Friday, November 18, 2011

Hair Feather DIY by Design Team Member Jennifer Evans

Feathers are all the rage right now. What better way to give in and make your teenager happy this season by giving her a collection of homemade feather clips? These are so easy that you might make a collection of them to give away!


A Variety of Craft Feathers (This one was made with a package of colored ones you can find in the craft department. But, if you want even nicer ones you can buy them separately with the hair extensions. There are so many to choose from at your  local Craft Warehouse!)

Chain (You can find a selection of chain in the beading department. I chose silver, but there are several kinds to choose from.)

Charms (You can also find these in the beading department.)

Wire and Wire Cutters

Twine (Pick a thin twine to use for this project. I used a fine black floss. Look around for one you like in the scrapbooking, fabric, craft, or beading departments.)

Jump Rings (regular jump rings can be found in the beading department)

Snap Hair Clips

Lay your supplies on a non stick craft sheet or wax paper. Find the feathers you would like to use and arrange them. I found that three thin ones and two larger ones worked well.

I actually used picture hanger wire but any thin or fine wire would work fine. Wrap the feathers together with about four inches of wire starting from the bottom working to the top. Use the end of the wire to wrap into a little loop at the top. Clip off any extra wire and wrap the last part of the wire around the feathers.

Use liquid glue to coat the wire. Use your twine to wrap around the wire so you hide the wire. Make sure to get the ends into the glue. Let it dry. 

Decide how much chain you would like. If you are making it for someone with long hair you will want it long to hang down low. If the person has short hair, they will most likely wear it as a clip and you will not want many links. As you can see in the picture, I use a long strand of chain at about two inches. Break the chain apart with wire cutters.

Use a jump ring to attach the feathers to the end of the chain. Place a jump ring on a snap clip and attach the chain to the same jump ring. Close the jump ring.

Now it is time to embellish your chain with a charm or two. Make sure your charm is not too big or heavy. You can even add beads to your chain if you like. Just add a jump ring and attach the jump ring to the links in the chain.

This year, make something trendy for your teenagers (or yourself!)



  1. That's a great idea! I know a few people that would make a great gift for.

  2. How easy and trendy is that? I definitely need to try this.


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