, cut out, and use a drop of Diamond Glaze on the flat side of the gem.  Let dry.   You can also use alcohol ink and swish the glass gems in a zip lock baggie (this will transform clear gems to colorful ones.  *Note:  alcohol ink is messy and stains, so use gloves and let dry on a paper plate (or other surface that you can throw out).
 6. Take your glue gun, and adhere glass gem to thumb tack, repeat until you have enough to use.
You’re finished!

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