Friday, September 2, 2011

3-D flower punches- a tutorial

Handmade flower punches made EASY with the fun new punches from EK Success.

We've just received these amazing 3-d flower punches from EK Success.
wanted to share with you how to use them!

There are 4 punches to choose from. They all work just like any other edge punch.

you need 12" paper to create your flowers. I'm using 2 colors of cardstock,
but a double sided pattern paper would be fun too!

punch 3 12" strips with whichever flower petal punch you like.
- for mine, I punched 2 of 1 color, and 1 of another color.

Other supplies you'll need:
strong adhesive. I'm using red line tape, but a liquid glue would also work,
might just take a bit longer.

to enhance the flower more I used:
ink pad in similar color to flower
foam blending tool (or a makeup sponge)
glimmer mist (i used gold)
pearls, beads, or rhinestones to make flower centers
die cut leaves (or hand cut your own) from green cardstock/paper

How to:
Punch a total of 3 12" strips
apply glue to the FRONT side, or pretty side of one of the punched strips.
They all have a 1/4" solid strip at the bottom so it's easy to apply glue just along this edge.

now lay a second punched 12" strip on top of the one you just added glue to- be sure to OFFSET this
second strip so the petals are alternating- you don't want them stacking up on top of each other.
Again- this should be pretty side up.

now apply glue to the narrow 1/4" strip on this layered stack-
you are apply the glue to the pretty side.

now start rolling! just coil up the layered strip, using the straight edge as your guide.
keep quilling all the way to the end of the strip

now apply glue to the narrow strip of the last punched out 12" strip.
apply glue to the pretty side!
now wrap this around your double layered coiled flower.

(doing the 3rd and final layer on it's own allows you to be more fussy about where the petals
fall so you can pleat or cut off and start again where you like so your petals don't all stack.
if the petals stack on top of one another your flower wont be as symmetrical.)

now, it's time to 'bloom' your flower. gently peel back one petal at a time, kind of like
peeling a banana. Keep going all the way around and around until you have your flower
fully bloomed.

you can stop now- cause it's really pretty as is.

But to enhance these flowers....

apply stamping ink in similar color with foam applicator. just rub the ink on the
edges of the petals.

glue a die cut or hand cut leaf to the bottom of the flower

apply a gemstone or pearl to center of flower. I used the end of a paint brush
to force the gemstone into the center.

give it a fine misting of glimmer mist for a fresh dewey sparkly look!

nestle in a box filled with faux moss.


  1. You can use these punches as regular edge punches too... i used one on as decorative trim on the yellow box you can see in one of the photos.

  2. Very cute Jeanean! These punches are ingenious!


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