Monday, June 2, 2014

Mason Jar Monday

This weekend, I was extremely inspired while at a wedding. The entire decor was burlap lined with lace. The tablescapes were lit with mason jars as candle holders. It was rustic, vintage, and beautiful. Craft Warehouse loves the Mason Jar Craze! So much that we even have books on the subject and our stores are filled with ideas to get you started using the classic storage container.

Here's more mason jar inspiration from employee Beth Williamson, from our Meridian Craft Warehouse store.

This teacher gift is spray painted on the outside and then brushed with charcoal.

This centerpiece created with three mason jars. All jars were painted on the outside. Then, using tape to mask off stripes and stars were painted the second color (blue on one jar and red on the other).

Lastly, this bride and groom set is perfect for wedding decor. Each jar was added to candle sticks and decorated with burlap and embellishments. You can get directions on making these right here.

You can click on "mason jar" at our sidebar of our blog under "labels" to see even more ideas!

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