Friday, August 23, 2013

Carry All by Design Team Member Jenifer Cowels

Hi!! It's Jenifer Cowles again and I am so excited to be back with you today! 

I have fun project for those of you that likes to take your projects on the go.  With this project carry all you can put everything you need for you project in one convenient place.  Make a few for multiple projects.

Let's get started.


Multiple fat quarters
Decorative trim and ribbon-May Arts
Fusible batting -ThermOWeb
Templates or pattern for cover

Cut 3-11x30 pieces of fabric (these can be different fabrics if you choose) and also cut one of the fusible batting.

Decorate one of the 11x30 pieces as desired.  I put a Dresden plate on mine, this is a good project to try something new.

Iron the fusible batting to one of the 11x30 fabric pieces, this will be the inside fabric if you are using multiple fabrics.
Fold the last 11x30 fabric in half long ways and iron.  Giving you a piece 5 1/2x30.  Baste to the fabric with the batting to the folded piece.  This is the pocket.
Stitch desired pocket sizes on the right hand side, 1 at 6" and 1 at 7 1/2.

Pin ribbon to short side right at the pocket making sure it is not going to catch in the seams.

Sew right sides together leaving a 3" opening for turning.
Turn right side out.  Hand stitch the opening.
Stitch 9 1/2" on both the left and right sides.

Fill with necessary supplies and you are ready to work and travel with everything all in one place.


  1. I love the idea of having everything together and easy to grab on the way out the door. And so pretty!

  2. This will tell you how old I am.
    In Girl Scouts &4 H, We took a fringed hand towel and a wash cloth. Cut wash cloth in half laid out flat. Pim to bottom half of laid out towel.
    Decide what size you want your pockets. Stitch wash cloth to towel and stitch pockets.
    Quick and easy project for beginners.

  3. I forgot... for the tie I believe we used a shoestring .
    Attach it at center point on backside of the towel so you can roll it and tie it


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