Friday, November 25, 2011

"Santa's Key" Shadow Box Project

Every Santa needs a key

Shopping List:
8x8 white shadow box
Tim Holtz idea-ology Curio Knob
1/2 yard red ribbon
12x12 My Minds Eye "Lost & Found Christmas" Santa Glitter paper
12x12 My Minds Eye "Lost & Found Christmas" Bright Glitter paper
Santa Poem (find poems on the Internet or come up with your own)
8.5 x11 cream card stock paper
Pioneer extra strong embellishment glue stick
Key (you can find old fashion keys in our frame shop department or use Tim Holtz idea-ology keys in scrap booking)
Fiskers Detail Knife

1. Start with cutting your Santa paper  8x8. then glue to the front of the cover sheet using your glue stick.
2. Then trace the striped Christmas paper to fit the front of your shadow box frame. Cut out paper using a Fiskars knife

3.  Then glue the striped paper to the front of your shadow box frame.
4.  Glue the Santa paper to the advertisement paper. Punch a hole through both papers to attach your curio knob.
5.  After curio knob is attached glue paper to the back of your frame back. This will give it more security to hold your key.

 6.   Then print out a poem on cream paper. Here is the poem I used:

 It's the night before Christmas & we're excited as can be.
We're leaving this out for's a very special key.
You can shimmy down the chimney, or tiptoe through the door.
Just use this key we left for you to find cookies, milk & more!
7. I cut the poem in a tag shape and used Tim Holtz distressed photo ink to make the paper more vintage looking.
8. Tie the ribbon, tag and key together and hang it on your curio knob.

 9.  Close up your shadow box.


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