Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Burlap and Canvas Jars


Designed and Created by Dania Carson for Craft Warehouse


  • Canning Jar or glass vase
  • Beacons® 3in1 glue (I love this glue! My favorite for these burlap projects.)
  • ½ yd pre-cut roll of burlap
  • Canvas Home Basics® Canvas Fringe ribbon
  • Jute twine

    1. Measure the distance around the jar and the distance to the top. I made sure to measure to the top of the rim so I could hide the threads on my canning jar.
    2. Cut burlap to the height of the jar and 1/2” larger around than your jar measurement.
    3. Run a line of Beacons® 3in1 glue from top to bottom of the jar, around the bottom edge and then around the top edge of the jar. I found it easiest if I put my hand inside the jar and held it off the table while I did this.
    4. Lay the burlap on the jar so the edge of burlap is on the glue line that runs from top to bottom and then roll burlap around the jar and smooth into place. Run another glue line top to bottom along where the burlap overlaps to hold it in place.
    5. Measure the distance around the neck of the bottle and cut the fringe ribbon ½” longer than the measurement. Glue the ribbon in place with the Beacons® 3in1 glue.
    6. Tie a length of jute twine over the top of the fringe ribbon for decoration.

Depending on the size of your jars you can cover several with the ½ yd of burlap.
* Burlap 1/2 yard cuts 2 for $5 (reg $3.49) until October 28th, 2012.

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