Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Layout by Design Team Member Amanda Sherman

Hi, I’m Design Team member Amanda. As scrapbookers, we all have our strengths of what we scrap.  Personally, I’m not much of a “theme” scrapbooker.  It’s easier for me to scrap book personalities and relationships than events.  But there are still those “events” in our lives that need scrapbooked.  I’d had this stack of pictures from my kids’ birthday party waiting to be used.  For the record, my kids birthdays are one day apart.  Two years and a day, those silly gooses.  So birthday celebrations in our house are two day events.  I’m sure they’ll grow up thinking its very weird that everyone else doesn’t have two days of birthday parties!  Wouldn’t that be pure bliss if we did??  As long as it means we don’t add two years to our age each year!   Then I might object LOL (of course, I’d have to remember how old I am in the first place.  I can’t remember if I’m 22 or 32 or 19!)

For this layout, I used the Simple Stories Happy Day products.  Everything put out by this company have been some of my favorite items of the last year.  I was struggling with these pictures because there was no similar color families in the picture (green, red, orange, pink & purple! – a hard combination to match!)  But I was very pleased with how well the bold (but still somewhat neutral) colors of the Simple Stories Happy Day line matched.  It toned down the chaotic colors and worked well.  I also really love the ability to use the Simple Stories as a quick way to use divided page protectors, or use them in a full layout.  Fun & versatile product!!

Adding a few 3D foam dots adds a lot more interest into the page.  Quick, easy and affordable way to add another design dimension.

Supplies:  American Crafts cardstock, Simple Stories (paper, stickers, title & ledger letters), misc (buttons, floss, bling & foam dots) chocolate ink

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  1. So pretty! I too have trouble with birthday pictures - the colors are usually so random and mismatched (or bright and obnoxious!) LOVE these papers for it though!


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