Monday, June 30, 2014

Awesome Stars and Stripes Nail Tutorial

Get ready to celebrate 4th of July by doing a little nail art! I love nail art! I have realized that it is like painting, just on a small surface. Ha! I can't wait to share this fun tutorial with you using scrapbooking supplies!

Awesome Stars and Stripes Nail Tutorial @craftysavvy @createoften #craftwarehouse #nailart #naildesigns #diy

To create this look you will need your nail polish, piercer, stylus, and washi tape. A great tip is to try to use light stick washi tape. Also, in the video I am using the Doodle Bug Designs thin washi tape which I like better. It is easier to cut the pieces you need because of the stripes or chevron patterns.

I also used the Silhouette Cameo in this tutorial, but you can look for stickers in your stash or even cut shapes from washi tape if you don't have a Cameo!

Watch the video below and have fun!

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