Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spooky Blocks

Fun Project idea!
Amber from our Gresham Oregon store designed this fun home decor project.

Create this set of decorative wood blocks to spell 'spooky'
Supplies: Set of 6 wood blocks
Glowing collection of Halloween Pattern Papers
Large alphabet chipboard letters
Black craft paint

Basic How to:
Paint edges of all 6 blocks with black paint
cover each side with different pattens of Halloween pattern scrapbook papers
add embellishments, and letters

Bonus idea! Cover one side of blocks in the Halloween paper as shown here, and cover the oppisite side with fall color papers and spell 'Autumn' . Now you can display 1 side for fall and the other for Halloween.
Arrange the blocks however you wish, you can stack them as we have, or make a tall tower, or line them up side by many options.

Or take this idea, and use colors and papers to match your decor-
Other 6 letter words to consider:

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  1. Just saw this line in person and it looks super cool! Love the idea of creating a decor project with the blocks! :)


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