Thursday, October 18, 2012

Heidi Swapp Memory File Class by Jennifer Evans

Last Saturday I had the privilege to teach a Heidi Swapp Memory File class. Remember the Memory File pictured below? Well, this was the sample for this class.
 I knew we needed coffee to start us off on the right foot, so I stopped at Starbucks first. ;)

Unfortunately, the creamer tipped in the car and ruined all the coffee supplies. So, we had to stir the extra creamer I bought with our pinkies. ;)

I got to get a chance to spend time with some ladies that are come to our local Scrapbook Club.

Then, I got to meet some new friends that I only see via Instagram and online. Some traveled pretty far to visit! I felt super honored to meet them "in person!"

I love how each member personalized their file. Not one Memory File looked the same!


My dear friend and Craft Warehouse Design Team Member, Michelle, came to the class along with her mom! Can you believe her mom came from the Bay Area to spend time with her daughter and took the class with her? Sweet, right?!

I love how some came totally prepared with rolls of washi tape... just in case. ;)

We were taking photos with my phone and I had to have a picture taken of my dear twin sister, Becca. She is so amazing. She helped set up the class, break it down, and during class made sure that everyone was helped. Love you sis!

Craft Warehouse rented out the empty building next door so we could have room to do the class. We had plenty of room to work, talk, and play!

Thank you so much Craft Warehouse and to all those that came! It was a great time and I look forward to doing it again!

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