Thursday, January 10, 2013

Monograms Made Trendy

Make your last name a work of art with this project! Use black wood letters mounted on paper and fabric and framed in a variety of mix n’ match frames.

·2-8x10 Barnwood frames, 1-12x12 Roma open back  frame, 3– 11x14 Roma open back frames
· Black finished letters
· 6 fat quarters of fabric of your choice.
· 1-8x10, 1-12x12, and 3-11x14 foam boards
·  Double sided tape, masking tape & E6000 glue
· Staple gun
1. Start with covering the front of your foam board with double sided tape.
2. Lay fabric over the board and press and smooth fabric. Then flip board over and use masking tape to secure fabric to the back of the foam board.
3. Place foam board into frame and use staple gun to secure, if you don’t have a staple gun you can always use duck tape to hold the foam board in the frame.
4. Add the black letter of your choice to the fabric foam board using E6000 glue. (You will have to remove the white hooks on the back of the letter so it will lay flat on the foam board)

* Black wood letters on sale 3 for $10 (regular $7.99 each) and Italian Style Open Back Frames 50% off regular prices until January 27th, 2013.

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  1. Such a fun idea! I'm saving this for Halloween next year and making a Halloween Banner with this!


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