Saturday, February 16, 2013

Open Back Ornate DIY Frames

Take these Black and White Open Back Ornate Frames and other supplies to create something stunning for your home or as a gift!


Marti Barta Created and designed for Craft Warehouse

Here are examples of the different techniques to use on each frame.

Top left:

You can add scrapbook paper to a 12x12 frame then layer a 10x10 frame over the top. Then add a banner and photos. Then add "Rub n Buff" on the corners to add color.
Top right:
Use a 12"x12" &  5"x7" white frames.
Bottom left & right:
Spray the frames with Montana Gold Paint.

For the frames above:

Spray paint with Montana Gold spray paint.

The top two projects use "Rub n Buff" in black on the frame.

* Black and White Open Back Ornate Frames 50% off Regular Prices until February 24th, 2013.

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