Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ribbon Cupcakes by Guest Design Team Member Marie Otake


3 in. Styrofoam balls

Cupcake baking cups
Glue Gun
Embellishments (Optional)

Ribbon Cupcake with a Swirl "Frosting"

Start off with putting a dot of glue at the center of the ball.

Loosely twist the ribbon and glue it halfway to keep the ribbon to stay put. 
The looser you twist, the fluffier your "frosting" looks.

When you reach your initial starting point, glue the ribbon once more and start another row.

Repeat the last two steps until you have the top half of the foam ball completely covered. 
Take the glue gun and glue around the ball directly underneath the ribbon.

Trim the bottom of the foam ball, so it creates a flat surface.

Place the ball in the cupcake liner and press lightly to adhere the liner to the foam ball.

Ribbon Cupcake with a Smooth "Frosting"

Start of by putting a dot of glue at the center of your ball.
Place your ribbon over the glued spot and stretch over the ball, gluing it down at the opposite side.

Repeat the last two steps, placing the ribbon directly next to the last piece. Continue until the top half of the ball has been completely covered.

Glue below the ribbon, around the ball.
Trim the foam so it is flat on the bottom.
Place in Cupcake liner.

Here are your Ribbon Cupcakes! Embellish it as you please! :)

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